The Empire

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This Story Is a made up one that i am doing of the top of my head.
This is about an empire built in london in the 1990s.

Submitted: July 14, 2016

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Submitted: July 14, 2016



The Empire



In January 2nd, 1990, in the busy City of London a build started in a clear empty place in town, everyone was wondering what it could be. There was a sign outside the building site and it said "This Build will take 1 year to build and we will announce the name half way through the year", people could not wait to see what they were building here, they were thinking that it could be the biggest build London has ever done.

As time goes by the building is making good progress and the people of London are impressed of what they have seen so far, they are so exited and can't wait to see what's going to be inside. There is people thinking that it could be a shopping mall or a work place building, but people don't actually know what they are in for. The building looks so big, at the moment they only have the walls built so no one can see what they are doing on the inside. What can this possibly be? 


June 15th, 1990, it's almost time to announce the name of the building they are only just a month away of finding out, but just remember that the building has only 7 months to completion so it's still far away. People just want to know what the building is going to be called so people have started gossiping about it and coming up with different ideas, there is at least 75% of London's population speaking about this new building. The Goverment has no choice but to keep this quite as well as they were the ones to start this build in a privet government meeting. So, what does the government has to hide?


July 22nd,1990, The day is here where we find out about the name of the building, this happens at mid day today, so only 1 hour and a half to go.....

Midday arrives the people of London are by the building site waiting for the name to be announced and a work man appears and says "are you ready!", the crowed says "yes we are!", so the sign is released and it says "The Empire", some people are confused, but know what it means. Now the people of London are questioning why it's called the empire.

January 12th, 1991, The Empire is now open, but there is danger if you go inside, the building is a torture building like a prison, but whoever enters are trapped and tortured, they may get released or get killed. The goverment has got nothing to say as this idea was there idea, this means the goverment is becoming corrupt. As time passed over 300 people have died or been tortured so far which this is lowering the population of London. 

2 years later, over 500,000 people have been tortured or died in the Empire building, and other countries are not happy this is happening and for these past 2 years war has been a major threat, but there is a problem, a war has has already begun, America was the 1st to start the war and Russia and Germany followed them, they are trying to bomb the building and shut it down. This has caused major upset to London and they are struggling to know what to do. 

1 year later, the building was managed to be hit by a major bomb and slowly getting deconstucted. The city of London were happy that the building was getting destoryed. 2 hours later in the day the building was destroyed and down to the floor and the prime minister was arrested for the building and deats caused and sentenced to death of 1.2 million people and the tourte of all those people. Once the building was destroyed the war stoped and took a 2 minute silience for the people who died and got tortured.

In 1995, everythig calmed down since last year, the people of london was living peacfully and nothing else has happened since this event, but they are deciding to build a big ben with a clock there for all those tortured and murdered and London lived happily ever after.

The end

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