Learning to Go On

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Chapter 40 (v.1) - Chapter 40

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Chapter 40

"Well I had a fun time at the wedding. Sure I didn't get to hook up with anyone but it's whatever." Ann shrugged meaning what she said.

Avery smiled and nodded.

They were back at her apartment the day after the wedding. She had been thinking about the situation that had happened with Frederick.

It was hard to believe that he was finally gone. It was a complete relief.

She had told Ann some things about him but not the complete story. Since Ann and Adam had decided to move to her city and they were her friends she decided it was time.

"There's something I would like to tell you."

"Shoot." Ann smiled.

"You already know about Frederick."


"What you don't know are some things that happened last year. I should actually start from the most important part I guess. I...I had a baby the begining of this year."

Ann stared at her surprised. "A baby..um.."

"Before you ask where she is, which I know that was the first thing that came to mind, I need to tell you that I gave her up for adoption." Avery took a deep breath and held back her tears. "It was for the best."

"It was Frederick's?"

"I honestly don't know. I didn't look at her to see if she looked like any of the guys that raped me."

Ann put her arm around her. "You were raped?"

"Yes. Frederick drugged Ethan and I at a party. I was unconscious through the whole thing."

"I'm so sorry. I know that I probably can't say the right words since it's been a while but I can guarantee that you should be thankful that you were unconscious." Ann swallowed. "The same thing happened to me only I wasn't drugged."

Avery looked at her. Ann wasn't able to hold the tears as she sniffled.

"It was a few months before we came to Paris. Adam and I were checking out colleges with friends. We stopped at one that I wanted to go. It was in our city and well, close to home. I insisted on wanting to stay at a party we were invited by some fraternities. I wanted to live the college life for one night. Adam agreed to let me stay while he went to another fraternity with our guy friends."

Ann stared down at her lap as she remembered everything.

"I drank a bit but not much. Some guys made remarks over how I liked girls and stuff. One of the girls I thought was cute told me to meet her upstairs in one of the bedrooms. I thought I was going to get it on but apparently the guys that had been bothering me had other ideas. I screamed as much as I could while they held me down and raped me."

She wiped her eyes.

"No one heard me since the music was loud. Afterwards all I did was curl up on the bed as they left. I felt ashamed at what I let them do to me."

"You couldn't do anything."

"I could've fought harder or screamed louder. I don't know, I could've done something else."

"There was nothing you could've done. Some people are just sick beings."

"That's what Adam told me. He was the only one I could tell. He wanted to go after them but I was afraid that he would get hurt. He swore he would never leave me and he's kept his promise."

Avery smiled. "That's why he came here with you."

"Yes. That's why he's over protective. That's why he got the job right next door to where I work. That's also why he is following me to where you live. He's a great brother even if he's an idiot sometimes."

"True. He's a great brother."

"He was the best brother when that happened and then what I had to do after I found out I was pregnant. He went with me when I went to get the abortion. He held my hand and got angry with the doctor when he tried to get Adam out of there."

"That had to have been a difficult decision."

"Probably as hard as yours. I can't imagine going through a pregnancy and then giving up the baby."

"I though it would be easy." Avery sighed. "I didn't want the baby through the whole thing, then when the moment came...I couldn't see her. I didn't want to see her."

Ann rubbed her back. "The important thing is that we got through it and I bet you gave her to a wonderful couple, who was going to give her a wonderful home."

"I did. We've had a very awful year then."

"We did and then we meet this year and everything got better." Ann chuckled lightly. "I'm glad to have met you."

"Me too. I think this brings us closer together."

"It does. I'm looking forward to the future and everything good that's been going on. Adam is too even if he denies it."

"Well I'm happy to have this all in the clear."

"Good, now we can get to packing. We have a bunch of stuff."

"Did you find an apartment?"

"We did and not that far from your new place. Guess this is it, isn't it. We put a down payment and we're moving in next month."

"So Ethan stayed for that and because Frederick wasn't a threat any longer it was okay for him to be there and not with me."

"I do have a question about that. Who..who killed him?" Ann whispered. "He must be dead if he's not in custody, just saying."

"I will tell you but you have to promise not to say a word."

"My lips are sealed."

"It was Dom."

"Katherine's husband?"


"That guy is badass. Katherine made a good choice."

"She did. He does anything for her and he has proven it."

"I need to find me someone like that, only female."

"Good luck."

"I know, I need some. I'm going to leave you now. I still have to pack and start making plans to close up shop here."

"Me too but I'm going to do it after I take a shower and go to sleep."

Ann stood up off the couch. "I'll see you soon."

"Alright." Avery closed the door after she walked out.

She sighed. She never would've known how much they had in common if they hadn't talked about it. She was glad to not have this over their friendship.

Ann was nice and she deserved whatever happiness she had now.

Adam was also a great guy. Avery hoped that maybe someday he and Ethan could become friends.

She grabbed her phone on the way to her room and sent Ethan a text to let him know that she had arrived well.

After a warm shower she went to bed. It was late and she was going to take tuesday to sleep in late.

Closing her eyes she dreamt of her future.

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