Learning to Go On

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Chapter 39 (v.1) - Chapter 39

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Chapter 39

Kerim drove silently until Katherine couldn't hold it in any longer.

"What was he doing to him?"

He looked over at Juliet, who had the same question in her eyes. Seems like he wasn't going to get any help from that direction.

"I've only seen and known he's done it once before. Dom is what we would call a skinner. He only saves it for men that truly deserve it. He did it to a man that betrayed our family. That man was the reason not only for our father's death but his mother's too."

"You mean a skinner as in he..." Juliet started.

"He skinned the man alive before letting the dogs finish him."

"Oh my god." Katherine didn't know what to think. She was appalled but the man deserved it. Dom had loved his mother and he was avenging her death.

"He's going to skin Frederick then." Juliet raised her eyebrows in surprise.

"Yep, actually he had already started if the screaming and Daniel coming out dry heaving was any indication."

Katherine shuddered. Not by the thought that Frederick was going to die but how he was going to do it. That brought her back to something she should tell Kerim and Juliet.

"You guys should stop this break thing you're doing."

"What?" Kerim asked in confusion. That had nothing to do with what had just happened.

"You guys aren't acting weird because of the psychopathic genes or whatever it is you have. Frederick said he had been drugging you at night with something, meaning that it was having a lasting effect in your system."

"What does that mean exactly?" Juliet clenched her jaw.

"It means that when you were being all weird it was not your fault. Also that whole cold way you were acting either. Then the day Kerim choked you in response to whatever it was he was feeling had nothing to do with the now him."

"You're saying it was all Frederick?" Kerim couldn't believe that.

"Yes. He wanted to have fun with you both."

"That little...ugh. I'm glad Dom's killing him and making him suffer before it." Juliet crossed her arms.

"This does not seem real. I mean, I'm a dangerous man."

"We all know that Kerim but you love Juliet and you would never intentionally hurt her or unintentionally I hope." Katherine told him. "You're a good guy and you're both miserable without the other."

Juliet reached out and took his hand. "She's right. You did look out of it while you were doing it. You wouldn't do that to me. It's been a long time since you've gotten help and it's worked."

"I really do miss you." He glanced at her.

She smiled. "Wait, does this mean that you weren't really meaning to give me the ring?"

"If that were true it would mean that you didn't mean to say yes."

She bit her lip. "Maybe it was because I was under the influence that I said yes." She tried not to laugh.

"Then I guess you're going to have to give me the ring back."

"Over my dead body. This was a gift and I'm keeping it."

"Fine but you're still going to marry me."

"I guess I can if I want to keep it." She clicked her tongue.

Katherine giggled in the back seat. "You guys are adorable. I can't wait for your wedding and since you're no longer taking a break it will be soon."

"What do you think about that?" Kerim asked Juliet.

She looked out the window. Could she really get married so soon? There was still planning so that meant that it would be months. That wasn't that soon.

She looked back at him and squeezed his hand.

"I think I can live with that."


Katherine scrubbed herself as much as she could. Even though Frederick hadn't been able to rape her, she still felt the parts he had touched her were dirty.

Juliet was going around the house looking for the cameras Frederick had installed. She couldn't believe that he had been smart enough to hack into the system and enter the house.

Her father was going to have to do something to update the security measures in his companies.

Katherine dried herself and put on a nighty. She was going to wait for Dom to get home. Kerim had only dropped them off and gone back to get them.

She draped the robe over herself and went out the room to see where Juliet was. She had gotten the ones she saw but would still need Kerim and Dom to do a sweep.

"Do you want something to eat?"

"I don't think I could make anything go down." Katherine sighed.

"Let's make coffee or tea at least."


They went to the kitchen and put on the hot water.

"Did you talk to Delilah or Avery?"

"No, not yet. Daniel is going to go back for Delilah but he already said that she had told Avery what was going on. I think they're fine you know. You're looking good."

"You don't have to be nice. I know I have a bruise on the side of my jaw. It'll be gone in a week or two. I'm just glad he didn't do anything worse."

"I'm happy too. Dom was scared. I have never seen him the way he was."

"I love him and he saved me, along with you guys of course. I do wonder how he knew where I was though. It was a precise location." She frowned.

"I think that's something you should talk with Dom." Juliet poured the hot water into mugs. "Before you get mad at him, think about the fact that thanks to whatever he did worked. It was genius."

"I'll keep that in mind."

They drank part of their tea. Katherine was exhausted and excused herself to lay in bed. She took the tea with her.

Up in the room she set the cup down on the nightstand and got in the bed. She could see the sun coming up through the closed blinds.

She waited there for a few more minutes and then Dom came into the bedroom.

She sat up and tried to hold in the gasp.

His clothes were splattered in blood. It looked like he had tried to wipe his face but there was still some on the outer edges.

"I thought you would be asleep. Juliet said you came up because you were tired."

"I was, I am. Is he...dead?" She whispered the last word.

He gave her a nod.


He turned to go to the bathroom.

"Wait." She called after him and got off the bed.

He was surprised when she wrapped her arms around him. "I'm going to get blood on you."

"I don't care. All I want is to feel your arms around me. For a moment I was scared that I wasn't going to see you again."

"That was never going to happen."

"I didn't know that. You still have to explain that to me." She leaned back to look at his face. She touched his cheek lightly. "I love you and I'm wondering how the hell I can be so turned on with you covered in someone else's blood."

The corner of his mouth quirked up. "You are something else sweetheart."

"I've heard. I've always been a little on the weird side."

He chuckled and leaned his head down to kiss her. She kissed him back until she felt something hard against her stomach.

"Let's get in the shower. I'll scrub you're back." She mumbled against his lips.

"Mmm, I'd like that."

"Then we have a flight to catch."

"I thought you would want to rest."

"I do but I can do that in the plane. I want to get away from here and be on our honeymoon. That's how I want to forget all of this ever happened."

"We'll do that then." He pecked her once more before they walked into the bathroom.

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