Learning to Go On

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

"Well thanks a lot Michael." Kailie stared angrily at him. "You ruined your daughter's happiness."


"No don't you start with some stupid explanation. You've always jumped to conclusions but to call our Kathy what you did...I swear if you had been in my direction I would've slapped you too. I'm going to go call Alani and tell her what you just did." She stomped toward the kitchen.

"Do you have something to say too?" Michael clenched his jaw and looked in Dom's direction.

Dom was staring at the ring in his hand. He closed his fist around it. "I love Katherine. I hope someday you realize that. I also hope it isn't too late when you do."

"What does that mean?"

"We both know Katherine. She always gets what she wants except when you intervene. She wanted to go to college, dreamed about it. When you told her she couldn't go because you couldn't pay for it she put it to the side. Every time you ask her to do something she does it, whether it's to look after Ethan or get the car you wanted her to have."

"She told you about that?"

"She did. She told me how she wanted to buy a small sportscar. It was even a little cheaper than the car you chose. But you wanted that one and so she complied like she always does. If you tell her not to marry me, she won't, no matter how much she wants to."

"Well I can't lie and tell her to marry you. She'll get over you. She's young."

Dom was angry but he took a deep breath. "I'll be leaving now."

"Good. I don't think I need to show you where the door is."

"You don't." Dom made his way to it and continued out to his car.

He desperately wanted to go back inside but knew he couldn't. He had to give Katherine some time. He slowly made his way home.

When he got inside he was greeted by Precious. She wagged her tail and stuck her tongue out.

He was in no mood for her antics. He went to his office and served himself a whiskey. He sat by the computer and decided to work. He dropped the ring in his top drawer and locked it. Never knew when he would need it.

"I thought there was an intruder." Juliet laughed as she walked in. "What are you doing here? And where's Katherine?"

"She's at home."

"I thought you were going to take a lot longer. I sent Kerim for some things that I needed." She sat on one of the chairs in front of him. "What's wrong?" She noticed that his face was stern.

"We told her parents. Michael wasn't so accepting. Katherine broke off the engagement."

"What?! But she loves you."

"And she loves her father more. I respect that. I don't respect his decision."

"She must be devastated." Juliet frowned. She probably needed them.

"I love her and right now I feel as if someone stuck their hand in my chest and twisted my heart."

"I know the feeling. I have to see her."

He nodded. "I think she needs her friends."

"I'm going to call Delilah. We need to cheer her up. Do you think you can finish dinner and eat alone with Kerim?"

"I can."

"Thanks and I'm sorry. I'm sure everything will turn out alright."

"I hope so."

Juliet quickly went upstairs to Kerim's room and got her purse. She sent a quick text to Delilah and sent another to Katherine letting her know she was going to pick her up.

Delilah sent a message back saying she would meet her at the apartment and have the ice cream ready.

When Juliet reached Katherine's house she saw another car in the driveway. She knocked and the door was answered by Caleb.

"Hello." He told her politely.

"Hi, I'm here for Katherine. I heard what happened."

"I'm sure you did along with the whole neighborhood." He sighed. "Come in. Alani and Kailie are currently laying it thick on Michael."

Indeed they were all in a shouting match and stopped abruptly when they saw her.

"I'm sure you're here to see Kathy." Kailie smiled warmly at her. "She's upstairs and won't open her door."

"Thank you." Juliet went up and the yelling continued.

She knocked on Katherine's door.

"I don't want to see anyone." Her voice came out muffled.

"It's me, Juliet."

There was a sniffle and then footsteps. The door unlocked and opened. She stepped through it as Katherine went back to lay on her bed.

"I'm here to take you to my place."

"Really? I could use getting out of here for the moment."

"Then clean up in the bathroom and get a change of clothes." Juliet smiled at her.

Katherine grabbed her old backpack and stuffed some clothes in there. She cleaned her face and was set to go.

They went downstairs.

"Katherine where are you going? I don't want you to see him." Michael ordered her.

"I'm going to Juliet's and I'm staying the night there." She mumbled.


"She's 19 Michael, she isn't a little girl anymore." Alani glared.

"I don't need you to interfere in this Alani." Her told her tersely.

"I can interfere in it." Kailie confronted him.

"Let's just go." Katherine whispered to Juliet. They went outside and were soon on their way to the apartment.

"We don't have to talk about it." Juliet told her softly. "If you want we can. It's whatever you decide."

"But it isn't. I decided to want to marry Dominik but my father says no and I have to follow what he wants. I don't know why I do it, I just do."

"You love him and you don't want to disappoint him. I get it. I don't like disappointing my father but I need to make my own decisions."

"Sometimes they're not very wise." Katherine chuckled slightly.

"No they're not, like when I first started seeing Kerim. I knew it was dangerous but I still did it. Also the vigilante thing. We all make mistakes sometimes."

"What if this turns out to be a mistake like my dad says? It's all been very amazing and incredible. What if when something difficult comes along we can't go through it together?"

"Sometimes we have to take the chance. It's what you want. If you want to listen to your father then do it. If you don't, then marry Dom."

"I wish it was that easy."

They arrived at Juliet's apartment. Just like Delilah had written she had ice cream already in bowls in the freezer.

She immediately hugged Katherine.

"I don't know what is going on but Juliet said you needed us."

"Thank you."

"We should start from the beginning. Dom and Katherine got engaged in Paris." Juliet explained.

"Wow! I'm so happy for you." Delilah beamed at Katherine.

"Then she broke it off over an hour ago."

"What? Why?"

"My dad doesn't want me to marry him. He even mentioned that he didn't want people to think that I was sleeping with Dominik because of his money. Ergo I think that's what he thinks."

"Gosh, I'm sorry." Delilah saddened. "How's Dom?"

"He's heartbroken." Juliet sighed sadly.

"He is?" Katherine looked at her.

"Of course, that man loves you with all his heart."

"I believe it too." Delilah agreed.

"I think I need that ice cream now."

Delilah took out the bowls and passed one to Katherine. "It'll make you feel slightly better to gorge on ice cream. I brought three different kinds."

"Thanks a lot you guys. I just wish Avery was here." Katherine's eyes brimmed with tears again. "But she thinks the same way as my dad."

Juliet put her arm around her. "I don't think she does. She was just going through a tough time."

"I don't think she meant her words either." Delilah rubbed her arm. "Let's go into the living room and watch chick flicks all night long. We all need this girl therapy, you more than us but still."

They all went and sat in the living room.

Delilah popped a dvd in first and turned off the lights. After a while Juliet got up to grab some blankets for all of them.

Katherine ate her ice cream and was glad to have them as friends.


"Does this mean you want me to cancel the order for the new car?" Kerim asked as he ate another spoonful.

"No. I'll let it arrive and then we'll see." Dom pushed around his food.

"It'll be here in a couple of days then. Did you tell her you were buying her a car?"


"This is why her father thinks you're buying her."

"I'm not doing it for the sex." Dom answered sharply. "I want to give her what she can't normally have. Money is just money."

"To us maybe but not to them. I can get away with it because Juliet has money of her own. Katherine's family is average. They don't have luxuries and so someone buying stuff for them is kind of weird."

"She's my fiance....or was. How can it be okay for me to do it when we're married but not when we're simply together? It makes no sense. I want her to start college before we get married. It should be because she already missed a year. I don't want her to miss more."

"I understand. Let Michael calm down and then I think he'll get it. If you're moping around I can only expect her to be completely depressed about this. He'll come around when he sees that she's really in love with you."

"I want to see her though."

"She's with Juliet right now and Delilah."

"I know. They're going to try to cheer her up. I'm hoping they'll convince her to stay with me."

"We'll see. If what you say is true that she does anything Michael tells her, that's going to be near impossible."

"Thanks." Dom told him sarcasticly.

"Just stating the facts. Now eat your dinner. I don't want you getting sick over this."

"I think I'll get sick by eating it."

"I only finished it. Juliet had already done most of it."

Dom ate it, although it felt like mush in his mouth. He didn't know if it was because Kerim had cooked it or because he wasn't feeling like eating.

After dinner he decided to go personally down to the clubs. Kerim didn't want to leave him alone in his moment of need and so he went with him.

He thought he also needed cheering up, in which case he called Daniel and Ethan to join them.

They arrived at one of the clubs. Ethan looked a little on the downside himself. He wasn't even watching the dancers.

"Are we the only ones that aren't heartbroken?" Daniel glanced at Kerim.

"I think so."

"I swear sometimes the world is so cruel. I'll try to talk to Michael. Dom is a good guy and he does love Katherine. They make a great couple and they shouldn't be forced apart."

"I forgot you worked with him. Talk to him and really make him see what he's doing."

"I'll try. I'll see if I can enlist Caleb's help also." He downed his drink. "I should get Delilah one of those outfits." He pointed to a glittery strip of fabric a dancer was wearing. "Do you buy it for them or do they bring them on their own?"

"They buy their own stuff."

"Damn. I'll see if I can find it online."

They continued talking and spent the night drinking. By the time it was almost early morning they had to call some cabs to take them home.

At least for the first night Dom was able to distract himself with work. He didn't know how the rest of his days were going to go.

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