Learning to Go On

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Chapter 31 (v.1) - Chapter 31

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Chapter 31

Delilah put on christmas music. It was thanksgiving day but everyone loved christmas music. At least she did.

She prepared the turkey and stuffed it in one of the ovens. Her mom was going to be by in an hour to help in what she could.

She sang to 'Jingle bells' as she sat down and put her feet up.

Juliet was supposed to be down making the pie but she was yet to be seen. Katherine was also supposed to be helping by making the sweet potatoes.

Delilah crossed her arms. They were probably getting it on in their bedrooms. She would too but she couldn't sleep and Daniel had been tired from a late shift the day before.

The back door opened and she instantly froze. She was too pregnant to get up fast or reach for the gun in one of the drawers.

Juliet came in panting. She was wearing a sports bra and running shorts. Precious came in after her and went straight for the water bowl she had by the door.

Delilah sighed in relief.

Apparently Juliet hadn't seen or heard her. She had earbuds connected to the ipod. Her gaze was empty as she got a water bottle from the fridge.

She turned to Delilah and opened it. She wasn't even surprised as she took a swig.

Delilah waited until Juliet took out the earbuds to speak. "What time did you leave? And I thought we weren't supposed to do it alone."

"I left a couple of hours ago. I was also prepared in case I was attacked." Juliet showed off her arm. There was a knife strapped to it.

"Well look at you."

"I'm going to go change and then I'll be down to make the pie. Is Kerim up?"

"I have no idea."

Juliet walked out of the kitchen and headed for the stairs. Katherine was coming down quickly.


Juliet gave her a curt nod and continued on up. She opened the door to the bed room. The bed was empty but the shower was running.

She stripped off everything as the water shut off.

Kerim came out with a towel wrapped around his waist.

Her mouth went dry and only one thing came to mind. She stalked to him and yanked at the towel.

"What are you.."

She cut off his sentence when she grabbed his member. He groaned as she massaged it. She was slow at first then faster as it hardened.

She kissed his chest and started pulling him to the bed. He complied considering where she was pulling him from.

Turning him she pushed him on the bed and straddled him.

"What's gotten into you?" He stared up at her.

"Don't talk." She moaned as she lowered herself on him. She rolled her hips and moved fast. He grabbed her hips and raised her, then roughly lowered her.

She gasped as she mimicked the movements herself. Throwing her head back she slammed down on him roughly.

It was close. She could feel the need to finish approaching. She cried out as she came, she felt done but Kerim wasn't.

He flipped her over with him on top.

"Wait." She gasped but he didn't stop. He lifted her by the hips and rammed into her. His hands were hurting her but she didn't complain.

She loved how rough he was being. The point where it was near painful yet it turned her on. She wrapped her legs around his waist tighter.

Kerim could see the winces she made but it only fueled him. He felt the way she wanted this. He ran one hand from her hip upward past her breast to her neck.

All he could think was how she looked up at him. This was just sex, they weren't really making love. She had gone after him with a look of pure need.

It was just like before when they were first together. To not feel anything made him feel free. To not have to make the effort...

The sound of choking brought him back to reality. His eyes widened and he got off of her.

Juliet rolled over and tried to get air into her lungs. She put her hand to her neck. It was slightly painful to touch. She gasped and breathed deeply.

He had been choking her and she hadn't been able to get him to come back from whatever episode he was having.

Her heart pounded and she had felt true fear. Flashes of the night he shot her came rushing back. She closed her eyes and shook her head. She was past that.

She glanced at him and found him to be looking at her horrified.

"Kerim." Her voice was hoarse.

He kept stepping back until he bumped against the dresser. He opened the drawers and looked for his clothes quicky.

She tried to roll her neck but gasped in pain.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry." Kerim started repeating when he heard her. That didn't stop him from dressing himself fast. He needed to get out of there. He almost killed her, again.

He was a monster and he was always going to be one.

"It was an accident." She stood off the bed and went to him. She tried to touch him but he recoiled. Tears welled up in her eyes. "You didn't mean it."

True it had felt very real but he hadn't been all in there. It had felt like the old him.

"I have to go." He went around her and headed for the door.

"Please don't go."

"I have to." He told her over his shoulder and opened the door.


Avery was just arriving with all her family when they heard Juliet yell out Kerim's name. There was a door slam and then Kerim was hastily coming down the stairs.

He didn't stop when he saw them, only kept going until he was outside.

Katherine had been the one to open the door for the guests. She looked out the door and then back up that stairs. Forcing a smile on her face she turned back to them.

"This is crazy. I forgot to get the cranberry sauce and I sent Kerim. Juliet is upset at me." She chuckled humorlessly. "Avery, will you take them to the kitchen. The men can go watch traditional football. I think Daniel was putting it on."

Lucifer didn't look convinced that nothing was going on but as long as Juliet was fighting with Kerim he didn't mind.

Katherine quickly ascended the steps to Kerim and Juliet's room. She could hear Juliet crying through the door.

She opened it slightly and found her on the bed naked.

"Um, I'm coming in." She averted her eyes as Juliet grabbed the bed sheet and put it around her body.

Once she was decent Katherine turned to her. She tentatively walked up to her and sat down beside her.

"We all saw Kerim. Did something happen? We also heard you." Juliet raised her head and Katherine gasped. "What the hell?!"

Juliet's neck had red marks. The markings of a hand. "It was an accident."

"How can you defend him?!" Katherine reached over. Juliet winced when she snapped her head back.

"Don't yell. I don't want anyone to hear you."

"I'm going to beat the hell out of him." She hissed. "I will not accept him to abuse you this way. How long has it been going on?"

"It hasn't. This...I need to talk to him. We need to talk about it." Juliet wiped her eyes.

"I don't believe that this hasn't happened before. You've probably been hiding it from us and now he lost control and made it visible."

Katherine yanked at the sheet around Juliet. "What are you doing?!"

For some reason Katherine was a lot stronger and was able to take it out of her hands. "I knew it!"

"Katherine!" Juliet yanked the sheet again and got it back.

"You have red marks on your hips."

"We had rough sex."

"I'm going to tell Dominik."


"Oh I am and you better get dressed because we are going to have a family meeting, in the office, now." Katherine didn't leave any room for argument as she turned on her heel and walked out the door.

She went straight to the office. Dom had told her that he had some things to take care of in there.

She stomped straight in. He hung up the phone when he saw her face. "What's wrong?"

"I'm going to kill your brother along with everyone else when they see Juliet."

"I don't understand."

"He's abusing her." She crossed her arms over her chest.

"I don't think..."

"You'll believe me when you see her neck."

"Where's Kerim?"

"He ran off like a coward. I'm going to the kitchen to get Delilah in on this. I'll leave Avery to entertain the women and Daniel can stay with the men."

Dom frowned. Kerim wouldn't abuse Juliet but Katherine seemed so sure of it. He would see what was going on before determining what to say or do.

Besides she walked out before anything else could be said.

It didn't take long before she came back with Delilah in tow.

"I don't know what's going on but I think Katherine whispered that Kerim hurt Juliet." Delilah went straight for the leather chair and sat down. She sighed. "So explain."

"We need to wait for Juliet."

Talking about her she came into the office and closed the door.

She had to dig into her winter clothes and finally found a turtle neck sweater she never wore. She had it because it was a gift from Delilah a few christmases past.

"Well you're all here." Dom started.

Katherine spoke up first. "Show him your neck."

"We should talk about it first." Juliet furrowed her brow.

"I think the evidence speaks for itself."

"Just show us. She isn't going to let up until we see whatever it is we're supposed to see." Dom told her.

Juliet touched the edge of the fabric. "I know he didn't mean to do it." She pulled down the top part. The red marks were already turning to bruises.

He hadn't done it too hard but she was definitely going to have to cover them up with make up for the wedding the following week.

"Son of a...where is he?" Delilah tried to stand up fast but couldn't with her stomach.

Dom closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He didn't want to get angry yet. He opened his eyes but before he could say anything Katherine interrupted.

"Show them the other ones."

"There's more?!" Delilah looked at Juliet incredulously.

"Those are embarrassing and are nothing."

"If they are nothing then why not show them. I've never known you to get embarrassed over anything." Katherine stared at her hard.

"Those are from having rough sex." She lifted the bottom of the shirt. The marks were also becoming bruises.

"I've gotten those before." Delilah nodded. "Sometimes it's too intense."

"I've never gotten them." Katherine disagreed.

"That's because I have tried to be gentle even when we've done it rough." Dom explained.

"Oh well the choking isn't normal."

"Now in that I agree. What the hell happened?" Delilah frowned.

Juliet sat down on a chair and looked at the ground. "We were having sex and it got rough, like I already said. He got this look in his face, cold and it reminded me of him before. Before when we first started having sex. His hand tightened on my throat. He came back to but obviously the evidence was there. I'm telling you that he didn't mean it. He was horrified."

Delilah sighed. "He isn't the only one that's been acting cold."

Juliet looked up at her.

Dom spoke up. "When was the last time either of you went to your shrink appointments?"

"I haven't gone since the whole Frederick thing. Kerim hasn't gone either because he's been busy looking for him and work."

"I think that's the problem. You guys have to see someone. I'm not excusing him but I have to talk to him."

"I think I might know where he is." Juliet told him. "There's this park he likes to go think. I don't know if he goes anymore but it's the only place I know."

"I know which one you're talking about."

"What about our family?" Katherine asked.

"The turkey is going to be ready in a couple of hours. We're supposed to all eat around one." Delilah bit her lip.

"You guys eat. I think Kerim and I will spend the day out. We'll eat at dinner or tomorrow. Just leave the leftovers." Dom stood up. "Tell them that we had to spend the day alone together. It's a family tradition. Anything that won't make them suspect something is wrong."

"We'll try. Someone help me up." Delilah held on to the armrest.

Katherine went to her and helped.

"I'll be back." Dom told them.

"Please tell him that I'm not mad and that I'm sorry." Juliet grabbed his arm before he opened the door.

"I'll tell him." Dom smiled slightly at her. "And there's nothing you should be sorry about. You didn't do anything."

"I've been acting like I don't care about anything. I think I finished pushing him over the edge."

"We'll talk more later or tomorrow."

She let him go and watched him leave.

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