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Submitted: July 15, 2016

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Submitted: July 15, 2016



Mr. Kamalkant came in classroom in cheerful mood. Throwing a broad smile towards students he said, “very good morning everybody.” It was unexpected to each and every student of the class because everybody in the university was used to see him in serious mood every time. He used to come in classrooms silently without saying any single word to any student and without wasting any time he came straight to the topic on which the lecture was to be given.

Today he was not in such a serious mood. He cancelled the class. He found himself unable to concentrate on teaching and taking a leave for half day he return to his cottage.

After returning from the college he ate the lunch and went straight to his study room. He eagerly turned on his laptop to search his email. He got excited finding that she again sent him a mail. In the mail she praised his recently published article. She also requested a brief meeting with him.  She was one of his fans named Smita. She always sent him mails whenever his article, stories or novels published.

Mr. Kamalkant was a famous author and professor in a prestigious university. He was a scholar of English literature. Inspite of having a deep knowledge of his subject he was not famous among students and other professors because of his serious and plain nature. He liked to remain in his own world.  


After reading her email he made a glass of wine and lying on an armchair began to sip it. He was feeling satisfaction. His mind began to calm down and within a few minutes he began to think about Smita’s request of meeting.  Smita’s face came into his mind; a beautiful face; blue eyes and sharp features. He smiled and thought why he should meet her. He had thousands of fans who read his literature and praised him but no one requested him again and again for a meeting. Smita had already sent him her photograph in an email. He liked her face. Beautiful faces were his weakness. He finished his wine and thought why she wanted to meet him. Perhaps she wanted to take autographs or to praise him face to face or she wanted to take guidance. He must meet her he thought.

After attaining a position in the society and spending so many years in aloneness he was desirous of leaving his seclusion. But it was too late he had already crossed the age which was considered to be suitable for love and marriage. In addition some complexes and problems had developed in him because of his being a bachelor and alone for such a long time. These complexes prevented him from going closer to others and put him in the dilemma.

That day he could not focus himself on his writing. Those days he was writing a novel. At night he was remembering his old days lying on the bed. He was an innocent child in his childhood. He used to play alone with his toys; not interested in making friends or talking much with any child or adult. This problem increased with the age. In adolescent too he did not take interest in making social relationship with others. He was like a secluded island in the ocean where nobody lives and nobody goes. To the boys and girls of his age, he was selfish and arrogant boy who don’t like to talk with them.

He was a lean guy and his looks were not such as likes by girls. Actually he had no good personality. His appearance was below the average.

In college life he took interest in one or two girls. That interest could not turn into friendship or love partly because of his bad personality and partly because of his introvert nature. There was hollowness in his life due to lack of social life. To fill this hollowness he began to take interest in literature. Soon books written by great authors became his friends. He spent hours in reading these books. Gradually an idea of becoming an author came into his mind. After college education he was appointed as lecturer in college. After becoming lecturer he did nothing but began to spend his days and nights only in teaching and writing. There was no space for other things in his life. Soon his first book was published which attracted the attention of readers and publishers. His second book established him as a successful writer. Although he became successful writer but still he had no one in his life to remove aloneness from his life. He was so absorbed in his works that idea of getting married never came in his mind.

But man can’t live without social relations. Soon he began to feel the need of someone in life. Although he had many fans, he was alone in this personal life.

After a sleepless night the morning came with his decision of meeting with her.

Smita was an attractive woman. She was a teacher in a high school. She was found of reading novels. She was a widow. After death of her husband, who was an army officer, she was living solitary life along with the sweet memories of her husband. In spare time she liked literature.  There was no one to fill the space left by her husband. She was impressed with Kamalkant’s writing style, topics and ideas. Being impressed she decided to meet with him and sent request by emails to him. She was happy that her request was accepted. She sent him an email inviting him to her home for meeting.

He reached her home by his car. He knocked at the door. She opened the door with a mild smile on her face.

He said, “Hello, I am Kamalkant.”

 She said, “Oh, you are most welcome to my home. Please come in.”

He went with her in drawing room where she offered him an armchair to it down. He sat down and looked at her and smiled with simplicity. He was in indecision on what to speak and how to act to this gentle lady who was an admirer of his works. For the first time in his life he was meeting with a woman.

She initiated the conversation by saying, “I have read your all novels. I liked them. Especially I liked your novel ‘The Artist’ I think it is a masterpiece. In this novel I l liked the way you depicted the life, thinking and the problems of an artist. Your novel ‘the doctor’ described the life, ideals and achievements of an ideal doctor. I liked it.”

He remained silent. She continued saying, “I am impressed with your writing style.”

He said, “Have you read my recently published story collection?”

She replied, “No, I haven’t but I am going to buy it.”

He said, “I hope you would like it.” He remained silent for some moments. She was looking at him. He said with hesitation, “Well, if you don’t mind tell me something about you.”

She, “oh, sorry, I forgot to give my introduction to you.” And she gave him her introduction. They talk for a long time in their first meeting. After this meeting, he returned to home and got busy in writing. Sometimes in his free time he thought about her. Gradually he felt an attachment to her. Several times an idea of meeting with her again came into his mind but he had not such guts and he also had not a time.

That day she found him in the market. He recognised her from a distant. He waved his hands towards her to attract her attention. Seeing him she smiled and move towards him. “Hi, how are you?” he asked her with familiarity. “I am fine. What about you?”

 “I am fine.” He was pleased to find an opportunity for meeting with her.

 He requested her, “Would you like to have tea in cafe.”

She accepted his offer. They went in a cafe. They talked for a long time.

After meeting he returned home. He was cheered with this meeting. For the first time in his life he talked for such a long time with either sex. For Smita after death of her husband, for the first time she took interest in any man.

A strong desire of coming out of his seclusion took birth in his mind and heart. He thought why was he living in such an alone plight. He had everything in his life. A strong tide of giving to someone love and caring and getting love and caring from someone surged in his heart. But he was still in dilemma. Several questions were arising in his mind. Whether she would accept him or not? Is his attraction or love is morally right? Will she be happy with him or not. Is he ready for this new relation? All these type of questions put him in dilemma.

One day when he was going towards university a car hit him. He was seriously injured an accident.

When he opened his eyes in a hospital he found himself wrapped with bandages. His left hand was fractured. He was alone in the ward of hospital. He was alone and nobody was to take care of him.

When smita came to known about his accident she reached the hospital to look him.

Two days after the accident, Kamalkant was lying on the bed in the ward. Somebody knocked on the door. He replied, “Come in.”

The door opened and to his pleasure and surprise Smita was standing before him. She came near to him saying, “How did it happen?”

He replied, “A car knocked me on the way to university.”

She said, ‘How bad.”

After some moments she said, “Have you anybody to look after you?”

He asked, “Unfortunately no one except a nurse.”

She said, “Don’t feel yourself alone. I am with you.”

That day he was discharged from the hospital. She looked after him till he recovered from the injuries. During these days they came closer to each other. He was impressed with how she helped him at the time when he needed someone’s help.

One day he said to her, “I am thankful to you for help you give me when I was injured.”

She replied, “No need for thanks. There should be no thanks between friends.”

Looking at her he said, “If you don’t mind, I want to say something to you.”

She said eagerly, “yes please.”

He said, “May you be more than a friend to me?”

She looked at him with a question in her eyes and asked, “What do you mean.”

 He explained, “Look, you and I are alone. We have no one to care about in old age. We know each other very well and I love you very much. I don’t know whether you love me or not. I want to marry you.”

She was looking at him with surprise. She did not know what to say at his proposal.

He said, “Please give me answer.”

She said, “As you know I am a widow. Before meeting with you I never thought about another man except my late husband. Even after his death I thought on one could take his place in my life. I never thought of marriage again.” She remained silent for a while and said, “Then I read novels and stories written by you and I liked it very much and a desire to meet with you as a fan came into me. At very first meeting I liked you. But this like could not turn into love because I thought perhaps you would not like to love a widow. When I heard about your accident I couldn’t prevent myself and came forward to help you.”

Kamalkant said, “You too like me. Your love is like a spring after long winter. Like a cool stream of water in desert. The warmth of love will melt the snow of sorrows of our life. Let me come in your life.”

She looked at him and smiled with shyness and put her head on his shoulder and said, “I love you and I wish to come in your life.”

And within a few days he married her.


© Copyright 2018 Sumit Kumar Arora. All rights reserved.

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