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Submitted: July 16, 2016

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Submitted: July 16, 2016



After having tea
with her parents
and watching TV
and a load of questions

from her father
in Polishly English
and none from her mother
who spoke little English

but frowned at me throughout
as if I had made
some rude suggestion
Sophia walked me

to the front door
and we stood there
looking out
at the night sky

moon and stars
sorry about that
she said
Daddy has my best

interests at heart
I suppose
I smiled
yes of course

(a bit late
as we had had sex
a few times
unknown to them

once in her parents' bed)
I understand
I said
I'd be the same

with my daughter
if she were going out
with me
she laughed

then put a hand
to her mouth
in case her parents thought
I was tickling her

when can I see you again?
I said
at work I suppose
she said

apart from work?
I said
she looked back indoors
in case her father was there

beady eyed
I'll see when I can
find out if they

are out sometime
she said
what about the neighbours?
I said

they almost got you
in trouble that time
they told your dad
we came in alone

I hate that
she said
spies everywhere
peeking through gaps

in the expensive curtains
have to come
in cover of darkness
I said

she smiled
I wish they'd go away
for a weekend some place
she said

some Polish friends thing
or some religious
meeting in London
must go

I said
and kissed her lips
we held it there
then parted

in case her father
wondered what we
were doing
and came out to spy

see you
I said
and kissed her again
and walked off

in the dark and night air
looking back
and giving her a stare
standing there.

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