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Cathy has a secret, a confession that will shake Aditya inside out. She can either fear and hide or spit it out.

Submitted: July 14, 2016

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Submitted: July 14, 2016



Stalwart, as they say comes quickly when sentiment is involved. And what’s worse than dealing with the predicaments of such courage. Cathy knew what she had landed into, just a wee bit late. She sat in the Starbucks café sipping her coffee and staring out of the window. She put down her empty mug on the coffee table as her eyes turned to look at the blood stained knife that lay next to her handbag covered in her blue silk scarf. An avalanche of memories hit her. Her eyes darted towards the couple at the next table. The girl was laughing at what the guy said and the guy was looking at the girl with an emotion that shook the insides of Cathy. The guy placed his hand on the girl’s, again a gesture that made Cathy cry deep inside, making her almost evince her vulnerability. Helplessly, she fished out her phone and searched up his contact. She locked and unlocked her phone thrice before deciding to go over to his house and talk this over. She clutched her scarf and keeping her gaze down, made her way to the parking lot. She placed the knife on the passenger seat and spent over twenty seconds staring through the windshield before turning the key in the ignition. She drove slowly, almost forgetting to breathe every time she saw a cop. Pulling over near the gate, she fought the temptation to drive right out of the town.

She knocked twice, clutching on the scarf as it were her life.  “In a moment.” His voice rang inside and she fought the impulse to turn round and run. Aditya opened the door with his usual friendly smile which took a fraction of a second to turn into a frown. Cathy’s world had stopped moving. One look at him was all it took for her mind to go hazy again. She choked over her emotions and the scowl on his face only made her want to cry badly, to let her tears flow, to lean into him and feel the warmth of his arms, to inhale his masculine redolence, to sway again when he would kiss her and to admit that… she had always been in love with him.

“What?” His blunt voice made her snap into attention. “What do you want now?”

“I need to tell you something.”

“What is it?” He smirked.” Got your eyes on another friend of mine? Bored of what you had with Brian?”

“I had nothing to do with Brian.” She whispered hoarsely.

“It’s funny you still expect me to believe you.” He laughed ruthlessly.

“I don’t expect you to believe me.” She said surprising him as well as herself with her new found spunk.

“Why are you here then?” He asked, crossing his arms and knitting his eyebrows together.

“I need to show you something.” She said.

“Sure. What is it?”

“Can we do this inside?”

“Sure.” He smirked.

He moved aside giving way to her. Motioning towards the couch, he shut the door softly. She carefully placed the knife, which lay in the scarf, on the table and opened her handbag. She fished out a camcorder and switched it on.

“Isn’t that Brian’s?” Aditya almost laughed and Cathy simply chose not to reply. She opened a video and angled the camcorder so that both of them could see it. The video started with Cathy standing in a seductive way near a table which made Aditya frown deep.

“This won’t get us back together, you know!” He shouted getting up. “After three years, you should know I’m not the guy who would run back into his ex’s arms just because she videotaped herself doing something inappropriate.”

“This is all I’ve to prove that I never cheated on you.” She said in a mellifluous tone.

“Look,” He spoke through gritted teeth. “I know you did cheat on me. Brian told me how you flirted with him, how you enticed him. I read the texts in his phone. I know Brian from childhood and he would never lie to me.”

“If you are so sure of him, why don’t you watch this video?” She countered.

“I don’t want to.” He responded brusquely.

“Terrified you might be proved wrong? Afraid you might see something that makes Brian guilty?” She smirked. Three years with him and she knew exactly how to push his buttons.

“Give me the damned camcorder.” He snarled snatching it from her. Cathy kept quiet and Aditya pushed the play button.

Cathy was standing near the table in a seductive way. She was wearing a simple white crop shirt and jeans shorts. She moved in a seductive way around the table. She sat on the table crossing her legs as she unbuttoned her first button. Slowly as ever, she unbuttoned the buttons and took off her shirt. Then she let her hand slide from her lips, down her neck and stopped on her chest for a moment. Her body arched forwards as she took in a deliberate deep breath. Her hand then slid down to her shorts. She threw one enticing look towards the camera before she unbuttoned it. She slid it down her legs in a slow flirtatious manner. Then she lay down on the table and arched her body upwards. The way she moved had the sway to provoke a guy’s evil interests. It took Aditya a hell lot of volition not to hurl the camcorder out of the window. Two hands appeared on the screen but the face wasn’t taped. The hands caressed her cheeks and lowering down her neck, it caressed her chest and lay on her tummy. The way she responded to all of the touches was decoying. Aditya’s temper was on the brink of throwing the camera and splitting it to pieces by stomping on it. The hands stroked her back inching its way upwards to the hook of her undergarment. The hands never once hesitated before unhooking the undergarment.

“Push the pause button.” She said. Her voice seemed to act as a catalyst to his already dangerous temper. Though he didn’t speak anything, the way he looked at Cathy was enough to evince his rancor. She silently took the video camera from his hands and zoomed in the view on to the hands on the screen. Focusing the view on something in particular, she shoved the camcorder into his hands. The screen a tattoo of a Chinese symbol clearly illustrated a profanity on the right hand on the screen. It wasn’t just the tattoo that froze Aditya beyond words. It was the spot where the tattoo was and the familiarity of it all, shook the insides of Aditya, making his psyche doubt his abilities of his vision, making him stare at it without fluttering his eyelids. She took the camcorder from him to show him a few more videos, but he shook his head, refusing to watch. She then took out a few photographs and handed it out to him. The fury with which Aditya held the photos crumpled them. “Why didn’t you tell me Cathy?” he asked softly in spite of the volcano erupting on the inside.

“He had drugged my coke.” She began. “The day you left college early, to go to the audition, he took me to the college cafeteria on the pretext of planning your birthday. He bought me a coke. I didn’t feel good after I drank it so he offered to drive me home. I remember getting into the passenger seat. But after that all I remember is waking up on his bed.” She stopped to wipe her unending tears. “When I opened my eyes, I was lying on Brian’s bed…” She wept as she spoke further. “…naked.” She heard how his jaw clenched. “Brian wasn’t alone.”  She said as he frowned slightly. “Richard and Yash were there too.” Cathy noticed how his hands had clenched into fists on the living room coffee table.

“He kept blackmailing me. He said he would hurt you if I told you the truth. He said he would do the same thing with your younger sister, Ishaani, if I would refuse to do what he would tell me to.” It was after the terrifying sound of the breaking of the glass coffee table and the sight of glass pieces everywhere that Cathy realized the extent to which Aditya was furious.

“You are coming with me. We are going to meet all the three of them with a little surprise of my own before going over to the police.” He spoke through gritted teeth as he slipped on his slippers and got his hands on the car keys.

“It’s too late, Aditya.” She smiled painfully.

“No Cathy.” He said taking her face in his hands, wiping her tears. “Please don’t be scared. You will be proved innocent in front of everyone. Just come with me.” He pleaded.

“Brian is dead.” She spoke softly holding his gaze.

Aditya couldn’t find his voice.

“He had called me today and threatened to turn up at my home if I would refuse to meet up at his house. I turned up at his house but refused to do what he wanted me to anymore. But he wasn’t someone who would take no for an answer and he took a knife to kill me when I snatched the camcorder. I tried defending myself and in the scuffle, I accidentally killed him.” She spoke fearlessly now.

“Oh Cathy!” he spoke almost on the verge of crying as he took her face in his hands.

Before Aditya could get a word out, two knocks on the door petrified him. He opened the door to the cops.

“Ms. Cathy D’souza!” He said, raising a handcuff.

“Please.” He protested. “We can explain.”

“We request you not to interfere with the law.” The cop said sternly and turned to Cathy.

“I’m Detective Inspector Kevin Andreas. You’re arrested for the murder of Mr. Brian McAllister.”

“Where is the weapon?” asked Andreas.

“It’s in the scarf.” She said, unbelievably stoically. And while she was being led outside, Aditya stood there, stunned by the sudden turn of events. He couldn’t believe how a single night had turned his life upside down. He couldn’t move as he thought of all the times he had insulted Cathy calling her a promiscuous girl, all the times she had begged for his trust, all the times she had kept silent even when he was abusing her in front of everyone, all the times when she never let him know how she had been protecting him and his sister. When he snapped out of the numbness, he drove down to the police station hurling slangs at himself and a string of profanities for Brian, Yash and Richard.

He reached the police station quite late due to the evening traffic and also because he was pulled over once for exceeding the speed limit. Catching sight of Andreas, he ran over to him and asked for Cathy.

“Who?” The cop sounded confused.

“The girl you just brought in for charges of murder.” He spoke breathlessly and that was when he spotted Yash and Richard behind the bars. Blurting a profanity, he almost ran towards their cell.

“Thank your stars you’re behind the bars. You wouldn’t be alive if you were out here. I trusted you people. How the hell could you talk that way about my sister and how the heck could you do that to Cathy? I will kill you the moment you come out, trust me.” He kept shouting till Andreas pulled him away and dragged him outside.

“Now you don’t want us to put you too behind the bars, do you?” Andreas asked sternly.

“Do so please!” he said still glowering at them. “They would deserve what I do to them.”

“And I bet that’s for the jury to decide. Why are you here?”

“Where’s Cathy?” he asked again.

“Why would she be put behind the bars?” He asked turning back towards his big file of reports.

“Excuse me?” He glared. “You had arrested her today for the murder of Brian McAllister.”

“I know.” He said penning down something below a certain report. “But she was acquitted within minutes.”

Aditya simply kept staring at him.

“She had all the necessary video footages and photographs to prove herself not guilty and the murder being an accident…” Andreas kept speaking without even noticing that Aditya had already leapt into his car and was driving away by now.

“Talking to someone in an invisibility cloak, Andreas?” a fellow Cop, Reehaan quipped.

Aditya first drove to Cathy’s house. Spotting the lock on the door, he drove to Jane’s place, who happened to be Cathy’s best friend. Jane’s negative response made him double up towards his car. He drove over to the houses of every friend of hers and his heart sank deeper and deeper with every nullifying response. He had almost given up when he pulled over at the church. He trudged his feet inside on the verge of tears and when he looked up, he couldn’t stop his tears anymore.

“Cathy…” he gleamed as he ran towards her. She turned to him with an indescribable emotion. He hugged her as he cried and then leaned back so he could see her face.

“I’ve been a fool to not trust you and lose the last one year without you, to think someone like you could ever cheat. Please forgive me Cathy. Trust me, I would do anything to set this right.”

“You’re one of the most wonderful thing in my life. You bring out the best in me and you have been all what I want.”

“But…?” He asked uncertainly.

“Am I that obvious?” She asked.

“You don’t want to give me another chance.” He stated dejectedly.

“I never said that.” She smiled, wiping off his tears.“If that were the case, I would never have come to you to tell you the truth.”

He considered what she had just said and couldn’t help but smile at the newly arisen hope. “You still love me.”

“I never stopped.” She took his hand in hers. “But…”

“There’s always one.” His shoulders slouched.

“We will need to work on it. We can’t start off right where we dropped.” She spoke softly.

“I promise never to let you down again. I promise never to repeat my mistake. I promise to make it up to you for all that you’ve been through just because of me.” He spoke sincerely holding her hand.

“I should hope so.” She blushed a tiny bit.

“I love you Cathy.” He said letting his lips softly crush hers.

“I love you more, Aditya.” She said dropping her defenses, kissing him back.


© Copyright 2018 Pooja Menon. All rights reserved.

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