Immortals Book One: The Pain of Betrayal

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James Sampson is an immortal, an order of powerful demon hunters, blessed by the angels with powers so that the immortals could protect earth from the demon threat. Mason and Lance are his older brothers, and they are both archangels, a group of elites within the immortal order that James dreams of joining. All seems well within the world, and the Immortals are enjoying a rare period of relative peace; however, what happens when the immortals are attacked from within? During a training session, traitors manage to sneak demons into the immortal base, and begin attacking the immortals from the inside. Mason and James struggle to catch the men responsible, but will they be fast enough? Or will the entire immortal army destroy itself from the inside?

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Submitted: July 13, 2016

A prologue that explains what the Immortals are and reveals a little of the order's origin story. Told from the perspective of James, the story is written by James in a sort of journal, with Mason, Lance, and other characters occasionally writing a chapter or two of the journal. Enjoy. Read Chapter


Submitted: July 13, 2016

James   I stood at the back of the line, watching as the other IM recruits shuffled through the checkpoint. The long jog we ... Read Chapter

Training Hall Disaster

Submitted: July 14, 2016

James   The other recruits shuffled anxiously around the training hall, waiting on orders from Forge. Five groups had gone a... Read Chapter

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