An Open Letter To My Father

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Black Lives Matter?

Submitted: July 14, 2016

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Submitted: July 14, 2016



Dear Daddy,


I am afraid. What will I do when they come for me? They are killing us, Daddy. In routine traffic stops, in jail, and  on the street corners. Even our homes. What do I do? Where do I go when my home is at war? Daddy, they told me not to wear a hoodie, so I threw the ones you bought me for my birthday this year away. I hoped that would take the target off of me. I don’t play with toy guns either, I know I’m still little, but they got a little boy who looked just like me for that. I try to be brave, Dad. I really really try. If I see them come for me, should I run? They kill us for running too; should I walk instead? Daddy...what if they come for you? What will I do then? Mommy says they make fun of us for being why do they take our daddies away? I don’t wear hoodies or play with toy guns, and I don’t run away. But I need you to be okay, Daddy. So here are some tips for you when you are away:


1.Don’t look intimidating.

(I know you’re over 6 ft with dark skin but try, okay?)

2. No hoodies.

(I won’t wear them either.)

3. I know he said you could sell CD’s in front of his store but don’t.

(I think that makes them upset)

 4. Don’t walk to your house.

(if you have to, sneak in the shadows without being seen)

5. Don’t play our favorite song too loud

(Then they can see you)

6. Don’t carry a wallet

(Definitely don’t reach for it)


7. If you have a permit for your gun, don’t show them

(Remain still.)


8. Don’t move

(even if you do...they still might be angry)


9. Don’t breathe or be black


Mommy cried at the t.v. today. She says, “Black Lives Matter” but I don’t think they do. Lila across the street got upset at that statement and told Mommy, “All Lives Matter”. Mommy explained to be that Lila is right. But saying “Black Lives Matter” doesn’t mean she doesn’t think all lives matter, it’s just our people are in trouble. I still didn’t understand her, I’m just a little boy after all. But then she gave me an example. Mommy said, “If my house is on fire and nobody else's is, and they ignore it- I have the right to say ‘Hey! My house matters!’ It doesn’t mean theirs don’ just means mine needs to be saved.” And now I know why she cries. Our house is on fire.

Daddy...keep this letter with you at all times okay? Maybe they’ll know to spare you because you have a little boy at home waiting on you. Or maybe they’ll shoot you while I’m in the back seat.


Please you make it home.




Your Biggest Fan, Your son.

In Loving Memory of the Fallen Carriers of More Melanin.

© Copyright 2018 Donielle Mikel. All rights reserved.

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