Little Juju

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A little magic boy here to spread some joy and heal all pain for the sick and scared.

Submitted: July 16, 2016

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Submitted: July 16, 2016



A long time ago there was a mysterious and legendary hero, the great JuJu is what they called him. He was of course just a rumor to most people, a story that would be told to kids to put them to sleep. Well in this tale i will tell you the truth he is as real as you and I. The great Juju wont come out for anything or anybody though he only seeks at those who really need help. Maybe your sick in bed and want to recover faster? Or maybe your car is stuck in the middle of know where? Or maybe their is that bully who has been bothering you for a long time and you want someone to stick up to him. Juju can do all these things, but how when where does he show up? Lets find out together shall we.
Hack! Choke! Achew! The sound of coughing and sneezing fill the local hospital in downtown New Jersey. Plenty of sick children and adults all lay in bed wishing they could be outside in the bright yellow sun, but instead feel terrible and have to stay in bed. OWWW my head screams one patient, oww my chest screams another. When will this pain go away? In comes the doctor ready with medicine and hospital food. Apple sauce again? says a little kid. Its good for you and will help you recover says the doctor. The child does as she is told and continues to stare out the window. She slowly watches other kids out with their parents enjoying themselves and laughing. When will that be me she wonders out loud. 
The day goes on and it is now night time. The bright yellow sun is now replaced with a bright shinning moon. Some patients are fast asleep in the night, others trying to sleep. One little patient is not doing either. She is still staring into the sky. The light from the shinning moon shows a frown on her small face. I just want to play someday the child says. She then lays down on the bed and pulls the covers over her eyes. Maybe if i sleep i will wake up tomorrow and feel all better. She closes her eyes but then here's a sound. Pop!! Snap!! The child opens her eyes and she almost lets out a shriek. Right in front of her she sees a boy who does not look to be much older then her. Little girl little girl what is your wish he says. The girl was scared at first and paused but then with her small voice said i want to feel better right now so i can go play with my parents and friends. Fear no more little one i shall make you all better said the boy. He was then gone in the blink of an eye. The little girl looked around the room but he was know where to be found. Maybe i was dreaming and tried once again to sleep. Little did she know inside of her body was the tiny little magic boy. He shrunk himself to help her body become strong again. Take that!!! said the magic boy as he battled the germs inside of her. One after another the magic boy fought these germs pounding each one of them into leaving her body.
Morning finally arrived and the big yellow sun was back. The light made its way into the hospital bed of the little girl. The light slowly awaking her little face. She got up and let out a huge yawn. What a nice sleep she thought. She also instantly remembered her little friend from last night. What a weird dream, that little boy looked like some kind of super hero with his cape. The little girl also noticed something else, she felt great. I feel all better she said. Her parents and the doctor were there in the room and said yes you have completely recovered. YAY!!! now i can go play as she hugged her parents.
As the little girl beamed with joy, little did she know above the hospital bed was the little magic boy, with his cape blowing in the wind. He  had a smile on his face when he heard the news. Looks like my work here is done he said. While flying away he thinks about the many people he has helped and the many people he will help,because the great JuJu is always hear to brighten your day.

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