Learning to Go On

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Chapter 34 (v.1) - Chapter 34

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Chapter 34

The day before the wedding had been hectic enough for Katherine. There was the trip that took two hours and then the arrival at the hotel.

All the reservations were kept. It was mostly the family she knew.

Dom had invited a lot of people he knew but they had made their own arrangements.

Once they arrived she met the wedding planner and Kerim at the planetarium. She wanted to see everything come together.

"The lights will be turned off until the ceremony. The aisle and the seats will have small lights to light your way. Don't worry the room won't be dark but it won't be completely lit either. It will look beautiful." The wedding planner assured.

"The tables and settings look great." Kerim commented.

"They do. Thank you." Katherine turned to him. "Thanks for your help. I don't know what I would've done without you."

"You would've done it yourself."

"I guess this is it. I'm getting married."

He smiled. "I'll be proud to call you sister-in-law. You're someone worthy for Dom."

"Thanks. Let's get back to the hotel. I still have to go get my nails done."


They headed back to Dom's truck. He had let them borrow it since Kerim had ridden in with him.

"Have you spoken to Juliet?" She asked him casually.

"I've said hello if I see her in passing."

"Dominik said you've been avoiding her."

"I want to really do this break and she already told me she's going to make it difficult once you and Dom go to Tahiti. I've gone to three sessions with my shrink this week and I plan on doing it as often as I can. I never meant to hurt her."

"I know and the bruises aren't that bad. You didn't choke her too hard but you have to be careful. None of us will tolerate you hurting her."

"I know and that's why I'm doing this."

"You're going to have to see her tomorrow and dance together."

He smiled. "I can't wait honestly. That's why I've kept to my room. I miss her and touching her. Anything that has to do with her."

Katherine grinned. "I know how you feel. I missed Dominik this week. Can't wait for tomorrow though. There's no way we're going to stay separated ever again."

He drove up to the front of the hotel. "I can guarantee that Dom thinks the same way."

They got out of the truck and let the valet take it.

"Well Katherine as per tradition in most places and to most people, you are not going to see Dom until you reach the altar."

"Can I give you a hug so you can give it to him?"


She hugged him. He smelled almost the same as Dom did except for the distinct undertone of Dom's own scent. "It's like I'm hugging him and at the same time I'm not. Keep up the work and make Juliet happy."

"I will."

She let him go. "Goodbye and goodnight since I'm not going to see you later."

"Goodbye Jailbait." He smirked and walked off.

She shook her head and headed for the elevators.

"Miss." The guy behind the front desk called her.


"You're the bride from the honeymoon suite correct?"

"I am."

"This is a message for you." He handed her a red envelope.

She stared at it and took it slowly. "Thank you."

She waited until she was in the elevator to rip it open. She crumpled it in her fist after reading the message. 'Congrats on your big day.' That was it.

"I said I wasn't going to let him get to me anymore." She whispered to herself. "So I'm not."

When she went into her room the girls were waiting for her. The dresses were hanging and their shoes and accessories were ready to be worn the following day.

"We have our manicure appointments in half an hour. After that we're coming back here and watching girly single women movies. We'll also be gorging on snacks from room service." Delilah told her the plan.

"Sounds great." Katherine grinned. "Is it only going to be us? I thought I would finally meet Ann."

Avery smiled at the sincerity in her voice. She hadn't been sure how Katherine was going to take meeting Avery's new friend from Paris. "She's coming until the wedding tomorrow. Sends her regrets but is also excited in meeting you."

"Good. I would also like for Adam to come. I want to see what gets Ethan all huffed and pouty."

"I'll send her a text. Thanks for that."

"It's nothing. Dom invited so many people I'm not even sure who's coming to my wedding. I'd rather have people I do want. Let's go before we're late for our manis."

Juliet grabbed her keys. "Come on ladies. Katherine's last night as a free woman awaits."

"I'm going to say the same thing before you're wedding." Avery giggled. "It's only going to be me all alone after that."

"I bet you're going to be following along soon. Ethan loves you and you're together again. We'll probably be planning your wedding next year." Katherine hooked her arm with hers.

"I hope." Avery bit her lip.

They all made a commotion and comments over it.

Katherine sighed contently as they got in the elevator. Avery was her friend and she also hoped that they could be best friends again.

They had talked over the phone a lot and with her moving back, it would help.

She was interested in meeting Ann and size her up. Avery usually didn't make friends on her own and so that made her curious.

They all spent a couple of hours getting their nails done. Katherine had already gone over the hairstyle and make up she wanted with the stylist.

She was going to arrive early the following day to have her ready by noon.

Back in the hotel room they had the snacks ordered and put on their selection of movies. Some made them cry with laughter and others with love.

Juliet couldn't stop thinking about Kerim. She knew he had been avoiding her and she had missed him. Tomorrow he wouldn't be able to hide anymore or the days after that.

She would have the house with him. She had already thought of what skimpy outfits to wear in front of him.

It wasn't that she wasn't happy he was trying to overcome what had happened at thanksgiving, hell she was even proud of him. It was that she wasn't all that happy without him.

All she could dream about was sleeping next to him and his kisses.

She had gone to her shrink again the day before. It had made her feel better and she knew there was still work to do.

It was hard loving people like them and she didn't want to lose him.

Every time she looked at her ring though, she knew it wouldn't happen. It didn't matter what they did or what they went through. They would work towards getting better day by day and they would do it together in the future.

Delilah smiled as she looked at Juliet staring down at her ring with a dreamy face.

She loved her to death and wished for everything to be the way it used to be. Juliet regretted acting the way she did and had learned that it wasn't the answer.

Sighing Delilah turned back to the television. She rubbed her stomach as her babies moved around. It was exciting knowing she was having twins. Albeit a little scary knowing they were going to be coming out of her.

She was most excited to see the babies in Daniel's arms.

She tried to hold back the tears. She had done it. She had been able to keep her babies healthy and only a little bit of time was left to see their beautiful faces.

Everything was coming together.


Daniel raised the glass of whiskey as did the rest.

"To Dom, for taking the leap as I did."

They all clinked glasses and took back the drink.

"God that burns." Ethan grimaced. "How can you stand it?"

"When you get married you'll understand." Daniel joked.

They laughed.

"Well Dom, any last words before tomorrow?" Ethan asked. He still felt weird calling him that but he had insisted since Dom was going to be his family.

It wasn't all bad. It was also going to make them closer just like he was with Daniel and Kerim.

"Marry the love of your life as soon as you can. Don't let anything get in between." Dom curved his mouth up. "It's the greatest feeling in the world when you know that she'll be forever yours."

"Wise words." Daniel nodded. "I don't regret marrying Delilah. In fact I wish I had done it sooner and not let her date all those assholes."

"Wasn't Jake a good guy though?" Kerim furrowed his brow.

"Thanks for reminding me." Daniel said sarcasticly.

Kerim chuckled. "Sorry."

"Anyway, tomorrow at this hour I'll be consumating my marriage." Dom smirked.

"Please, I don't want to hear that. She's my cousin." Ethan took a peanut from the bowl.

They were at the bar waiting for their food to arrive. Dom signaled for another round. "I forgot about that. Don't worry I'm not one for giving details."


"Another we should be drinking for is Daniel. Delilah looks about ready to have the babies and I for one am actually happy to becoming a sort of uncle." Kerim told him.

"Trust me, they're going to love you guys." Daniel smiled. "You will be the wild aunt and uncle that will take them to anything adventurous that they want to do."

"I'd definitely take them zip lining." Kerim agreed.

"I would take Katherine to those but she's afraid of heights."

"I won't ever dare to go because I'm the one afraid." Daniel started eating the peanuts with Ethan. "I don't know how you can think it's fun to hang in the air."

"You don't hang. You kind of fly through the air on a line." Kerim explained.

"Well I'm not superman. I'd rather have both feet planted firmly on the ground unless I'm on a plane on my way to the island."

"I wonder if I'll ever get to see the island. Your family talks about it so much I can picture it."

Daniel shrugged. "I don't know. Lucifer wouldn't want you near it. There's also the possibility that he would invite you but only to drown you."

"I wouldn't put it past him." Kerim took a sip of his drink.

Their food was finally served and they started to eat. Afterwards they decided to stay at the bar and watch a game that was on.

They ordered a couple more drinks before finally heading up to bed.

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