my nightmare

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the contents of this was formed by my ten years old little sister who asked for me for rewrite it and make it better for her. which means all the credit of this goes to her.

Submitted: July 14, 2016

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Submitted: July 14, 2016



Ever had something stuck in your mind you cant forget to the point where you cant over come what you was once able to before. Well that what happened to me. It rattles through my mind always keeping me on edge. I can no longer take it anymore so i feel it is time i get rid of this feeling and the only way i feel i can do that is by sharing it with everyone else. So here it goes. This is my nightmare.

It seamed to have started as a happy childhood memory. Me and my best friend was enjoying our time you know like 10 year olds do. Where we live is a peacefully little village nothing really happens everyone seems to know each other but now and again arguments do tend to break out. The village was surrounded by what seams to always be a beautiful blossom tree woods. We always enjoy adventuring round as there is never anything to fear unless of course it rains because that means it is extremely slippy. Lucky for us it was a bright sunshining day so we went out to have some fun.

So the dream starts when we are walking through an overgrown field which is great to play Marco polo in as the council can never be bothered to cut it. so much fun especially when you have a group of friends with you. Now there is more than one way to get to the woods. The first way it the field way which is the one we took. There is another way where you have to climb over a wall and one which looks like an animal has created as it is a tunnel going under a huge tree which ends up sending you into the middle of the woods which i managed to stumble apon after falling down it. And well you know curiosity killed the cat right.  Any way we chose the field way as it is the most fun and the only opening that could take us to our super secret hide out.

Wondering through the woods like always having a giggle and appreciating the little things something didn't seam like always. The sun was starting to dim to the point where the sky almost looked blood red. The clear fresh air started to thicken and the beautiful pink blossom became black and rotten. We continued to walk but no longer with giggles but instead heavy breathing and the stench of fear. We got half way down the hidden pathway when we saw something almost spine tingling.........

Stood within the midst of the twisted trees seamed to be a girl with long black hair squelched over her face that fell just below her knees. A grey and ripped gown trailed across the floor all tattered and torn. Within her hand a candle inside a glass bottle illuminating the space around her. Slowly she walked far away but yet along side us, then stopped dead to turn her head towards us, it seemed like our eyes met. Slowly, almost lifeless like, she turned her full body into our direction. Suddenly after a moments of stillness she darted right for us!

Out of horror we spun on our heels and sprinted as fast as we could. Every thing became a blur as we sped past it not wanting to stop or look back we was struggling to breath as the thick musky air didn't help in this situation. Few minutes later from running we only just managed to loose the girl. luckily we knew the woods inside and out from how much time we spent together and we managed to not loose each other either so that was good. we took a moment to get our breath back as we was wheezing pretty badly since none if us are physically fit. Managing to finally get our breath back we tried to get back onto the path maybe thinking we should start heading back home. Unfortunately even thought we thought we knew the place inside and out we don't ever recall knowing where we actually was as alot of things was where it wasn't before.

We examined our surroundings hoping to at least see something familiar. After a long hard look my friend nudged me and pointed into the distance. A shadow figure was floating round the trees. She set off towards the shadow as she has always been brave and more curious than me. As we got closer the figure looked to be a small boy not floating around but instead hanging around. A thick rope hugged around his neck as blood dripped down off his feet....

After a few minutes of trying to figure out what's going on my gut had a terrible feeling and i couldn't stay brave like i thought i would. I ran a little distance away from the boy and threw up everywhere. My friend came to see if i was ok when a loud roar came from behind us. Slowly turning around, stood tall and proud was a huge bulky man. He looked to have been wearing a checkered shirt and navy blue jeans and apon his head was a mask which didn't seam to be made out of fabric or plastic like every other mask was. Within his hand was a blazing chainsaw with the flames rising off the blade creating a bright freakish glow. As the blade rotated spots of blood and flames flung from it almost hitting us in the face. Slung over his shoulder was a decapitated head with a string threaded through the heads eyes. We feared the guy had the same plan for us.

The guy gave off a ghastly smile as he raised the chainsaw above his head. His grin was full of razor sharp teeth covered in blood. He gave out an ear streaking laugh so we pelted it. The guy ran after us so we ended up running for what seemed like hours on end. Not being able to continue we couldn't find our way out. desperately searching i didn't pay attention to where my feet was landing. My eyesight was becoming blurry my breath could no longer circulate i knew this would be the end of me. i took my last step not knowing what would happen. Little did i know that last step would be the most fatal step. I went to place my foot apon the ground but ended up missing the ground and falling down what seemed to be a bottomless pit.

As i was falling my screams echoed through the woods as i saw my friend shout my name as she got massacred by the man and his chainsaw. That's when i woke up still screaming as i fell out of bed i saw my mum shouting my name telling me to be ready for school. That i thought was the end of the nightmare but little did i know how it mentally scared me up until this day. Hope you enjoyed my experience of a mishap that changed my life forever.

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