Angel of the Guild Continued

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Shadow has been a member of Throne Guild for 8 years, after her parents gave her up when she was only small. Now, in her new assignment as a watcher, Shadow learns that the past she knows isn't the truth. But, is the Guild really to blame?

Chapter 1


“Shadow, restrain them!” He yelled though his clenched jaw.

She glowered at him through her black feathered hair. While he was the leader of their group he was still a mutated pawn for the Thorne Guild army just like her.  She cocked her head to the right to look at the man and his son. With one swift movement Shadow raised her arm and the darkness from the coroners of the room moved. It seeped swiftly across the room like thick black smoke. The darkness wrapped itself around the necks of the man and boy lifting them up off of the floor. The man begun kicking which was useless, but the boy remained calm and stared at Shadow with suspicion and hope. Perhaps he thought she would let him go at her own accord and take down Tavery, thought had crossed Shadow’s mind once or twice.

“Now I’ll ask you one last time Mrs. Lysendra, give us your Light Orbs” Tarvery’s face twisted into a mocking smile, like he knew she’d give in.

The woman looked from Tavery, to Shadow to her beloved husband and son.

“Let them go now! You swine!” Tavery just smiled at her sweetly, “Fine” she stood putting her hands up in surrender. She walked to the walk and pushed her hand through it. The wall moved like oil to her touch, consuming her hand and wrist. Tavery looked at the woman with jealously and disgust. He wanted her endowment, he was told he’d be blessed with all the endowments he wanted, for being a group leader. However getting an endowment that you don’t naturally have meant messing with DNA, of course Tavery didn’t care and neither did the founder of Thorne Guild. She pulled out her hand, the wall tuning back to concrete as she did. She was holding to small Light Orbs in her hand. Tarvery’s smile disappeared as was now replaced with seriousness.

“Hand it to me” he held out his hand, but the woman didn’t move “Shadow!” Tavery said thought gritted teeth, Shadow slowly started to tighten the shadows around their necks, they gasped for air. This made the boy tear his gaze from Shadow and squeezed his eyes shut.

“No! Stop it, here!” the woman walked over to Tavery scowling at him in the process and handed him the small orbs.

“Lets go” then she strode out as calm as a falling feather.  Shadow dissolved the darkness which slowly made its way back to the corners Ii came from and shook out her newly added wings.  They always ached when she was forced to manipulate people, as if her endowment rejected the idea of hurting people or just rejected her. She was recently given the wings, her back was cut open and had the wings attached, connecting the bones with metal plating and screws. The Wings she was told, came from a former dead group leader. However Shadow questioned this. They probably came from a person who got in our way. The woman ran over with a sigh of relief and hugged her husband and son with looks at happiness and joy flooding their faces.

“Shadow!” yelled Tarvery

With a jolt Shadow turned from the family, wiping a tear from her face. But then she felt the energy of the boy change as she stood and slowly walked toward Shadow. She turned back to face the boy, confused with his sudden change.

“It is you, isn’t it” Said the boy with a hopeful gaze. He was about the same height as Shadow, perhaps a bit taller. He was slim, from the lack of food Shadow suspected. He had a strong jaw with complimentary cheek bones. His hair was longish, longer then all of the other guys hair from the guild. His hair was an oak wood brown colour and looked feather soft. It fell past his ears but not quite toughing his shoulders. It also fell in his face. It would had fallen passed the bottom of his glasses if he hadn’t kept it pushed back. “You, you look so different” he said eyeing her up and down.

Shadow looked passed him to his mother and father who look equally as confused as she did. Tavery had returned, probably to see what was keeping her, but he must have stopped to whitens the drama unfold. 

“I don’t know you” replayed Shadow with sternness to her voice.

“I noticed, but I do know you. Misanna” Misanna, the sound of given name hit her like a blot of lighting. No one but herself and the records men should have known her given name. The name she had before her parents gave her up to Thorne Guild. The name, sounded foreign and strange, no one ever called her by her given name. So this boy must have known her before she was given up to the guild. Before the mutation. Before the fighting, the blood and the gore, this boy knew her. The old her. Even Shadow couldn’t bottle up her curiosity.

“My name, how do you know it?” her voice was pitched high as if she were asking a forbidden question.

The boys smile gleamed “So it is you! I- I can’t believe it! You’re alive and-“ the boys voice trailed off, and his face grimaced “what happened to you?” he looked deep into her eyes they were one thing that were exactly as he remembered, forest green with flecks of brown. The rest of her was different.  She stood ridged with her head angled downward. Her skin was no longer the beautiful sun kissed tan she once had, it was now pale almost as pale as death itself, like all the blood had been drained out of her. Her face was still small but her cheeks sunk in slightly. Not from lack of food, but from a bone re-contracture. She had fangs like canine teeth but they were small and sharp looking.  Her once blonde hair was now raven black and fell like feathers down passed her shoulders. Not to mention the addition of obsidian wings. But with all of that said, her eyes were the same and that meant so was her soul. This Shadow person was the same little girl he knew. Shadow peered down; did she really look so different?

“I’m Zeren” He said placing a hand to his chest “This is my mother Tenyé, and my father Tonath” he gave a quick glance back to his parents but his eye were back to Shadow as quickly as they left, as if her were afraid shed disappear is he looked away for too long. 

“Well, isn’t this a surprise-!” Said Tavery injecting himself into the conversation, Shadow almost forgot he was stood there. “a turn of events! Shadow, will you be able to be their watcher knowing this!” Tavery put a hand to his forehead he way a damsel in distress does. He knew, he already knew who these people were. He knew they knew her! What a sly dog thought Shadow, did he hate her that much, to out her in such a place! She knew he wanted her gone, but this was horrible.

“What do you mean ‘watcher’?” asked Tenyé stepping in front of Tonath. 

“Hm?” Tavery said mockingly “oh that. Don’t worry, it’s nothing personal. We just need to ensure all persons are obeying the new quarter rules”

“What new rules?” Echoed Tenyé with a sting to her words.

“Oh right, we forget to telly you” Tavery smile deepened, it looked pure and true which Shadow knew was a lie making her nose twitch “Shadow?”

All eyes were on her now. With all the commotion she’d almost forgotten it was part of her job to rely instructions. She cleared her throat and spoke with a flat mono toned voice the information pouring out of her like a robot “Thorne Guild has now taken and secured quarter 3c. But do not threat, this will be beneficial to you and your families. On work days and school days, households are to awake at 7;30. You must then get ready and leave for work or school. After this is done you are required to return home at 9;30, you must not stop for a talk, you must not go to any clubs, you must retune straight home at this time or else there will be punishments. When you return you must stay in your home until bed which is as 10. On Weekends you are free to awake and sleep when you wish, and retune and leave when you wish however the curfew of 9.30 still applies.  You may make phone call, however these must be documented, time to call, end of call and whom you were talking to. Leaving the quarter is not permitted, if it is absolutely necessary then talk to your watcher about making arrangements, that will also need documenting. This is for your own good I hope we can work together” Shadow sucked in a breath and tuned to Tavery for a satisfied nod but received nothing, then she looked down as Tavery started talking.

“Those new rules” Tavery smirked “They will be enforced from tomorrow.” He pushed himself off of the wall and ran a hand over his short cut hair. “Shadow will return tomorrow also, to ensure all rules are being followed” once again Tavery begun walking out “Come Shadow, for real this time” Shadow skimmed over the faces of her new prisoners then followed after Tavery without a word.

“See you tomorrow Misanna” Said Zeren after she’d gone. He hadn’t been this happy for eight years.


At 7:30 Shadow turned up to Zeren’s front door and knocked. No one answered. Shadow moved the darkness around the doorframe and concentrated it at the hinges and pressed. The hinges broke and the door fell in front of her Shadow walked to the bottom of the stairs.

“Wake up now! It is 7:30, you must wake now!” She was met with silence. With a huff she took out a small silver ball and pressed the little red button which was at the bottom. Then little green lights lit up in random patterns all over the ball. Then the ball began hover allowing Shadow to let go, It projective a count down in the air. 5, 4, 3, 2: Placed two small ear plugs in her ears. 1 Then the ear  splitting chime begun to ring. It made the wooden banister on the stairs shake. The chime went on for no more than 6 seconds until Tenyé stumbled then the stairs followed by Tonath and Zeren.They stood there and Tonath burned stairs into her, he was obviously not a morning person. She glared back then grabbed the ball pressing the little red button at the same time.  The chiming stopped and relief seeped into Tenyé’s face.


“You were informed that you were to wake at 7:30. You were not awake when I arrived” said Shadow cutting Tonath off. “I suggest you get ready for your days’ work so you can leave on time” Shadow crossed her arms and spread her legs, shoulder length part, hoping it made her look powerful. When no one moved Shadows face hardened “Now!” she yelled bring an incline of colour to her cheeks.

“You can’t waltz into our home and demand us around!” Tonath spat the words out as holding them in made him sick.

“Then die!” darkness rose from between the floorboards, it moved up and created two long streams. Then, a moment later, flew up his nose.

Tonath snorted, tripping down the stairs and falling onto the floor.  He tried to suck air in but was stopped. His face was now the colour of tomatoes and he clawed at his throat. Then the darkness slowly started creeping from the corners of his eyes inching its way toward his irises. 

“Stop this!” yelled Tenyé putting her hands to her mouth.

“Misanna, please!” Zeren stood right in front of Shadow looking deep into her eyes. She wasn’t going to kill him at all, just get him in line.

“His defiance isn’t appreciated” Said Shadow “will you promise his cooperation?”

“Yes! Yes! I promise!” Desperation was carved into his face. A moment later Tonath gasped as the darkness flooded away from him.

“Well then, get moving!” Shadow huffed and watched then slowly trot up the stairs.

Both Zeren and Tonath left the house before 9am, leaving Shadow alone with Tenyé. Sitting in their kitchen didn’t make Shadow feel nostalgic as such, but the semi familiar smell washed a calm feeling over her. Shadow was sat at a stool at the table, having wings meant she could never sit on normal chairs without them being crushed.

Tenyé walking around the room franticly cleaning up the plates and glasses from their breakfast earlier. She was shaking and breathed heavily, Shadow couldn’t tell if she angry or scared.

“I don’t want you hurt you or your family, if you just cooperated” Shadow said slicing through the unbearable silence. Tenyé didn’t reply but shot her gaze to Shadow. “It’s my job, my duty to the guild” Tenyé slammed the plates down onto the table.

“It’s your job!” she echoed. Turns out she was angry. “It’s your job your to hurt people, to manipulate people!” Tenyé’s eyes burnt like lasers through Shadow, she could see why Tonath married her, she as was as sharp as a knife.

“We’re not manipulating anyone! We’re here to help!” Shadow stood pushing her hands through the table

“Help? That’s rich! How is anything you’re doing helping us!” 

“Our guild is strong, orderly and we want to shear that. To reward the good and punish wrong”

“How can you think that? You’re not seriously convinced of that are you?” Shadow opened her mouth to talk but nothing came out. Was she convinced? Yes, yes she was, wait, no. Shadows body went stiff and her head begun to ache. “You were kidnapped from your home, made into this beastly, mutated killing machine, and you thing they want to good? I knew people were ignorant, but you’re on a completely different level! You’re completely oblivious!”


“I wasn’t kidnapped; my parents gave me to them!”

To that Tenyé went rigid. “No you were kidnapped” Tenyé lowered herself onto a chair and a sad dreamy expression flooded her face. Shadow half sat half fell on her stool. “Your family and mine were neighbours, you at 43 and us still here at 42. I don’t know what happened prior to this but, it was around 4am.” Tenyé met Shadows gaze and her mouth went dry. She hadn’t spoken or even thought of this for years. Seeing Shadow, Misanna sitting in front of her now, so sad, so broken willed her to keep talking. “When I heard screaming and yelling. Tonath and I went to spy on the commotion, I mean, wouldn’t you? What we saw were vans, red vans the same colour of blood, or roses” She sucked in a breath “and people were dragging you out. Your parents were on the floor being held down by people in suites, and then they dragged you away. Kicking and screaming.”


“Tonath, stop making noise” mumbled Tenyé, still half asleep.

Tonath sat up rubbing his eyes, “It isn’t me” Tonath got out of bed and waddled of the room and descended the stairs.

“Ugh!” Tenyé, now wide awake followed after. When Tenyé reached the bottom of the stairs she saw Tonath staring out of the window, his eyes wide. “What? What is it, what’s going on?” Tenyé pulled back the other curtain and peered out. The darkness of the night had been sliced with orange lights, emanating from the tops of vans the colour of blood. There were men and women, no more than ten, standing around in fighting stances. They all wore suites, bearing the emblem of Throne Guild. Tenyé’s eyes were then drawn across to her neighbours, Lan and Nivta.  A man strode out of their house with a little girl slung over his shoulder. They were taking their daughter. “Tonath do something!” Tenyé said half tapping half punching her husband’s shoulder. 

“What do you want me to do!” Tonath put his arms up in surrender.

“I don’t know! Go and tackle the guy holding Misanna!”

“Are you insane!”

“Well, we can’t stand here and do-

“Mummy, Daddy. Where are those people taking Misanna?” Tonath and Tenyé spun around to see Zeren, peering out of the window behind them.

Just as Tenyé was about to talk, Lan let out an ear splitting scream, drawing their attention.

“No! No don’t take here! Leave her alone!” screamed Lan while being held down by a man, she thrashed and kicked but couldn’t move. Nivta, just clung onto the door frame with tears in her eyes watching her daughter being taken away, knowing it was helpless to fight.  Misanna who was sill crying stopped squirming and just watched in horror, arms still reaching out to her parents as she was dragged away from all she knew and all she loved.

Tenyé snapped the curtains close and peered up at Tonath in anguish. There was a long silence, almost as if they feared talking about the events would make them too real. This was until, dread fell over Zeren and he screamed.


Tenyé’s faced grimaced at remembering how she had done nothing. “I’m so, so sorry” Tenyé’s expression didn’t change, nor did her body move, but the crack in her voice broke Shadow’s soul, and she knew she meant it.

Shadows brain flooded itself in memories. She couldn’t remember any of this. Her head swam, slashing though her thoughts, trying to find the answer but none came. She remember nothing other than waking up on a soft bed surrounded by smiling faces, telling her she was family now. Shadow could have been lost in her thoughts forever, until she felt something drop onto her hand. She looked down to see a drop of water sitting there. She reached up and touched her face, her fingers traced her cheeks and her nose and she realised she was crying. She wiped her face looking at the back of her damp hands when she finished, she didn’t even feel sad, she couldn’t remember any of this, why was she crying.

“I’m leaving” said Shadow standing abruptly, dismissing the ‘moment’ they could have had. Tenyé said noting, she just nodded. Shadow marched to the door. “I will return at 9:29, to ensure the follow and being… ruled” Shadow didn’t bother correcting herself, Tenyé again just nodded, and Shadow slipped away.


  The air outside didn’t calm Shadows nerves as she thought it would. Although it hadn’t even reached noon the sun burnt her skin and left beads of sweat on her forehead. Everything she knew, or thought she knew had been turned on its head. Her mind told her she couldn’t trust Tenyé she’d only just met her after all, but her heart screamed something different. Shadow took a steady breath in, bent her legs and closed her eyes. Her whole body tensed and with a slight movement in her shoulder blades her wings spread out to her sides. She exhaled and smacked her wings together while springing off the ground with her legs, and sored into the air.

The Lysendra house got smaller and smaller until it was impossible to pick out in the maze of houses. And the air, while still burning, now felt amazing. The warmness waved itself though the ebony black feathers of her wings, sending bolts of life through her. Just before reaching cloud level she stopped her upward ascend and hung suspended in the air. She wings working hard to keep her there. She spread her arms and breathed in and out, in and out letting the oxygen fill her lungs. The clouds had moved from their original places and were now swirling in beautiful patterns above her. Shadow was lost in it all, how fresh the air was, how the burning sun bring life to her dull skin, and she thought she could just stay there, forever; with no prisoners, no worries and no guild.



Chapter 2


Zeren’s class was silent. Fridays usually came with smiles, cheers and relief, but not this time. Their home teacher had a green tin to her skin, and her usually stern brow eyes were as hollow as death itself. Looking around at his classmates it seemed they also were hollow inside, they had their hands knotted under their desk and their eyes were staring into nothingness, and it occurred to him that their meeting with their watchers from Thorne guild could have been much more horrible than his. Yes, Shadow did string him and his father up in the air by their necks but, it was Misanna, she was back and seeing her gave him more hope than he had in years.

The rest of his morning classes were the same, full of blank expressions and terrified shaking. When the bell indicating break finally rang no one but Zeren appeared to have cared.  He grabbed his jacket and left the classroom and begun making his way to upper school common, which was just a big room full of table and chairs for the students to use. He rounded the corner and ran into Aezlee. Her eyes brightened and she looked as if someone had flooded her with 100 bolts of lightning.When Misanna was taken Zeren was alone, he had no other friends because, when Misanna was here, he didn’t need any one else. It was just her, her love and him. She was his best friend and they even got married in front of the apple tree in his back garden when he was 8 and she was 7, and when she was taken, he was heartbroken, his one and only friend, gone. He’d felt like a part of him was missing and could never be filled, and although Aezlee wasn’t Misanna, she helped him. She didn’t help him heal no one could, but she helped him forget the pain he felt and helped him focus on the good in his life. Without her, who knows what Zeren would’ve become?

“Zeren! I was- I mean- I can’t believe-” She recoiled taking in a deep breath “How are you?” she stared up at him, normally this simple question required a simple answer of ‘I’m fine’, but not her, not Aezlee, she actually wanted to know how he was. And for that Zeren was grateful.

Zeren smiled warmly letting all the tension dissolve from, his body. “I’m not bad, I guess.” He swiped a hand though his hair and sighed “How about you?” He leaned on the wall, happy for the support it gave him. Aezlee’s shoulders drooped, and her gaze dropped to the floor. Zeren stood a little straighter “what is it?” he asked

“People from the Thorne guild came to my house, Jaymes fought them” tears begun to swell up in her eyes “the people surrounded him and then they vanished.” Zeren examined her face. Jaymes and Luna adopted her and her brother, Rolf a little over 6 years ago, so this look, these tears, weren’t from sadness as such, they were from guilt. She felt guilty, as if this were all somehow her fault. She always done this, she’s so kind and loving and always putting others above herself, but she always thought if something went wrong not matter how small it was her fault, she’d take the blame for the Massacre of the Endowed People of 70/13/107 if she could.

“Aezlee, I’m so sorry” Zeren let his jacket fall to the floor.

“This is all my fault, if they hadn’t adopted me Jaymes wouldn’t have fought to protect us” the swells of tears were now falling in thin stream down her face.

Zeren grabbed her arm and pulled her into a hug. He wrapped his arms around her in a protective embrace and rested his cheek on the top of her head. “Aezlee, he didn’t do that out of duty, he did that because he loves you. He done what any loving father would have, to protect his children” He tightened his grip ever so slightly. She started to slowly move her hand up as if she felt she didn’t deserve this hug, but couldn’t resist.  But he didn’t let go of her and she eventually gave in, throwing her arms up around his neck pulling herself up, standing on her tiptoes. She buried her face into his shoulder and sobbed. She couldn’t remember when exactly, but somewhere along the way, she longed more and more for his embrace, somewhere along the way, she’d fallen in love with him.

The rest of the day was a bore, full melancholy faces and unmotivated speeches.  The school hallways, which usually buzzed with life was now filled with zombies, walking from room to room with no sense of urgency. Everyone was terrified, scared to even talk, scared to show emotions, scared that Thorne guild was watching them ready to pounce on them if they did anything wrong.

The end of the day bell rang and Zeren’s nerves hummed. When he got home, Misanna would be there, waiting for him. There was so much, too much stuff which he wanted to talk about. He wanted to tell her how he missed her, how he’d been so lost and empty all these years without her. He wanted to ask her about the weather, or if she still loved cats. He wanted to discuss the relationship between bread and butter, hell; he wanted to talk about how slowly paint dried! He wanted to talk about everything and nothing at the same time, he just wanted her.

His ‘walk’ home was more like a sprint home, and the normally 15-minute walk felt like an eternity. He mulled over millions of conversation starters: ‘so the guild, did it have good food?’ ‘Do you remember the apple tree in my back yard?’ He had practice conversations with her in his head, but he knew that when he was face to face with her, he’d probably freeze.



Chapter 3


Shadow, now back from her flight, sat in the kitchen looking around awkwardly. This kitchen was so different from the one at the guild. It was full of random trinkets.  The floor was a dark wooden colour, a complete contrast to the honey bronze colour of the kitchen table.  Next to the sink sat a little chicken which Shadow suspected to be made from china, it had little red wings sticking up it appeared to be a ring holder for washing up, or maybe it was a jar of some kind, either way it didn’t fit with the style of the rest of the kitchen, but then again, it seemed nothing fit in this kitchen. Since Shadow returned Tenyé had been cleaning. She cleaned the walls in the hallway, she hoovered the carpet in the living room, she didn’t stop moving. She moved around like a little bee, buzzing from room to room trying to complete her never ending job of cleaning.  The tension earlier had dissolved but was replaced with uncertainty, it was clear to shadow that Tenyé wanted to continue their talk and Shadow had some questions of her own, but none of them knew what to say to one another or how to start a conversation.

Across the room Shadow saw a cleaning rag and some glass cleaner sitting on the counter top. Shadow crossed the room and picked them up, the squeeze bottle held some kind of blue-greed liquid with tiny white bubbles lying on top and the rag was a horrible dingy yellow, like the colour of mustered. Shadow griped the cleaning supplies in her hands and walked out into the hall where she saw Tenyé in the living room dusting some sheaves.  Shadow straightened her back and crossed the living room to the glass coffee table in front of the sofa. Tenyé had stopped dusting and was now gawking at her. Shadow, not meeting Tenyé’s eyes kneeled down, sprayed the table and began wiping in circular motions.

“I thought I’d help you” said Shadow not daring to look up from her work

“Thank you” replied Tenyé, she began dusting again and they were both silent.



Submitted: July 14, 2016

© Copyright 2021 Jay Leo. All rights reserved.

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