A good night and an assurance

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Submitted: July 15, 2016

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Submitted: July 15, 2016



Study swiftly sweet student so 
stress may succumb
and you may become 
soaked in a sweet,
silent slumber and
steal your spectacular self 
from the star-splattered splendour
of the sun-starved sky


somehow storms linger.
staring sombrely straight, 
slightly seared,
slightly scared,
slightly sedated, 
into one's heart.
still scrarching,
still sneering,
somehow still stowed somewhere safe
such that no harm shall escape.

but these storms are covered with white, beautiful snow,
snaring any harm brave enough to attempt an escape.
What is this white, beautiful snow?
It is my love for you.

My love that strictly shatters all doubt and fear.
That gives strenght and speed and removes all trace of sorrow.
That never abandons
never slightly sets off from it's set path.

My love is my assurance.
It is the white, beautiful snow that covers your heart.

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