Learning to Go On

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Chapter 42 (v.1) - Chapter 42

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Chapter 42

"I like that our wedding is going to be all white. It's going to be easy to put together." Juliet told Kerim as they went over the wedding preparations.

"Plain white chairs for the guests or rather your family and Dom. The arch with white roses where we'll get married and the finger food with a home cooked meal that you're hoping your aunt Clio will make."

"Yes, that all sounds about right. We have a wedding." She smiled.

"You only need your dress. Are you going to have a maid of honor or bridesmaids?"

"I was thinking of not having any."

"Alright. Sounds good."

Juliet's phone rang, interrupting them. She answered when she saw that it was Daniel. She hung up after he told her why he called.

"We need to go to the hospital. Delilah's in labor."

"Wow, this day just gets better." He stood up and followed her to the front door.

"What do you mean?"

"Our wedding is done, just some details to cover and now Delilah's going to have the babies. A good day."

"I agree."

They headed for the hospital. Daniel said that Delilah didn't want family at the hospital other than her. They had called their parents though to tell them that she was in labor.

Kerim paced the waiting room as Juliet sat reading over a magazine.

"How can people stand reading gossip?" She murmured. There was nothing interesting.

"That's why I read the magazines with legit information."

"I'm guessing that's how you know so much about pregnancy and babies."

"It is."

"Sit down, you're making me nervous."

"Sorry." He plopped down next to her. "Usually it takes hours for the babies to be born but considering it's twins it might be soon."

"I'm so glad I'm never going through that. I can stand pain but not something coming out of me."

"Yeah, I wouldn't have wanted to see that either." He put his arm around her.

They waited for a couple of hours. Kerim got them coffee from a machine. Juliet was craving real coffee at that point.

She ended up falling asleep on his arm while he read through a magazine.

It was late afternoon when Daniel finally came out to the waiting room.

"What happened to your hand?" Juliet sat up.

Daniel had a wrap around two of his fingers, with a metal piece keeping them straight.

"Delilah broke my fingers." He sighed. "Anyway, I am officially a father." A huge grin came up on his face.

"Congratulations daddy." She hugged him. "How's Delilah?"

"She's resting for a bit before she has to feed them."

"Did it really turn out to be a boy and girl?" Kerim asked.

"Yes. Bethany and Lincoln. Bethany is a screamer and older by two minutes."

"I bet Lincoln is going to love that when they're older." Juliet giggled.

"You'll be able to see them and Delilah when she's done feeding."

"Okay. Did they get your eyes?"

"Too early to tell but I think Bethany did."

"She's going to be a beauty." She smiled.

Kerim nodded. "You're going to have to chase down guys in a few years."

"Thank you for reminding me." Daniel groaned. "At least I'll have help from Lincoln."

"Not if he's too busy being a ladies man like you." She teased him.

"Whatever. I'm going to go back in and check on her. I'll come get you."

Juliet and Kerim nodded.

"I'm sleepy but I'm excited at the same time. I can't wait to see the babies."

"Me too. Bethany already sounds like she's going to be a handful." Kerim smiled. "I think she's going to be my favorite."

They waited for another twenty minutes when Daniel came to get them.

They went into the room. Delilah was on the bed with Lincoln. He was wearing a light blue cap. Bethany was crying in her little plastic box.

Kerim went straight to her while Juliet went to Delilah.

"He's adorable." Juliet told her.

The baby boy was fast asleep.

Bethany stopped crying and they looked up to find her in Kerim's arms. She was staring up at him, seeming to be mesmerized.

"Even I couldn't get her to quiet down." Daniel frowned.

"It seems that she prefers Kerim." Delilah smiled.

He smiled back and continued to stare at Bethany. "She's beautiful Delilah. You did a good job."

"Why thank you." She laughed.

Kerim touched Bethany's tiny hand with his pinky finger and she held on tight. She gurgled and slowly started falling to sleep as he gently swung her in his arms.

Something pulled in Juliet's heart. He would've been a great father someday.

"What's wrong?" Delilah asked when she saw the look on Juliet's face.

"Nothing. It's just...he's good with babies."

"Another great quality in a man. He's going to be a good uncle."

"He is."

Delilah covered her mouth as she yawned.

"We should let you rest. You've had a very tiring day."

"Thanks for being here even if you didn't get to visit with the babies much."

"There will be more time in the future. Now you need to get better and I will see you when you go home. I know you're either going to get visits from everyone here or you're going to be too busy sleeping."

"Probably both."

Kerim put Bethany back in her container. She barely felt it as she continued to sleep.

"We'll see you guys soon." He told them as they left.


"Aww, Delilah and Daniel had the babies. Well, Delilah did since she was the one that gave birth to them." Katherine showed Dom the picture of Bethany and Lincoln.

"They are adorable but not more than the ones we're going to have." He pulled her down onto his lap.

They were out by the edge of the water outside their hut type of room. Their honeymoon had been going incredibly well.

She sighed and turned off her phone.

"I love it here with you and yes our babies are going to be more adorable." She laid her head on his shoulder and stared at the blue water.

He trailed his fingers down her leg, making her giggle. "I love it here too. I would say we should stay another month but you're probably anxious to see the babies. We will leave next week as planned."

They stayed quiet for a while.

She loved the calming effect the ocean had in them. It was an amazing place.

"Do you think this is how our marriage is going to be? Like our relationship was before our wedding?"

"I think so. We've been together for almost two years. It's been good."

"It has, I just wonder."

"Well stop worrying your pretty little head over it." He ran his hand through her hair.

She smiled. "I still can't believe I'm married to you. I also can't believe that you will always know where I am."

He chuckled. "You did forgive me right?"

"No." She bit her lip.

"If you haven't then how have we been having sex every night? If you were mad we wouldn't be doing it."

"Are you kidding? I wasn't going to forgo having sex with you. I would be making myself suffer." She raised her head. "I'm not mean to myself."

He cupped her cheek. "Then you should forgive me."

"I will..." She pecked him on the lips. "If you make love to me every night for the rest of our lives."

"That is not possible but I will try."

"Okay. I forgive you."

He brought her face close and kissed her senseless. She nipped his bottom lip then swiped at it with her tongue.

"Take me to bed." She leaned back. Her eyes full of lust.


They stood up and he picked her up in his arms. She held on to him as he took her into their room.

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