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When a young girl awakens in a swamp, walking back into a town that was once her home driven into chaos and destruction, Finding out her biggest fears had come true.

Submitted: July 14, 2016

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Submitted: July 14, 2016



As she wakes up in the shallow water beds of the swamp, hazy flash backs of things that seemed to be nightmare. She runs, looking for anyone familiar to figure out what happened. Heading back towards town she stops and appears to have a standoff with the seemingly deserted town.

Wide eyed at the desecrated buildings and streets; she looks through dust ridden windows checking for any sign of life. Suddenly, hands hitting the window throws her back. With a racing heart she stands and walks towards the window. Those hands. Getting closer to examine these hands with vein protruding skin, long grotesque fingers with wolf like nails pressed against the glass.

Through winced eyes she focuses on a face. As the face of this creature moves from the shadows into the light, she notices the blood shot eyes with dark pupils, vampire like teeth, a face covered in scars. This was something she had never seen before, except in horror movies. Could this be real? she thought.

A sudden familiarity struck about this creature but she couldnt understand why. The shimmering of something had hit her eyes and she turns her head, raising her hands to help block the bright light. Her sight begins to focus on the creatures arm. A bracelet! Her face fills with disbelief. This bracelet belonged to her bestfriend. How could this be? she quivered. How could she allow her bestfriend to become this thing?How could she save him? Why was I saved? she thought. She steps back in fear and confusion and darts off. As she runs she begin to see al the people she had once known turned into these monsters, all lurking in the shadows.

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