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this is a poem i penned down while i reminisced my grandma. it took me down that familiar memory lane where once upon a time, she held my world together.

Submitted: July 14, 2016

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Submitted: July 14, 2016



Hands dancing through the sea of dust

Trembling tips, traipsing across

Familiar grays and the twinkle within

And arise the last snuffles of the loss!


Hit hard by the gust of melancholy

Coerced am I to reminisce her

Her laughter, her gentle radiance

It all comes down together.


The first memory of late night stories

How her warmth scared my nightmare

How her kiss on my forehead pleased me

How her arms provided something so rare.


With a trembling lip, I let the ardors flow

When hark back to the times of yore do I

When the sun was brighter over the head

A meal so scrumptious and all mine.


A wonderful cook, she was since naissance

A lady so pure, I couldn’t have dreamt of

Her words so uplifting every time I fall

So encouraging, never could she scoff.


She didn’t cry and heal my wound

She taught me how to do it myself

Her words didn’t rebuke when I cried

She taught me how to stand up for myself.


All through my infancy, she was my tutor

All through youth, the greatest comrade

All until now, my clandestine holder

Her presence making the deep, easy to wade.


A million lexis and I still couldn’t describe her

She had aficionados beyond the seven skies

And she had me on this land of souls

But I lost the war and my spirit cries


Agreed, she was a lady so implausible,

Maybe, she was someone who couldn’t bear a twin

All I know now as I hold her picture is

She left me stronger down here, even if grim.


Its been a year and long gone

They expect me to stop weeping over her

They didn’t have her for an amumma

They never saw that seraph in her.


I know she watches out from over above

Watches me progress with passing time

I just need to look up and see my archangel

Twinkle and smile as I raise my glass of wine.

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