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Charlotte West, a sixteen year-old high school student, experiences one of her biggest fears and pressure from her friends.

Submitted: July 14, 2016

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Submitted: July 14, 2016



Unable to find the right words I remained behind the lockers, viewing him from a distance. I was practically invisible to Aron, even if I wasn't hiding.

My best friend Alice finished brushing her hair and closed her locker. I failed to recognize that she had stepped out into plain view.

"Hey, Aron!" she shouted. I retreated from my position to hide before he turned around and started walking to her. "What's up?" he greeted. Trying to sneak away, I accidentally knocked over my violin case that was on the ground. Unfortunately, it caused a loud echo that ran through the halls.
Everybody was staring at me, including Aron. I felt like the only option was to crawl in a hole, but being on the second floor, I knew that was impossible.

Luckily I was saved by the bell. Everyone ran to class while Alice stayed to help me pick up my violin. "You okay?" she asked, knowing I just faced one of my biggest fears. I nodded and smiled, but she did not buy it.

Alice knew me for too long to be fooled by my fake smiles. It was either that or the fact that I started stroking my braid harshly. She stopped me before I pulled it out of my head, and dragged me to our class.
Remembering all the stares distracted me from science class. I began doodling on my notebook, which was a bad idea since it was againist the rules. Luckily, I was given a warning instead of detention.

Class ended and I hardly remembered what we went over. Alice gave me her notes, but I couldn't read her cursive. I was unable to give it back before she ran off with her boyfriend.

"Hey Melonie." Our friend Luna greeted from behind me. I turned around and gave her a glare. She realized what she had just done. "Oh. Sorry Charlotte." Still slightly mad, I smiled at her. Nobody calls me Melonie in public.

"I still don't know why you hate it." There are tons of reasons why I dislike the name, and that is why I won't list them. As we walked to our lockers, we started talking about the neighborhood party on Saturday.

"So," Luna spoke. "Are you going to ask Aron?". She gave me a weird smiled as she opened her locker. "Ask Aron what?" I questioned.

"If he wants to go to the party with you." I didn't say anything to her. "Come on, this could be your chance to spend some time with him. I heard there's a special room in Burg's house for privacy."
"First of all, we're sixteen. Our parents would have a cow if we did that. Second, I'm going with my actual boyfriend." I told her. She scoffed at me.

"Yeah, like Allen would dare go out in public." she said as she started pulling books out of her locker and setting them on the floor. "Maybe bringing him in public is a bad idea, but not when he's with me." I slammed my locker.

Luna finished reorganizing her locker and closed the door. "Beth didn't like what you did?" I asked her and she looked at me exhausted. "She kept yelling at me." I said nothing and we started walking to gym.

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