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How does humanity find peace? How is it reached? The world is slowly collapsing, crumbling into small pieces, it dying, rotting. Help me, help people understand something wrong.... The world is sight taking, amazing, everything we have. Don't loose it...

Submitted: July 16, 2016

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Submitted: July 16, 2016






-Dedicated to my dearest friends and readers...


Sometimes two people who are friends, go different ways. Their minds change. Their hearts go somewhere else. Friendship has to be cherished, saved. But it’s a challenge, many times people want to tread another path, to burn some bridges. 

Friends, are there for you. They know your story better than anyone. They hold your hand, they don’t turn their backs, even if they hear the truth. They try to sort things out. Minds aren’t the same. They are meant to be different. To have something different from the others. Sometimes friends don’t except you for what you think. Your hearts aren’t the same. But human beings help friends understand who they are, what they think, how they think. Your mind makes you, you…

Minds make mistakes. Friends make mistakes. But there is no wrong, or innocent person in the mistake. They both did something wrong, which lead to disasters. Hopes go the wrong way. Minds get poisoned, by anger, madness. The whole friendship is wrong, its all messed up. Thats what people think. Humans wake up the next day and think it all over. Pain helps human kind understand what’s wrong. They understand the whole truth. So dear reader, don’t let your mind grab your soul. Think it over. And you: “My apology person” lets call it that. Understand. We made mistakes in that fateful… “Life step” I’m gonna call it that. I hope you take this as MY apology. Writing this is easier for me, because… Well because I don’t have do fall in tears in front of you… I’m just a random person, not as good or bad as anyone else in the world. I also have to say that what happened in the “Bastille day” made me shed into tears. After the UEFA, I loved France. I loved the players they had. My world turned upside down. I missed that sport. My mind changed, it turned upside down. It’s still that way. I’m trying to put the puzzle. Now it’s all mixed up. I’m sorry for drifting away, but I have to say something to you all readers: “Don’t give up to the world that is attacking. Don’t give your hopes up… Never.  To you all people who lost their family or friends, I hand you my heart. It’s all yours. May they rest in peace. Your cries have been heard. I understand your pain. You, my dear reader, I hope will do the same. Think deeply about the pain that poisoned people’s hearts. I hope to have peace, in the world. I don’t want to see the tragical happenings in the world, that cause hearts to tremble. So I say this to you, Isis: “Peace its not a noun, it’s not a verb. It’s a feeling. A feeling that covers your heart. What you do to the world isn’t gonna reach a point. The countries will try so hard, we will all reach friendship with other countries. We will be a part, that will fight…

Dear reader if you think I drifted from one topic to another, you are right. Minds are poisoned, by greed, anger, madness. I hope you will join me, or agree with me. Peace will be reached one day. War it’s a part of the world that will be understood one day. My last words, my dearest reader: “Minds are your soul, don’t loose them. Control it. Human beings shout this out: “PEACE IS COMING!”  



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