Chalice Bearers

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Chalice Bearers Dormitory is known throughout the lands as one of the most best places to live under when studying in college. Not only are the facilities complete but the students who are accepted are limited. Only sixty beings are housed in this vast campus.

The dormitory also has instructors of its own, helping the students succeed in their respective courses and, at the same time, training them in various fields like first-aid and combat. The students are divided into two groups; the Golds and Silvers. Golds consist of 40 students, all being humans, and are taught in the day time. The Silvers, on the other hand, take up the night classes.

The twenty Silvers are not what they seem to be. They are beings known only to exist in fantasy and myths. Though they look like any other human in that realm, once darkness shrouds the campus, their true forms are shown. In this dormitory, they will be taught how to strengthen their abilities and learn to live in harmony mixed with other beings.

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New Beginning

Submitted: July 14, 2016

This is taken by Morgan Abrelin's POV Read Chapter