Realm of Giants: Rhangyl's Short Story Beginning

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Thank you for your taking you time to read this little short story with no beginning, middle or end. This is the beginning to the novel I am to write, and hopefully make this world a reality. Every little comment helps, every little edit and remark. Please tell me your thoughts! More to come.

Submitted: July 13, 2016

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Submitted: July 13, 2016



The storm had strengthened. The winds of Giant's Abyss gave mercy not as the Invader pierced through its unwelcoming waters. The ship could withstand a thrashing, as it had countless times before, and Phillip the Boatswain saw to it that the ship had been repaired assiduously every time the crew had reached a port. It was almost a routine to return to port with some part out of place. However, there was no sanctuary in the unpredictable waters of Giant's Abyss. Through the clawing of the water on the planks escaped a fist larger than Rhangyl had ever seen. At that moment, all the effort the crew had placed into controlling the sails had halted, and even Yelnor, son of Yelnor could no longer function. Much like the young Captain, who's thick brown beard had shown some age and had hidden his emotions once, Yelnor stood  paralyzed, staring at the inhumane fist with fear. Rhangyl, the young Captain, balanced himself on the thin bowsprit, overcome by fear, and watched as the torn up, bloodied hand, the size of his own ship, came crashing through the left side of the Invader, knocking Rhangyl and most of the surviving crew into the waters.

Ae'er save us, thought Rhangyl, momentarily after being flung into the water. As the young man turned his head to look at the ship, a wooden barrel hit his horrified expression and was knocked unconscious. Surely, the pride and arrogance in Rhangyl from that day had faded forever. 

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