The Path

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A simple night can turn into madness

Submitted: July 13, 2016

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Submitted: July 13, 2016



The Path


The night was cold and the wind was fierce. Not unusual for the month of October. I adjusted my heavy wool shawl and quickened my pace down the winding foot path. Another few minutes and I would be reaching the cabin. Suddenly, a noise some distance behind me made me stop cold in my tracks. It was the sound of a beast. A huge beast. Not wanting to find out more about it, I continued my journey on the double. The faster I went, the closer the sound seemed to get. At this point I was pretty much jogging and soon broke into a full run. In the distance I could see the dim glow from the porch lantern of the cabin. Then without warning I heard heavy footsteps of something close behind. Sweat from fear and exhaustion blinded me but I did not dare stop. I was twenty feet away from safety when I tripped and fell. To tell you the truth I could have sworn that something hooked my ankle but my terrified mind chose to believe that my foot caught a rock. I fell hard on my right shoulder. The pain was excruciating but I managed to scramble to my feet. I turned to finally look behind me, half expecting the devil himself to show, but all I could see was darkness and hear nothing but the sound of the wind. I backed my way upto the door not allowing my eyes to get away from the darkness. I reached down for the key that was hidden under the tattered welcome mat and entered to safety. I breathed a sigh of relief as I locked and bolted the heavy door. My worries began to fade as I started to light candles around the place and tried my hand at making a fire to warm the frigid little dwelling. A couple of matches later, success, the flame came to life and before I knew it a comfortable heat was radiating from the fireplace. I was then drawing the curtains of the front windows when I noticed a flash of light down the path I had been on. Not wanting my imagination to get the best of me, I ignored the strange occurence and blamed it on tired eyes. At that moment my stomach growled and I happily obliged. After testing the lock one last time, I rummaged through the cupboard and found a few things. A half of box of cookies, cured beef...I searched the rest of the cupboards since I had forgotten what else I had tucked away. Tea bags, instant coffee, powdered milk...and the list went on. There was definitely enough food to last a long while. I decided to prepare myself a can of vegetable soup that I heated over the fire. Halfway through my midnight meal I was startled by a loud thump on th porch. I slowly got up and grabbed the fire poker. As I approached the window, the outdoor lanten suddenly went out. I stopped and listened for any sound. Nothing.

'Maybe it was just a tree limb that broke off and hit. The wind is really picking up and the place is surrounded by trees' I thought to myself.
Someone or something was now pounding at the door and with such force it shook the lock.
-Who's there? I've got a gun. I yelled at the intruder.
-Help me please. Open the door It's after me. A man's voice pleaded.
-Who are you? What are you talking about, what's after you? How do I know you are not a robber or murderer.
-Please lady. I'm begging you, there's not much time.
Even though I was wary I couldn't help notice the realistic panic in his voice. Beyond all logic I decided to let him in.
-I'm going to open the door now but don't try anything stupid or I'll shoot.
I hoped the lie would fool him as I cautiously dislodged the iron bolt and unlocked the door. I opened it a few inches expecting him to rush in but instead was greeted with silence. I grabbed a candle from the table, relit the lantern and saw neither man nor monster.

-Help me...A barely audible sound was coming from the far end of the porch. I unhooked the lantern and approached, poker in hand. Blood was smeared on the floor coupled with bloody hand prints. The light then caught something in the corner. Something pale. I brought the lantern down a bit and almost dropped it in horror. Curled up in a fetal position was the man I presumed at my door. His clothes were torn, his body covered in what seemed to be dozens of puncture wounds. Also a huge gash marked his left leg. I could only stand and stare at the gruesome sight as the poor man's mouth opened and closed slowly with no sound coming forth. Then without warning, his body was yanked violently into the night. Panic overcame me and I rushed inside slamming the door so hard that it rattled my body. My hands trembled so badly that I could barely get the bolt across when something smashed against it. I jumped back and screamed but hushed myself quickly. Minutes passed with nothing more happening. I was finally able to calm myself and sit at the table. A million thoughts went through my head. "How am I going to get out without that thing getting me? Nobody knows that I'm here. There is food and water to survive a months but as winter sets in, the road will be closed and no one will be able to come all the way back here to rescue me." I realised at that moment that I would have no choice but to try and escape in the morning with hopes that the creature was purely nocturnal. I started to pack a few things. Bottles of water, food and potential weapons. I found a kitchen knife that had seen better days and a very sharp hatchet. The rest of the night I spent trying to sleep but to no avail. As dawn broke I prepared what might be my last meal. I forced my upset stomach to accpet it as I knew I would need my strength. The hike to the main road and my car was about fifteen minutes by jog. Hatchet in hand I exited the cabin ready for anything. Other that alot of dried blood there was nothing else around. I scanned the woods but saw nothing out of the ordinary so I decided to make my move. As quietly as possible, I climbed down the rickety stairs and headed down the foot path. The wind had stopped and the chirping of birds filled the air. I began to relax and decided to walk instead of jog to diminish the noise factor. After about ten minutes or so, I noticed the birds fell silent of their melody. Clutching my weapon firmly I quickened my pace.

Then to my shock I spotted the man that was at my door. He was blocking the raod in front of me. How could he still be alive? My throat went dry as I tried calling out to him. No response. He simply stared at me blankly. I was thinking of my next move when the "corpse" started to walk towards me. I began to back away but this only prompted him to increase his speed. So I did the only logical thing, I turned back to the cabin. Unfortunately for me I smashed into a tree making me drop my weapon. I fell to the ground dazed. Then it dawned on me, there was no tree in the middle of the path. My eyes began to focus on a huge dark figure looming over me. The last thing I saw before the end was a dozen spikes skewering my vulnerable body and a massive mouth filled with hundreds of needle-like teeth sinking into my face. Wet black bulging eyes of the monster watched as the life drained out of me...

One month later.
-I knew I shouldn't have trusted you to take me hunting. You couldn't find your way out of a paper bag with a spotlight attached to your forhead.
-Would you shut up Steve! We are not lost. It's just getting too dark to see the compass properly.
-Sure, whatever you say, GARY *you moron*
-what did you call me?
-Nothing. Look, let's just make camp here and maybe after some food and rest we can...
-Hey look!
-I think I see a cabin.
-Oh yeah, I see it. Whoever is there might let us stay the night. Come on let's go.
A few minutes later.
(knocking at the door)-Hellllooo. Anybody home? We're two lost hunters and we need help.
-No answer, try the door.
-Okay...It's open.
-Well, what are you waiting for an invitation, get in.
-But what if the owner comes back?
-Then we'll explain what happened. I'm sure they'll understand.*idiot*
-*guess he didn't hear that one*
-This place is pretty comfortable.
-It'll be even more comfortable once we get a fire going.
-I'm on it.
-Good, I'll check to see if there's any food...hey Gary?Did you see that?
-See what?
-A light. There was a light flashing on the path.
-Maybe it's the owner.

-Help me please. Open the door. A woman's voice begs.
-What the heck. The hunters stare at each other confused and shocked.
-There's a lady in distress Gary, open the damn door.
-Okay, okay.

He hesitantly opens the door.


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