Learning to Go On

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Chapter 8 (v.1) - Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

"Did you call the planetarium like I told you?" Kerim asked Dom in their office.

"I did and I'm getting married on the third of December."

"Great, we finally have a date. Katherine can get on with the rest of the preparations. Now she wants kind of an icy blue color to go with the white but I think it's too frozen themed. It would be expected. Maybe a navy blue or royal blue would be nicer for what she wants. The planner is going to be coming by with swatches."

Dom stared at Kerim.

"Now have you ever sent her flowers? I was telling her not to go with carnations because apparently a lot of women choose those flowers. She can't get white roses because that's my thing. She can't use red because there's the fact that you sent Juliet those and they would totally clash with the blue. White lillies could be nice."

"I think I'm considering wanting my original brother back."

"What are you talking about? I'm here talking about the details of your wedding and you don't care."

"Do you hear yourself?" Dom laughed. "I think you're more excited with the planning than I am."

Kerim crossed his arms. "I like details of things."

"Why don't you wait until you and Juliet get married?"

"We're not."

"I know you're not now but later on."

"It's not going to happen. She's not that kind of woman."

"Have you even asked her or talked about it?"

"We have and that's why I'm telling you."

"Sorry to hear that."

"It's alright, now back to the wedding."

"Talk that over with Katherine. I'll just pay for everything and show up."

"You're also going to have the tux fittings once the wedding gets closer."

"Alright you can let me know about them."

"Where's Katherine today?"

"She was going to spend the day with her mother."

"Did she take the new car?"

"Not yet but I'm waiting for her old one to really break down for her to finally accept the gift."

"She will." Kerim tapped his fingers on the arm of his chair. "What else do we need to do?"

"We already went over finances and wedding details. I don't know what else we should do. When did our lives depend so much on women?"

"I don't know. I go a little stir crazy when Juliet has to work. Since Precious is growing up so fast she doesn't need me as much. She wanders off in the back."

"At least there's a gate for her to not to leave the estate." Dom clicked his tongue. "We should do something manly."

"Like what?"

"We can go to a game or something. We've never really spent quality time together. We were always off doing our own thing."

"We could do that or we can just watch a game here in the living room."

"True. We wouldn't have to leave the comfort of our home. I could order something to be delivered here to eat."

"I would like that."

"Let's do it then."


Juliet was surprised to hear an uproar when she arrived at Dom and Kerim's house. Daniel and Ethan's cars were outside and she had been wondering what they were doing there.

Her question was answered when she found them all in the living room.

Kerim and Ethan were cheering because apparently some soccer team had scored.

"Leonel Messi is going to make the next goal, you just watch." Daniel sulked.

"Hello guys." Juliet greeted them. They completely ignored her as they were engrossed in the game. "Guess I'm just a painting on the wall." She mumbled and left them.

She left her duffel bag up in Kerim's bedroom. Precious was curled up in her bed. When she saw Juliet sit on the bed she jumped up with her.

"Don't let Kerim see you, he hates it when you get on here." Juliet scratched behind her ears.

She decided that since the guys were having their own get together she should be able too.

She called Katherine and Delilah to come over. They could spend the evening with her and maybe help her with dinner.

Delilah was already on her way over and Katherine had been at her house with her mom. She too would be coming over.

Juliet changed into something more comfortable and waited for them in the kitchen. She took out some chicken and made sure she had ingredients to make sugar cookies.

Delilah let herself in through the back door since it was open most of the time.

"So they basically let me ring the doorbell like crazy." She shook her head amused.

"Told you they were in sport zombie mode. They ignored me when I arrived. I took out some chicken and I was thinking of making rice."

"Okay, I'll cook some vegetables to go with it."

"I was thinking of baking some sugar cookies."

"That would be perfect. I'll help. We should wait until Katherine gets here though and teach her the recipe. She is family after all."

"That's a good idea."

Katherine arrived ten minutes later. She cheerfully walked in the kitchen.

"What smells so good?"

"Did they open the door for you?" Delilah arched her brow.

"Nope. I have a key that Dom gave me. They didn't even notice me when I went to say hi."

"It happened to me too." Juliet chuckled.

"Guess we know in how high esteem they have us." Katherine shrugged.

She watched as Juliet put the chicken in the oven then stirred some rice in a pan. Delilah was steaming some broccoli and cauliflower on the stove.

"Do you guys need help with something?"

"In a bit." Juliet covered the pan with it's top. "We're going to make sugar cookies and we're going to teach you the family recipe."

"You are?" Katherine was happy about that. She loved those cookies and had attempted to make them just as perfect without success.

"Yes, so pay attention. You're not allowed to write it down, only memorize it." Delilah told her jokingly.

"I have a good memory." Katherine giggled.

They told her how much of the ingredients was put in and what they were. It was a fairly easy recipe. Once everything was mixed correctly they put the dough in the freezer for ten minutes.

Delilah started rolling it out as Juliet looked for a cookie cutter. She found a few and stuck with the one that was shaped like a heart.

"As tradition our family always cut them into hearts." She explained.

Katherine watched with attention. She didn't want to miss any details.

They put the cut out cookies on the baking sheet and stuck them in the second oven.

"Now we wait. They have to be perfectly chewy. A little crispy on the outside but a semi-soft center."

"Okay, I think I got it."

They put the dirty dishes in the dish washer and cleaned up the counter.

Juliet turned off the cooked rice and vegetables.

"What do we do now?" Katherine felt bored waiting. She didn't like to have to wait for anything.

"Tell us about the wedding." Delilah urged her.

"It's still months away. Dominik texted me the date he reserved the planetarium. It's going to be the third of December."

"They're going to let you do the wedding there? Aren't they a little conservative about such things?" Juliet asked.

"Dominik can be very persuasive when he wants to be."

"Are you going to hire a wedding planner?" Delilah asked next.

"She's already been hired. Kerim is also offering to help with everything. He's just as persuasive or maybe a little more than Dominik." Katherine smiled. "He has great ideas so I might use him."

"Poor guy wants a wedding of his own." Delilah playfully nudged Juliet in the ribs.

"I can take a hint." Juliet scowled. "I don't think I can make that commitment though."

Delilah rolled her eyes. "Whatever you say."

"I'm going to check on the cookies." Juliet hated being pressured about getting married. It didn't help that her friends were doing it.

First Delilah and now Katherine.

The cookies weren't ready yet, they still needed a couple of minutes. She checked the chicken and it too was going to be a while longer.

Delilah and Katherine were talking about wedding ideas.

"I was thinking of light blue but Kerim says it's too Frozen. I don't want people to expect Elsa and Anna characters to be roaming around." Katherine chuckled. "I might go with his royal blue or maybe both. When the planner shows us the swatches I'll decide."

"The best part is that you have months to decide."

"I know. You guys are also going to be joining me for wedding dress hunting. I want to find the perfect dress."

"We will gladly advise you." Delilah readily agreed.

"I guess I can say a few pointers too." Juliet said as she went back to take the cookies.

"Thank you. I don't know what I would do without the two of you."

"You never would've met Dom and you wouldn't be getting married." Delilah smiled. "But you do have us and we'll always be here."

"Avery and I used to say the same thing to each other. Now...we're not there." Katherine smiled sadly. "I'm sure she's fine and I'm good too. Maybe things were supposed to turn out like this."

"Let's just think happy thoughts like we were doing." Delilah stood up to help Juliet with the cookies. She was getting them off the baking sheet.

"I'll check the chicken." Katherine helped.

Ethan walked into the kitchen and stopped short. Daniel bumped into him.

"I was wondering why it smelled like sugar cookies." Daniel moved him out of the way. "When did you girls get here?"

The girls glanced at each other and burst out laughing.

"We made dinner babe." Delilah went over to him and kissed him on the cheek. "Where's the rest of you?"

"They're coming." Ethan answered. He went over to the cookies and took one. He chewed on it and took another. "I remember these cookies. Avery brought some over the first time we all slept over together at Katherine's house."

"It's the family recipe." Katherine told him. "Now I know it too."

"I will be expecting cookies like this when I come around to work with Dom." He teased her.

"I'll make some for you when I feel like it." She giggled.

Their relationship had grown since she'd come back. They were both sad about Avery and had somehow connected over that.

They still annoyed each other but not as much as before. She didn't find him as jerky as he had been and he didn't find her as stubborn.

"You guys are here?" Dom sounded surprised when he entered. Kerim didn't say anything he just went straight for the cookies.

"Nice greeting I get." Juliet mock glared at him.

He tried to smile but it was hard with his mouth full of cookie. He waited until he swallowed to speak. "Sorry, I was hungry. How are you?" He kissed her softly before letting her answer.

She smiled. "I'm good and you were too by what I saw in the living room."

"We did have a good time. It was spontaneous you could say. It smells delicious." He looked over at the stove.

"We should eat." Juliet told everyone.

"Yes, let's." Delilah looked for plates.

They all helped get the table ready and soon they sat down to eat.

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