Learning to Go On

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Chapter 18 (v.1) - Chapter 18

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Chapter 18

Dom continued to press on Katherine's chest until she threw up all the water. She shuddered and rolled on her side.

He pushed her back on her back and continued with the compressions. He didn't know what he was feeling. All he wanted to do was for her to breath again.

He was scared that was for sure and desperate.

"They're on their way." Ethan told him from the doorway.

Katherine gasped once the water was out of her. She dug her nails into Dom's arm, fear in her eyes.

He didn't care that he was starting to bleed. He only pulled her into his arms. "You're going to be okay." He kept whispering it over and over again.

Her throat felt raw and she couldn't speak. She could remember being in tub, then the water in her mouth and nose. She shook.

Someone had tried to kill her. She knew she had felt someone pressing her chest, keeping her under.

"Where's Precious?" Dom asked Ethan.

"She's barking like crazy out in the yard. I tried to bring her inside but she scares me a little."

"Just leave her. Kerim will know what to do about her. All I can think is that Katherine fell asleep and slipped under."

"And she wasn't going to wake up when she went under? I don't think so. Precious was barking and growling at the door. I know she does that with strangers."

"There's no one here. They couldn't have gone down the stairs or out the window. We're too high up. Besides the house has the security system. The alarm would've gone off is someone had gotten in that wasn't us."

"I don't know." Ethan shook his head. Katherine had almost drowned and he didn't think it was an accident.

"We'll figure it out later. Right now, I'm worried that the ambulance isn't fast enough." Dom picked up Katherine as he stood up. "I want her checked out at the hospital."

Ethan agreed with that and they went downstairs. The EMTs were arriving when he opened the front door.

Dom laid her down on the stretcher. She looked tired.

"Could you call Kerim and let him know? He was out with Juliet. I don't want to call Michael just yet, if you could wait off on that."

"Sure. If you want I can wait here, see if no one really was here."

Dom gave him a nod. "Sure. I'll call you."

Ethan dialed Kerim's number and told him what happened. He explained that Katherine had left for the hospital conscious. Also that he needed help with Precious.

He sat down outside the office to wait for Kerim and Juliet to arrive.

They had been in Dom's office when Precious had started barking. It had been vicious and Dom had thought that Katherine was in danger from her.

Ethan had too in truth. Everyone talked about how pitbulls could turn on humans and that they were dangerous. He didn't believe that of course.

When they reached the top of the stairs they found Precious barking and trying to get into Dom's room. The door was locked and Dom unlock it with the key above the frame.

Precious had hurled herself into the room and ran around barking.

When Katherine didn't come out of the open bathroom door to see what was going on Dom had gone in and found her laying still submerged in the water.

Precious had run past Ethan when she found nothing in the room and down the stairs. He called 9-1-1 as Precious started barking outside.

He had been afraid until Katherine started coughing out the water.

Like Dom said there was no way someone was in there with her but Ethan couldn't ease it off. He could remember Katherine's spooked face the day before when she saw the red envelope.

He clicked his tongue. He needed to find out what was in that envelope. Katherine was going to have to tell him something.

Precious came back in. She was still sniffing the air as she went to the front door. She sat down on her hind legs and stayed still. She was guarding the door.

Kerim arrived and she wagged her tail. Juliet looked worried and was biting her lip.

"Any news?" She asked Ethan.

"No, not yet. She's probably getting checked over."

"Dom thinks she fell asleep."

Ethan nodded.

"She could've fainted. She fainted once while they were in China or Japan. She was anemic. Maybe that happened." Kerim suggested. "Just glad you guys were here."

"It's thanks to Precious. She knew something was wrong." Ethan told him.

"She's a smart girl."

Juliet paced the floor. "Maybe I should go to the hospital."

"I'm sure Dom is going to call us if something serious happened to her."

"She almost drowned?! I think that's something serious."

"I meant something serious in the hospital." Kerim sighed.

"I'm sorry, I'm just..." She rolled her neck.

"I get it." He put his arm around her. "Don't think of what could've happened. It didn't and she's going to be alright."

She laid her head on his shoulder. "I'll try not to think that way."

"I'm going to go home. I'll call Dom and see if there are any updates." Ethan told them, getting up.

"Thanks for calling me." Kerim glanced at him.

Ethan went outside to his car and headed home.


"I told you I'm fine already. All I am is a little achy." Katherine sighed. "It was nothing."

"No, it wasn't nothing." Dom's voice was stern.

She could see the worry in his eyes and she didn't want to add to it. "I had to have fainted. You know it's happened before."

"They checked your blood work and everything is normal."

"Look, the important thing is that I'm alive. It was an accident."

He ran a hand through his hair. "When I saw you..I.."

"Dominik." She called him softly. His eyes were filling up with tears. "Come here."

She opened her arms to him. He sat on the bed and went into them. He laid his head on her chest. He could hear her heart beating.

She sniffled. It was her turn to comfort him, to tell him that everything was okay.

She knew it wasn't really but she couldn't tell him about seeing someone, about someone trying to kill her.

It was awkward having him in the position he was. He was a strong man but this had gotten to him. His back was starting to hurt and so he sat up.

"I'm really okay and I want to go home, well to your home."

"It'll be yours soon."

She smiled. "Well we still have a few months until that."

"They're going to discharge you, I have to watch you though. You were unconscious for a bit."

She nodded. "Alright. Can we please not tell my dad, that is if you haven't told him yet."

"I didn't call him. I wasn't sure how I was going to tell him. I was more worried with you getting here."

"Good, then we won't mention it."

"I can't not tell him. He's your father."

"I know but he's barely accepting that I'm marrying you. If he finds out about this we're back to zero. Let's wait until, well, until he likes you."

"I don't know if I can."

"Please Dominik. I'm begging you. I know what I'm doing."

"I'm not happy about this but okay. I won't say anything for now." He consented.

"Thank you. Now I would like some clothes please. You only brought me in a towel and this gown isn't going to cover much."

"I'm sorry. I didn't think about that. I'll have Ethan bring you something if he's still home."

"It's late. Do you have anything extra in your truck?"

"No. He might be home, I'll call Kerim. I'll update him on you and he can bring something."

She nodded. "In the mean time we can let the doctor know I'm ready to go and to give me the discharge papers."

"I'll go tell him."

Dom walked out of the room. She shivered in her gown. It was freezing and she was now feeling it.

Apart from not having any clothes she didn't have her phone or purse. She sighed and stared at the wall until Dom came back in.

"They'll get here as soon as they can. We can expect it to be in forty minutes or so."

"Do you want to lay here with me?"

"I do but I don't think I'm going to fit."

"Are you calling me fat?" She narrowed her eyes jokingly.

He chuckled and moved a chair next to her. He sat down and took her hand in his. He softly traced her fingers with his.

It tickled her slightly.

"I wasn't calling you fat. I'm too tall and a little broad to get in there."

"A little broad? Your muscles have muscles."

He laughed as did she. "God I love you." He raised his hand and moved the hair away from her forehead. "Even when you make no sense."

"That's my charm Mr. Dominik Moreau. That's how you fell in love with me." She licked her lips and sat up. "Kiss me please. Make me forget what happened."

He nodded obligingly and leaned towards her. She closed her eyes and felt his lips against hers. They were soft and thorough.

She took a hold of his arms and gripped them. She wanted to forget everything awful that was happening. To only remember that her wedding was coming up and that she would be his.

Only happy thoughts filled her when she was with him.

He pulled away slightly when it was getting too hard to breathe.

"We should stop before I take you on this hospital bed."

She could hear the smile on his voice. "I don't think I would mind but the nurse might if she walks in."

"Do you want something to eat? You haven't eaten anything."

"My throat hurts a little. I think I just want some water."

He served some from the small container that was on the table. She took a sip and it refreshed her throat.

She insisted on turning on the small tv. They watched cartoons until Kerim and Juliet arrived. She hugged Katherine and gave her the bag of clothes.

"I got you a pair of yoga pants, a shirt and some flip flops."

"Thank you. Did you get me underwear?"

"I think I stuffed a pair in there. If not you can always go commando." Juliet winked at her. "How are you feeling?"

"I'm okay."

"Good. I was worried."

"Don't be. I fainted."

Juliet frowned and looked at Dom. He shrugged. He really didn't know, it's what she said.

Katherine tried to stand up. While Juliet helped her with that, Dom and Kerim stepped outside to give them privacy.

"So you say you fainted."

"It's happened before."

"That's what Kerim told me. I'm glad you're okay but no more baths alright."

"I promise that there will be no more baths. Besides, I think I'm going to get panic attacks every time I'm near one."

Katherine changed into the clothes. Juliet fixed the bed and folded the gown, putting it on top of the covers.

"I want to go lay in a warm bed and never come out." Katherine wrapped her arms around herself.

Juliet nodded. "I want that too." She opened the door and let the guys in. "We're ready."

Dom put his arm around Katherine and they walked out. On the ride home he held her hand. He didn't want to lose sight of her or stop touching her.

She welcomed his touch.

When they arrived Dom surprised her by swinging her up into his arms.

"What are you doing?" She giggled.

"I'm carrying you. You're tired and I don't need you fainting again."

She knew he didn't believe her but decided not to say anything over it anymore. She caressed his cheek and looked into his blue eyes.

She leaned in and kissed him tenderly.

It wasn't a lengthy kiss. It was only for reassuring that she was there.

"If you could hurry up please, we could close the door." Kerim called from the doorway.

"We're coming in." Dom chuckled.

Kerim closed the door after them. "We're going up to bed. We'll see you in the morning."

"Have a good night." Juliet told them as she took his hand.

They went on up. Dom and Katherine were close behind.

"Why don't you carry me up the stairs?" Juliet teased Kerim after they went into their room.

"Because you're heavy." He smirked.

She sent him an unappreciative look. He answered by picking her up and throwing her on the bed.

"See, I do pick you up to put you on the bed and get you ready to be ravished." He came over on top of her.

She smiled up at him. "Alright, I guess this counts."

"Good because now I want to move onto other things. Are you, my lady, going commando? Since you suggested it to Katherine I have to think that you're no stranger to doing it yourself."

"Why don't you find out Mr. Moreau." She bit her lip.

"I'm definitely going to."

She giggled as he started to pull down her pants.

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