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This is what happens when a "friend" is honest, opens up and in the process makes you see things that you were neglecting.

Submitted: July 15, 2016

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Submitted: July 15, 2016



Tomorrow this feeling will be gone…


What will be gone? She asks.



What I feel right now, it all makes sense. All the complicated feelings make sense.



What are they?



DO you really want to know? He asks.



Tell me. Please. She mutters.





Thank you, he says in a soft manner.




For what?, she questions.



For everything,  Yuli.




What do you mean? She says.





I mean… he pauses. 







Thank you for making me understand more of  everything around me.


My  feelings, emotions, and reasons that life comes to be the way  that it is, and  that I tend to ignore.


I have been living life spending energy in the future and analyzing the past without knowing that what is truly important is what keeps me alive in the present.


What do you mean, she says surprised




You are the key, he looks into her eyes.



You make me realize that I am ignoring my fundamental needs. He looks at her slightly and looks down to the floor.


I am taking them for granted, just like the air that we breath. We do not think about it because its instinctive but if you don’t breath the air, you die. You die  because you don’t have oxygen. Air is all around us, completely covering us  abundantly as basic ingredient to sustain our biolofical makeup yet,  our eyes are not able to see it. He continues..



YULI, you make me see something deeper, something I had not explored which my eyes and could not notice


Just like air, our inside needs something soo basic that makes us want to live, get up everyday and want to live another day, for what purpose? For none, just simply, because.



Its love. Like air, invisible to the human eye, but very much there.


Present in every moment from the moment we get up every morning and we decide to get out of bed because we love our bodies and our lives even if we are sad or happy. We  need to be dynamic somehow. It springs to the desires of doing something more. He says.


The love that surrounds us from within and from outside. The love that is directed from humans who need to love to live, he pauses.


Sometimes our love misses the target and hits  another being and still love, they will love the ones that accidently they hit with their love. Drawn  by the force of pure love. 



Yuli, love comes in all directions and from all places. Hitting you all the time. Left, right up , down, past, present or the possibility of the future., . sometimes you see it, and sometimes you don’t.. nonetheless its there, very much alive.


Like your love. I did not expect to see it. He looks into her eyes


 Your friendship, your concern and care.


It was soo deep and passionate, perhaps misdirected or maybe not. It dosnt matter.



However, I could not ignore it. It struck right through me. Inhibiting me from feeling or thingking and passing everything around me.


I felt so real, so alive. I was struck with love, no matter wherever it came, it was love. Thank you. I didn not see it, but I felt it, and realized it was always there. I cant believe I couldn’t see it.



But we are all blind. Until we can see. You were my glasses.



Thank you Amy. 

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