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Submitted: July 14, 2016

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Submitted: July 14, 2016




the sun is like a hot balloon
the scent of summer, sweet
the girls glide by like little floats
parading down the street
the earth beats like a kettle drum
the ocean sways along
i feel so weak in winter
but in summer, i am strong
my eyes are playing tricks on me
mirages, i have seen
upon my skin are beads of sweat
my muscles, taut and lean
but summer turns to autumn
come december, things are bleak
i feel so strong in summer
but in winter, i am weak
a cool breeze on a hot day
is a welcome valentine
sensations, so refreshing
it sends shivers down your spine
sometimes, on chilly mornings
you'll be taken by surprise
a little bit of sunshine
helps to make your spirits rise
all things in moderation
if in turmoil, you are caught
be warm when it is chilly
and be cool when things get hot

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