Learning to Go On

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Chapter 7 (v.1) - Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

"How do you like it here so far?" Adam asked as he put the last book away.

"It's alright. I like the quiet." Avery wiped down the table.

"My favorite part is spending time with you." He sent her a flirty smile.

She rolled her eyes but returned the smile.

He had been relentlessly flirting with her these past weeks. She saw it as a part of his personality. He flirted with any female, no matter the age or looks.

"Do you want to do something later? I think Ann said something about going to a club."

"I might be up for it. We've been working hard and we deserve it."

"Good. I'd like to dance with you."

"I haven't dance with a guy in a while."

"Once you dance with me you won't ever want to dance with anyone else." He grinned.

"We'll see."

"Come on. We're done with work. I'm going to let Mrs. Fleur know."

"I'll get our things from the back room."

She went to the back and grabbed her purse along with his bag from school. By the time she got to the front door he was waiting for her.

He opened the door for her and they walked out onto the street. Lamps were already on even if it wasn't completely dark.

The store fronts were lit as owners got ready to close their shops. They waited outside of the lingerie store for Ann.

She came out all smiles.

"Are we ready to party? Tomorrow is saturday and we don't have to get up early." She sang as they walked down the street.

"We are." Adam slung his arm over Avery's shoulders. "Right?"

"Yes, I'm ready for any distraction."

"Good. I want to drink and have fun, dance the night away, anything." Ann skipped in front of them. "It's the best part of living in a city where you don't know anyone. You can do aything you want."

"Okay." Avery giggled.

She did love living in another place where no one judged you or asked you questions. She didn't have to be the girl that got raped or a Thompson who came from money. She wasn't someone that had a baby and gave it up for adoption.

She was simply Avery who studied to become a pastry chef. She had two friends there, Adam and Ann. They didn't demand to know her personal life and they kept their distance. It was great.

"So we'll be by in half an hour. Change quickly." Ann told her in the elevator.

"I will."

"And wear something sexy and tight."

"I don't think I own anything sexy or tight." Avery laughed.

"Fine. Take a shower and come up to our apartment. It's 403."

"Alright. I'll be up in ten minutes."

"See you then."

Avery got out of the elevator and went to her apartment. She checked to see if she had any calls and took a quick shower.

Putting her hair up in a bun she returned Delilah's missed call.

"How are you doing little sis?" Delilah's cheerful voice came out through the phone.

"Hi Delilah and I'm doing really well."

"You sound like you are? What are you doing this weekend?"

"I'll be working for most of it but just for tonight I'm going out to a club."

"With your new friends?"


"Hope you have fun. We all miss you."

"I miss you too."

"Katherine's getting married." Delilah changed the subject.


"Yep, she's been engaged for over a month and I didn't know how to bring it up. Might as well be now. She's starting on preparations. They're having a winter wedding so it'll be in December."

"That's nice. Good for her."

"It is, she deserves to be happy. Are you going to give her a call?"

"Um, I don't know. I think it's too late for that."

"She misses you a lot. I can see it in her face when we talk about you. You changed your number as well and I couldn't give it to her without your permission."

"Just congratulate her from my part."

"And if she invites you?"

"I'll think about going. It's still quite a few months away."

"Alright, I'll tell her that. I'm sure she's going to invite you so yeah."

"I have to go. I'll try to call you this weekend."

"Okay, take care Avery."

"I will. Goodbye."


Avery sighed as she hung up. She was happy that Katherine was getting married.

She made it to Ann and Adam's room a few minutes later than what she had said. Ann quickly pulled her in.

"You are going to change quickly, thank god you put your hair up."

Adam was seated in their small living room watching television. He looked ready to go.

"Can't wait to see you." He stared at her as she walked by.

She put on a tight glittery dress. It felt like it was painted on her.

"Okay so you're slightly taller but it fits perfect." Ann clasped her hands together. "Let's go."

Avery barely got time to see herself in the mirror but the dress was high on her thigh. She just hoped that it wouldn't go all the way up.

They took a transportation to go the club. Ann raved about how some of the people in their course talked about how popular it was.

From the outside it looked like any other business. Once inside there were flashing lights and pumped up music.

They headed straight for the bar where Ann flirted with the bartender. There were shots in front of them in seconds.

"Now this is why we wear tight clothes." Ann giggled. She shot back the drink and motioned for them to do the same.

Avery tentatively took the shot.

"On three." Adam chuckled. He counted down and they drank it.

It burned down her throat and she coughed. "Oh god that is horrible."

"Not so much after your first shot." Ann laughed. "Wait until you move on to body shots."

"Body shot?"

"Yes. Watch."

She ordered another shot. She said something to the girl sitting next to her on the bar. The girl smiled and lowered the corner of her shirt. She bared part of her breast without showing a nipple.

Ann sprinkled salt over the curve of flesh and put the wedge of lime in the girl's mouth. She shot back the tequila and leaned over, licking the salt. Smiling she pressed her mouth over the other girl's and took the lime.

People hooted and made catcalls as Ann raised her arms triumphantly. Taking the lime out of her mouth she proceeded to make out with the girl she had licked the salt off of.

Avery could only stare surprised.

"You didn't know she liked girls?" Adam asked her amused.

"I had no idea."

"She's been giving you looks since we've met."

"I thought she was just being overly friendly."

"She wasn't. She likes you but she isn't a patient person. Let's go dance and maybe later we'll take a go at body shots."

"I agree with the dancing but I don't know about the body shots. I don't want to lick anything off of you."

"I find that offensive." He chuckled.

He took her hand and led her to the dance floor. He moved to the music and put his hands on her hips. He moved them to the rhythm until she followed suit.

She had danced with Ethan at prom but she hadn't danced this close with anyone.

She kept bumping into him until he finally kept her against him. More people were filling up the dance floor.

Ann joined them and danced sensually with other girls.

The place was getting hot and Avery was getting parched.

She and Adam took a break from the dancing and ordered some drinks. She got a water even though he insisted that she get something alcoholic.

"You're having fun." He took another shot.

"I am. It's been a while since I could just do what I wanted. This is the best time of my life."

"It can get better." He got near her.


The corner of his mouth went up. "You know how." He closed the distance and kissed her.

His mouth tasted of alcohol. He licked her lip and then entered her mouth when she opened it. She ran her hands through his hair and pulled at it.

His hands lowered down her hips and ground them against him.

She could feel his hardness through his pants. She stepped back and separated from him.

Her heart was beating fast from the kiss. It made her heat up but that was it. There was no warmth in her heart like how she felt with Ethan.

"Can we go back to your apartment and finish this? I'm sure Ann is going to be bringing one of those girls back to ours."

"I can't." She shook her head.

"Why not? You returned the kiss...you liked it."

"I did but I'm not ready for any of that."

He furrowed his brow confused. "Have you had sex before?"

"Yes." She couldn't exactly lie and say she was a virgin.

"Then what's the problem?"

"I barely know you."

"Other people have had sex like that."

"Well I'm not like other people."

He sighed frustrated. "Alright, I won't pressure you."

"Thank you and I'm sorry about leading you on with that kiss."

"I was the one that initiated. I think I'm ready to go home."

"Me too."

"I'll see if Ann's ready." He headed for the dance floor and she waited for him there.

Ann came giggling with another girl.

"This is Sasha or something like that. I really couldn't understand with her accent."

"Told you she would bringing some girl over. Guess I'll have to use the ear plugs." Adam rolled his eyes.

They got out and hailed down a cab. Avery sat in front while Adam sat in the back with Ann and the other girl making out.

Avery felt bad for him but didn't want him to sleep over with her. They hadn't spent enough time for her to trust him like that.

They arrived and went up.

"I'll see you tomorrow." He gave her a slight smile as she got out of the elevator.

"Hope you sleep well."

"I'll try."

The elevators closed. She walked to her apartment and got in. It was late and she was exhausted. She went straight to bed and collapsed.

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