Learning to Go On

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Chapter 23 (v.1) - Chapter 23

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Chapter 23

"At least now we know that they're looking for that freaking psycho." Delilah said. "No offense."

"None taken." Juliet smiled. "God I'm tired of being a prisoner here."

"We go out, occasionally and filled with guards." Katherine tried to cheer her up but failed. "You're right but we're protected."

"How's Danny Jr. taking this?" Juliet asked.

"We are not naming him Danny Jr. and it could be a she too. The way it's growing it's going to be one huge baby." Delilah's stomach did look bigger than a regular four month stomach.

"When do you have your appointment again?"

"This afternoon. Daniel is going to pick me up and take me to get the ultrasound done too. It is also strange for them to be this big. They think we may be off on timing."

"Just be glad that the baby is healthy and so are you." Katherine told her good heartedly.

Delilah rubbed her stomach. "Maybe if it's a girl we should call her Miracle because it's a miracle that I've lasted pregnant this long."

They all giggled.

"While you're out there with the normal people bring me back some egg rolls please. It feels like forever since I've eaten them."

"I'll bring you some Juliet, don't worry."

"It's a bummer that I'm going to spend my birthday here in this house."

"We always spend your birthday in a house." Katherine furrowed her brow.

"Yes but usually it's not because some weirdo, wanna be psycho is after you."

"Thanks for reminding me that he's only after me and maybe Avery." She scowled.

"Ethan has been in Paris for a week and nothing. I think he was trying to play us." Juliet sighed. "He is playing us good. Who's to tell us his plan has been to keep us together all along under one roof to try to get to us all? Of course I would damn well get him first. Like hell I'm going to let that little creepy bastard kill me or any of you."

"Thanks for that. I feel safer already." Delilah teased.

"I actually do feel safe. We should be glad to have Juliet, who has no compassion. Kerim, with his 'kill first, ask after' attitude. Dom with his good looks and bodyguards." Katherine laughed.

"You seriously think Dom only has good looks and body guards?" Juliet grinned amused.

"Well I've never seen him act like you or Kerim so I know he isn't a psychopath."

"Sweetie, he's killed almost as many people as Kerim. For different reasons but still."

Katherine frowned. "What?"

Juliet and Delilah looked at each other.

Delilah straightened up. "He didn't tell you, did he?"

Katherine didn't know what she was feeling. She had known about the drug dealings and he didn't do that anymore but he didn't tell her he had actually killed people.

He knew everything about her but she didn't know him as well she thought.

"What else has he been hiding from me? Has he ever been married? Does he have kids?"

"The only other thing which I'm sure he has already told you was that he thought he was in love with Juliet." Delilah shrugged. "Dom isn't that bad compared to other men."


"You weren't supposed to say that." Juliet hissed at Delilah. "Katherine it turned out that he wasn't feeling that way about me. He fell in love with you. He's only ever had brotherly love towards me because I've always been Kerim's girl."

"If it was nothing why did he have to hide it from me? I asked him after all this came out if he was hiding anything from me and he said nothing that didn't have a point. This has a point. Does Kerim know?"


"Then why couldn't he tell me?" Katherine stood off the couch. "I can't believe this." She left them with a flourish and stomped up the stairs.

"Great. Thanks a lot Delilah."

"How was I supposed to know that Dom hid things from her? You're not so innocent in this either. You're the one that told her about the killing."

"We're both at fault in this and we're both going to tell Dom what happened."

Delilah's phone chimed with a text. "Sorry but I have to go. Daniel's coming up the drive. See you later." She got off the couch and quickly walked out of the living room.

"You're going to pay for this!" Juliet after her. The only answer was the shut of the front door.

All she could do now was wait for Kerim and Dom to get home.

She turned on the tv and lazied out on the couch. She watched with boredom some kind of comedy show.

It was a couple hours later when they finally arrived.

Kerim sat down on a sofa and tapped away on his tablet.

"I'm doing well. Thank you for asking." Juliet grumbled.

"Sorry, I was checking out the security tapes for today. So far it's been clear, no trouble roaming about." He looked over to her, a small smile on his face. "How was your day?"

"Boring, still is. Where's Dom?"

"Putting away his paperwork in the office."

"I think I'm going to go tell him something real quick."

"What do you need to tell me?" Dom entered the living room.

"Delilah and I kind of screwed up. Her more than me though."


"She kind of told Katherine about your old crush on me."

Dom's face stayed blank but he was not liking the news.

"Before that I told her about your past things or rather thing."

"She already knew about the drugs."

"Yeah but she didn't know about the dead people." She clicked her tongue. "So..yeah."

"I can guess that Katherine is probably waiting for me upstairs beyond angry."

"She might have calmed down by now. It's been a couple of hours."

"Problem is you have to talk with her." Kerim piped up.

"I'm going to go up. If I'm not down by dinner you should go looking for me and make sure I'm still alive." Dom sighed.

"You'll have a beautiful funeral." Juliet gave him a bright smile. "I'm sorry."

Dom ran a hand through his hair and headed up to his room.

Katherine was laying on the bed facing the window when he entered. He didn't know if she was awake or asleep at first glance.

She answered the question though.

"I've been waiting for you to get here."


"I want to say something first." She sat up and faced him. "I'm not upset or angry because of your feelings for Juliet or the ones you had. Neither am I mad about the fact that you've killed people. Apparently your family is a fanatic in that department. Anyway I'm more upset about the fact that you couldn't tell me or trust me enough to tell me. That is what hurts."

"I'm sorry. I didn't want you to..."

"Get angry? That ended up happening anyway. How am I supposed to marry you when I don't even know you?"

"You do know me. I was in error for not telling you and I accept that. It's a past that I have and I didn't want it to ruin what we have."

"Keeping things from each other is what ruins it. I didn't tell you about the notes and we know the consequences. If we want a marriage to work between us we have to trust each other."

"I agree. I will tell you whatever you want to know."

She patted the bed. "Good, now get over here and tell me everything."

He sighed and went to her.


"We have a surprise for you." Delilah sang as she walked through the front door.

Kerim and Juliet were cuddled on the couch being bored together.

"Here comes the woman that ran out on me instead of staying and saying what she did wrong."

Delilah stuck her tongue out at Juliet. "You are going to forget all of that when I tell you the most exciting news ever."

"Where are my egg rolls?"

"Daniel has them and he's coming in with dinner. So let's all huddle up in the kitchen. Where's Katherine and Dom?"

"Upstairs. I'll send them a text in case they're making up." Kerim sent a message to Dom.

He and Juliet got off the couch. He helped Daniel with the bags of food.

Delilah put water to boil for a tea and turned on the coffee maker. She was giddy with news.

"This is going to be a lengthy dinner I see." Juliet teased.

They all helped to get dinner ready. Dom and Katherine came down to join them. She was much better after Dom had told her his whole life story.

She shared some things of her own life that he didn't know. Granted they weren't as deep as his but they were something.

Once everyone was settled at the table Delilah felt like she was going to burst.

Daniel was amused by her happiness. He was happy as well, beyond happy.

"Well I know we've commented on how big I'm getting, which is not always so nice." She narrowed her eyes playfully at Katherine and Juliet. "Now we know the medical reason of why."

"You have a huge baby growing inside you." Katherine hinted.

"No that's not it. There's two babies growing inside of me."

Juliet started choking on her bite of egg roll when she gasped. Kerim patted her on the back as she coughed it out into her napkin.

"Eww, not the reaction I wanted." Delilah grimaced.

"Sorry. Oh my god!"

"Twins...that's going to be amazing and adorable." Katherine gushed.

"It is amazing." Daniel raised Delilah's hand and kissed it. "Next month we find out what sex they are."

"This is cause for celebration." Dom told them.

"It is and that's why we bought some champagne and apple cider for me."

"I was wondering about that. I put it in ice." Kerim popped a piece of broccoli into his mouth.

"Thank you." Daniel said to him.

"Did you tell Avery?" Juliet asked.

"Yes. I sent her a text. I know she and Ethan are probably asleep." Delilah smiled. "I swear that if it wasn't for their courses they would be inseparable. I wonder what they're going to do when this whole deal with Frederick is over and he comes back."

"Let's not think about that. Let's think of baby names. How about Alex and Alexander if they're boys?" Katherine commented.

"I'm not calling them both Alex. It's going to be confusing enough if they turn out to be identical twins." Delilah shook her head.

"Mercedez and Lincoln."

"Those are cars Dom." Delilah laughed. "Yet they're not bad."

"I like Lincoln." Daniel agreed. "We're adding that to our list."

"Why don't you name the other kid BMW." Juliet joked.

"That was a crappy joke." Delilah rolled her eyes amused. "We could name him Benjamin, it's close to my dad's name."

"In that case we would name the other Nathan. That's close to my dad's name." Daniel countered.

"Okay, parents' names are out. Let's think about girls."

"There's Miranda, Melanie, Isabelle, Caroline." Juliet suggested.

"Those are too common."

"Ooh how about Bethany and Cheyenne. I loved the name when I saw those old Reba shows." Katherine added.

"I like Bethany. We'll also add that."

"I'm keeping Cheyenne for when we have our own baby." Katherine put her hand over Dom's.

"I like that name." He smiled warmly at her.

They finished eating and talking about names. Daniel poured the champagne and apple cider, handing it around.

They clinked glasses and drank.

Juliet squeezed Kerim's hand. Turned out that their evening wasn't boring at all.

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