Pink age

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Submitted: July 18, 2016

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Submitted: July 18, 2016



Chapter 3.

 Me and Oscar started dating one week after we've been to an open air concert, where he kissed me under the sky  full of beautiful lanterns. So the story started here: I was acting like I am the best ever girlfriend. Brain f**k about parties and girl friends was a total taboo. His hobbies were my hobbies. His friends were my friends. Sometimes what you love most kills you unexpectedly.  And he murdered me for the first time on the second week of our perfect relationship. 

-Carrie, I have to tell you something important. Please, don't blame me.


-I cheated on you yesterday.. I don't know how it happened, I was drunk at Cole's party and she came and kissed me and tried to continue. But I.....

-Enough. Sorry, we don't need to talk anymore.

-Can we stay just friends? It's stupid to swear for more, but please give me a chance?

-No. Oscar, I really liked you. Would you still trust me if I did the same?

-.... .


 My pain had no ending. Noah was ready to kill me, and took me a bottle of red dry wine she stole from her father's collection. "He wouldn't mind the lack, but for you it's like a medicine. My father is a doctor and he must understand."  - I loved Noah for her friendship.

 We drunk already a half of bottle and George called me to come for a party at Philip's house. My drunk side and Noah told me to go, but my sober side said: "  You hadn't had sufficient troubles in your life? " . I took a risk and called a taxi to take me to Philip's house. I hoped to see Oscar there so much.. hmm, better said, my drunk side hoped so. And he was.

 As I entered I hugged George, and took the nearest bottle of whiskey. Ha, getting more drunk was my only whisk for the party. While I was showing up my force of a drinking horse, Oscar came and said to me: "Carrie. Don't drink, this is not your style to be." And I replied on the worst note "Yes it is, and it`s not your business anymore, so fuck you".

 Till then he considered me to be a good girl who doesn`t do shit. Well, I shattered the myth about that girl. I got really drunk: nearly fell down from the 4th floor, dropped down to the toilet some girls iphone and then picked it up like nothing happened, smoke some hookah, and then started to dance on the table till I felt my head hitting the light bulb . I lost my consciousness, Oscar and George took me to the bedroom. O. kissed my forehead and told me to sleep. Noah came near to watch my sleep so I won't create any troubles there. Naive.

Sleeping at the parties? HA-HA, I've never heard a story more funnier than this. The light from hell blinked in my head,  I immediately woke up and started screaming: "Bad girls party, bad girls don't sleep", I think I amused everybody there.  

After I got better Noah called a taxi and we went home. It was a big shame for me to act like that, I had no idea what to say when Oscar called me latter.

 That night he called me to ask me how i feel. We talked 3 or 4 hours on the phone. He also mentioned that I broke a cup from hookah. I proposed to buy one, and the next day we went to the Tabaco SHOP to buy one. After we bought it, we went to the nearest park and sat down on a bench hidden in the middle of the wooded part. We were laughing and remembering the day of yesterday, when suddenly he kissed me so hard and passionate. I felt that he still likes me, the taste of his lips was so good, i wanted to kiss them for a while. But i didn`t replied anything. He said "I thought you are one of that boring girls, that are acting like good girls to catch a guys attention. But you`re not like this and it makes me cheerful. You are a little sunshine Carrie. Now I can see the real you." . This words made me completely lose my mind. And only a stupid as me could say: " What now ? we are back a couple? ".

"Carrie, you know - I am not ready yet for strong relationships. Can we stay friends like now and let the time choose what happens next?  I love spending time with you, talking with you. I am totally confused with my feelings. "


 Me and Oscar became "best friends" from that day. He called me best friend and I called it "friend zone". This feeling is really insulting, when you are the friendzoned one.  By the way, he took me to all his parties and got really well with my mother. I spent the most colorful summer in my life. Pink age summer. I call the age of 15- 16 years "pink" because in this period you still have those pink glasses on your eyes and can't realize the severity of life.  

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