Learning to Go On

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Chapter 26 (v.1) - Chapter 26

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Chapter 26

The girls squealed as they met Avery at the small airport.

"It's been so long." Avery squeezed Juliet.

She tensed and then gave in. "It has been long."

"Oh my god you're huge!" Avery rubbed Delilah's stomach.

"Thanks for always mentioning what is less appealing." Delilah laughed.

Avery shook her head. "You look absolutely beautiful."

"You don't look so bad yourself. Paris has been great to you."

"Thank you but I think I look better because Ethan has been there with me." Avery blushed as she looked at him.

He reached over and took her hand.

Katherine smiled. "I'm glad that you are together."

"We're all glad." Delilah clasped her hands together.

"Let's get going girls." Dom interrupted their reunion.

"You are all going to absolutely love this weekend. We won't do anything but get pampered." Delilah gushed.

She could already feel the cooling face mask and cucumbers on her eyes.

"We're going to drop you off and then do our own thing. Anything happens and we'll be immediately informed." Kerim told them as they got into the rented suv.

They had an armed vehicle in front of them and behind them as well.

The guys were in another one trailing in the back.

The spa was a few miles outside of the city. There was a hotel that was connected next to it. That's where the guys were going to stay.

The girls got out of the suv and walked inside the building. They were greeted by a woman who handed them their room keys.

"This is where we say goodbye." Dom took Katherine to the side. "Stick in the group as much as you can. A guard will be with you at all times. Juliet is staying in the same room as you."

"I'm going to miss you after spending every single night with you." She hugged him.

"I'm going to miss you too but remember I'm right next door. Enjoy yourself."

"I will."

He kissed her goodbye and finally let her go.

They all said their goodbyes and were then led to their rooms.

Juliet and Katherine got to their room. They put away their clothes and changed into their bathing suits.

It was close to dinner and they had agreed that they would get in the jacuzzi before getting dinner. Since Delilah couldn't get in she was going to lay on a chair nearby.

"Tomorrow we're starting our day with a mud bath." She sighed happily laying back on the comfortable chair.

"I don't think I'd mind that." Juliet loved the hot water on her body. She was relaxing already.

"I'm really going to look forward to the massage. I feel like I have balls on my shoulders. I've been stressed out with school." Avery closed her eyes.

"I have too and with this whole Frederick thing. I really hope it's him who's doing this. If it's someone worse...well I don't really want to think about it." Katherine shook her head.

"Can there really be anyone worse than him?" Avery frowned.

"It could be a murderer."

"He's a rapist. I think murderer isn't that far off."


They stayed in the water for a while longer until Delilah declared herself hungry.

They got out of the water and put on the fluffy white robes.

There was an array of fruit along with the choice of chicken or meat with mashed potatoes and sauteed broccoli.

It was good. Dessert was the best. They could serve their own toppings over scoops of ice cream.

"I think Dom ordered dessert to my liking." Katherine smiled as they headed for their rooms.

"He's the best." Juliet grinned. She yawned and stretched up her arms. "I'm ready for sleep and for morning."

They stopped in front of their doors.

"We'll see you in the morning." Avery told them as Delilah opened their door.

They said their goodnights and went to bed.


Juliet thought she had died and gone to heaven. The mud bath was amazing.

"This feels so good I don't ever want to get out."

"We're only going to be in here for another five minutes." Delilah giggled.

"Too bad. I could stay in here forever."

"What would you do about Kerim?" Avery asked amused.

"I'd tell him to join me here. He'd love it too."

They giggled and continued to enjoy the bath. Afterwards they got out and took a quick shower.

They went into the dining room for a quick snack of fruit. When they were finished they got their full body massage.

Juliet tensed as soon as they touched her shoulder. She jumped off the bed and ended up joining Delilah near a small pond.

She was laying on a chair eating cheese and crackers. There was a glass of sparkling water next to her.

"Couldn't stand the massage?"

"No. I only let Kerim's hands on me." Juliet sat down and was immediately served a glass of white wine. "What's this?"

"All of you get white wine except for me."

"I think I love this place." Juliet took a sip then set the glass down. She reached over and took a piece of cheese.

The guards that were with them were standing silent. It didn't bother her much. She knew they came from her father's company in the city.

"I wonder what the guys are doing."

"Don't. This weekend is about us and not them. We're plugging out unless there's an emergency."

Juliet smiled. "You're really taking this seriously."

"I am. Soon I'm going to be busy with these babies. I don't know when I'm ever going to have time to have time alone."

"We'll fit it in somehow."

"I hope so. You're going to have to help me sometimes because I'm sure to go crazy with them and Daniel."

Juliet giggled. "Daniel will always drive you crazy but your babies will grow up and become adults someday."

"Why did I marry him?" Delilah groaned. She didn't mean it as a bad thing. She loved him to death but sometimes he got to her.

"I told you he was an idiot." Juliet teased.

They chatted for some time before Katherine and Avery came out.

"I am requesting Dom to massage me every night like they just did." Katherine sighed. She was completely relaxed at the moment.

Her muscles felt like butter.

"It was amazing." Avery agreed. "I too want that every day."

"What's next?" Juliet asked.

"Lunch and then a relaxing movie with delicious snacks. After that we will get our hair shampooed and cut."

"I do need to get the ends cut. I'm in." Juliet stood up.

They all helped Delilah get up and continued on with the rest of their day.

There was a light lunch of salads. Then a movie was put on for them. It was Gone with the Wind. Totally classic was what they needed.

S'mores, popcorn and gummy candy was provided.

From there their hair was washed and snipped. No one got extravagant cuts only a trim.

They had pasta for dinner with fresh garlic bread. It was enjoyed with piano music.

For the start of their last day they got facials. After that they had an early lunch. Manicures and pedicures were next on their list.

Katherine had never been pampered in her life and thought she could never go back to being normal. She chose a french tip with design for her mani and a similar set for her toes.

Avery got ticklish when they reached the foot massage, as did Juliet. It took a moment for them to get used to it.

Juliet got red nail polish. She loved the vivid color. It reminded her of the earrings Kerim had gotten her for her birthday.

She smiled as she thought back on that day. She had actually thought that he was offering her a ring. It was silly of course and she had smiled in delight when he showed her the present.

She loved them even if there had been a tiny bit of disappointment inside of her.

Delilah got a dark purple color and Avery got some light pink designs on hers.

"I hate to leave but we should go to our rooms and pack before our last thing on the list." Delilah admired her nails.

"What's the last thing?" Juliet asked.

"Cocktails or rather you girls get cocktails."

"Goody." Katherine grinned.

"Only one." Delilah giggled.

"At least it's one to ease us back into real life." Avery sighed.

"Don't worry sis, tomorrow at this time you'll be in Paris with Ethan."

"He's coming with me?"

"Of course." Katherine looked at her. "You think he's going to leave you all alone over there?"

"He has college to go to." Avery furrowed her brow.

"We'll finish this with a cocktail." Juliet interrupted them.

They had reached their rooms.

"In thirty minutes we meet in the dining room." Delilah told them before disappearing into her and Avery's room.

The girls packed and got dressed into their regular clothes. The guards took their luggage out to the suv as they made their way to the dining room.

The cocktails were served. Delilah took hers virgin.

"As I was saying, Ethan has college and he can't take it on the laptop for the rest of his life." Avery argued.

"Let me ask you something. If he asked you to stay, would you?" Katherine leaned back and waited for her answer.

Avery bit her lip. "I've actually been thinking of transfering to a school here."

"I thought you loved Paris." Delilah said surprised.

"I do but I miss being home. Ethan helps a hell of a lot too. Knowing that he's here and that we can have a future if we're together..." She smiled. "I want this more than living in paris."

Juliet smiled. "Then we will welcome you back with open arms and help you guys look for a place."

Avery arched her brow. "Look for a place? Isn't it too soon to move in together?"

"Where do you plan on having sex? I don't think mom and dad are going to want that even if you are an adult." Delilah nodded in agreement with Juliet.

"Ethan is going to want you all to himself and trust me, having him all to yourself in your own place is the best." Juliet told her.

"I agree. Living with Dominik has brought me closer to him." Katherine took a sip. "It's more intimate and gives you a chance to really get to know him for who he is."

"Hmm, maybe that won't be such a bad idea." Avery mulled the idea over.

If they had their own place they would basically be living like they were in paris. The thought was appealing.

They finished their drinks and sighed.

"Time for reality." Delilah stood off the chair.

"It's not going to be so bad. Soon you're going to know what you're having. That's something else to look forward to." Juliet told her.

Avery hooked her arm with Delilah's. "You better call me with the news of what you're having. I would love to know if I'm going to have two nieces or two nephews to spoil."

"I have my fingers crossed for a boy and girl." Katherine joined in.

"Me too. Kerim and I have a bet going on and I would so love to win."

"You guys and your bets. You never learn." Delilah shook her head amused.

"Don't worry we didn't bet anything sexual. If I win he takes me out for a nice date."

"And if you lose?"

"He cooks dinner."

They all laughed on their way out the door. Their special others were waiting for them near the suv.

Katherine skipped over to Dom and threw her arms over his neck. She breathed in his cologne happily.

"What's that for?" He chuckled. He wasn't complaining, he was simply surprised.

"I wanted to thank you for this weekend. I would never have been able to relax if you hadn't found a way for us to enjoy it."

"It was Delilah's idea at first."

"I know but you made it possible." She kissed him on the cheek then let him go. "Let's go home."

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