Most Women I Know

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Submitted: July 13, 2016

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Submitted: July 13, 2016



Most Women I Know


Most women I know are like clusters of stars,

Different constellations hell bent on telling tales,

They are highly combustible,

and gnaw themselves from the inside out.

Chipping away at their bodies,

flake by flake,

tooth by tooth,

scar by scar,

woe by woe,

unraveling the hell bent tales they’ve told one another

and me.

They carve society’s wants into their oak, sprouting leaves of discontentment.

Great oak, olive, or mahogany girl,

you are not meant to be squeezed into the latest shaper,

a body I once believed should not belong to me is shaped like no hourglass,

it has a life and shape of it’s own

with flat edges and curves in the right and wrong places,

I would whisper to her,

on the nights she brought me pause,

“why so big?

why so round?


She responds slowly at first,

molding a belly button into a half crescent smile

and it reminds of the moon,

surrounded by a flurry of stardust and yet  still has the audacity to shine anyway.

Most women I know smile at the men who wish to break them,

or make them the answer,

the solution to the conundrum left by their father’s fist,

They smile at them,

waiting to exhale for rings and the hope that this one won't fuck them and go.

I pray for most women I know.

That they will unbreak their spines,

and stand with conviction and send smiles to

men who deserve them,

and not look for different ways to change the arrangement of their stars.

Most constellations I’ve seen have looked nothing like the legends claim,

they look jumbled and beautiful without meaning or want,

just shining with the audacity to not care about to moon and all its glory.

I pray for most women I know,

and I pray the same prayer for myself.

I looked in the mirror and laughed at my jumbled constellation shining,

looking, acting, and feeling

like most women I know.

© Copyright 2018 Donielle Mikel. All rights reserved.

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