Benefits of Cloud-Reading

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Reading clouds is mostly a summer function, but it could be done any time of the year.

Submitted: July 14, 2016

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Submitted: July 14, 2016



It was a beautiful day outside; the Cumulus Clouds were forming on the inland highlands, mainly due to the summer heat finding a place to evaporate the land's water.

"Ah," I thought, "I see an opportunity to practice my cloud-reading skills."

Cloud-reading is a hobby of mine. My wife thinks that it is an excuse to do nothing and pass it off as being some form of historical study. But I never said it was for the study of history.

I have come to understand, having practiced cloud reading over many years, that it requires specific kinds of weather which creates specific kinds of clouds. Usually mountainous clouds being formed and rising from the arid landscape on a very hot day; the perfect kind of day, and reason, to lie back on a lounge chair and appear to be doing nothing, whiles working hard at your craft.

I suppose that you could read winter clouds too, but I prefer the summer variety.

When these billowing clouds reach a certain height, then they are whisk away by cross-winds, or wind currents, sections at a time. The clouds themselves are a wonder to behold; massive, billowing white clouds that seem to grow out of the nowhere.

Now some people laugh, or sometimes sneer, when I bring up the subject; but they are not aware of the long history Cloud-reading has with humanity.

Flavius Josephus, a disputed historian of the time of Rome's siege on Jerusalem, was a cloud reader. He mentions a reading in one of his accounts.

Then there was the man who said that he had discovered how to read clouds to know if large ships were beyond the horizon; it was a a sort of early warning navel protection system, before radar.

The thing is, this was during sailing ship times, no engine driven ships, so we don't know if his method worked on both types.

He wanted to sell the method he devised, but it was a time of peace so no governments wanted to buy.

I guess that fame and fortune were not foretold in his clouds.

And let us not forget the shepherds from around the globe, reading and interpreting clouds all through the ages.

Reading clouds are not an exact science, because those who do tends to want to read the clouds as they think things are going to happen, instead of how the clouds predict.

Case in point: Say you are in Eastern Europe and you see a cloud forming a Maple-leaf over a body of water, and the Maple-leaf then moved across the water and disappeared. This does not mean that you are going to have an early fall in Eastern Europe. It means that Canada, their dignitaries and/or their business interests, will soon travel to Eastern Europe. The leaf disappearing may mean the venture will fail.

Now, I guess I should come to the point.

It has been very hot lately, and the clouds are forming almost daily, so I thought it was time to hone my cloud reading skills.

I found a comfortable place on a very comfortable lounge chair, and I set the chair's back-rest to the optimum cloud-reading height, in this case that is two clicks up from the flat position.

I positioned my iced drink just under the shade of the chair, but close enough to reach it easily; it is important that you stay hydrated under these conditions.

Lastly, I removed my sunglasses; this is vital for getting good readings because sunglasses blur the shading between cloud segments and can cause a misreading.


The cloud reading began.

I usually don't ask for a subject to be addressed, normally the clouds present them as I view, but on this particular day a pressing problem was on my mind and needed answer; however I was interrupted...


"Are you reading clouds again?" My wife asked as she sat down on the chair next to me.

She positioned her chair to level two and placed her iced-drink just under the shade of her chair.

"What is the subject today," she inquired.

To which I replied, "Your mother. Is she coming for Thanksgiving, or Christmas?"


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