Unreal - The Immortal Legacy Series-Book One

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Annemarie Fuller was just another small town Midwestern girl with a family she loved, a job she was good at, and an independent streak a mile long. She had been working as a family counselor for the cemetery just a few months when out of the blue two gorgeous men, Alexander Leventis and Darius Nemein, waltzed into her life causing enormous amounts of drool and chaos. Unable to resist their charms Annemarie found herself submerged into an ages old conflict of grief and pain that was not her own yet in the end it would be she not they who paid the ultimate price. For these men were immortal warriors from ancient Persia fighting a battle of blame, guilt, anger, and grief down through the millennia fighting war after war with the world and each other attempting in every way to end the torment of everlasting life to no avail. Until the day they meet Annemarie and their lives are forever changed. After centuries of blood and slaughter it would take a small town Indiana woman to set them straight.
Unreal, book one of the Immortal Legacy series, tells the story of a compassionate young woman and the two immortal men who stole her heart. The concept of immortality is portrayed in this series as a genetic trait that upon the death of its carrier restores life and limb. Unreal sets the stage for the series introducing the concept of immortality as genetic, while playing off of true historical concepts such as the Greco-Persian wars and the Persian King Xerxes’ “immortal” guard of ten-thousand men. Unreal is set in the Midwestern college town of Bloomington, Indiana, but ventures forth into Charleston, South Carolina during important climactic scenes. As the series progresses further details of the character’s lives and immortality are revealed. Book two, Unearthed, touches on topics of vampirism as a virus, archeology, and the Moche peoples of Peru. Book three, Unchanged, introduces shape-shifters, set in the state of Wyoming and the Scottish Highlands. Book four, Unholy, set in Rome, Italy explains the genetic origins of immortals, shape-shifters, and vampires through the interrelations of gods and angels with humans and the angelic assassins tasked with wiping them from the face of the earth.

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Submitted: July 14, 2016

Unreal - The Immortal Legacy Series - Book One - Chapter One - Book Preview

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