I Think I Know

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To think you know everything about what people go through, You've got a lot more coming to meet you. As for Blaine? She discovers that the stereotypical asshole guy in school knows more about what she goes through than she thinks.

Submitted: July 16, 2016

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Submitted: July 16, 2016



~I Think I Know~

He's at it again. "I think I know how you feel." Hearing his voice repeat the same line to get a girl disgusted me. He was so fake in his actions, words and attitude.

"He's a dream huh? He understands everything a girl hides from a guy," My friend was completely lulled by his lies.

"He's a liar Kim and you know it! he lies to girls to make them feel good about what has happened to them, just so he can sleep with them then leave them to move on to the next girl who is weak enough to believe him," I scowled. 

"You're so hard hearted Lynn! You don't know him," Kim whispered as he approached. 

"No! I'm truthful and can see through his lies and it's repulsing!" I seethed. 

"Hello girls, I couldn't help but over hear this heated conversation, I think I know-" I cut him off. 

"You don't know anything especially what's going on here! Go back to that girl you were just chatting up and ruin her life instead!" 

Running down the corridor, a part of me couldn't believe I was so blunt. A part me wondered if Kim was right in saying what she did. However the other part of me argued I was right in what I said as he needed to hear the truth to kick him up the ass. 

His stare burned holes in me once in class. He watched me like his life depended on it, he ignored the cliche girls who were constantly begged for his attention. Maybe standing up to him only made his obsession worse. 

I glared at him with any amount of anger I could. I put everything into making myself look like I could kill him with a blink of an eye yet he still stared in bid to challenge my weakening authority. Nobody knew how I felt about anything. He wasn't getting the chance to find out either. 

The bell interrupted our staring contest and I jumped out of fear. Looking back at him he had a look of triumph about him. Pushing myself out my chair, I proceeded to the door as did he. 

"After you, sweetheart," His voice made me cringe and my blood boil. 

"Don't patronise me!" I said as I walked past. 

"You'd love me to patronise you Lynn!" he called after me. He was such a player and what made it worse was he knew it and loved it. 


2 weeks had went by and he was still on my case. I was already lost in him and he had twisted around his finger with such ease, yet he still continued to try and 'get me' 

"Seriously quit it, Dray! Im sick of you constantly jumping at me! Leave me alone," I had cracked by this point. He drove me full speed off the edge and I was sick of him 

"Why? Why do you hate it so much, what have I done to you?" He asked as he cornered me and stood like I was inferior to him. 

"It's just you're constant attitude, they way you think you win everyone over by telling them what they want to hear. You don't help anyone Dray! You especially aren't helping me!" 

"What happened to you?" He asked. I had pinched a nerve of fascination in him. 

"None of your business! Just leave me alone!"

"He hurt you, didn't he?" He asked. His eyes were like liquid. He seemed to genuinely care about what happened yet I couldn't go back there.

"No he didn't, My foolishness to believe everything he said, hurt me. I-" I stopped myself, I was given into him with such ease. He had so easily gotten under my skin. He smirked. 

"Carry on," He whispered. 

"Leave me alone Dray..just go away!" I was sick of him being able to get through me the way he did. Despite screaming at him, he just wasn't taking no for an answer. 

"Speak to me Lynn," He whispred. His voice was like honey. He was pulling me into what he wanted. I was falling for his words. All until he said his famous words. "I think I know how you feel," He added in bid to soothe me. 

I started battering my hands into his chest. "Don't you dare tell me you know how I feel. You're a player Dray. You are the type of people who do this to people like me. You tell girls what they want to hear in bid to have sex with them!" I screamed. He caught my wrists and pinned them against the wall beside my head. 

"I know how you feel to be lied to by the one person you would die for. But the person you would die for is the one that is pulling the trigger? I know how it feels to be left to bleed out by the person you thought could do no wrong or the person you thought would never hurt you." I could see nothing but truth and hurt in his eyes. 

"I-" I stuttered. 

"I know exactly how you feel Lynn, your way of dealing with it was to shut everyone out, I invited everyone in. Yes you are right about me, I'm a player, I'm a dick but I wasn't always. And I bet you weren't always as hard hearted. However, you don't know my past. You see what I want you to," He was getting angry now. 

"Dray, I'm sorry. I was way too quick to jump to conclusions and that was wrong, I just didn't think someone like you could be hurt that way. You don't show it," I said. I felt terrible. He didn't deserve the way I thought about him. 

He laughed. "Lynn, It's not something I want to show. I don't want that to stop me actually finding someone. She was a bad choice. A candle burning at both ends and I got the burn and a wake up call. I'm fixing myself and that's all there is to it now. Just know, that I know exactly how you feel. We might not be same or have anything in common but just remember I know." 

Standing in complete shock I watched the one who knew me better than I did walk away. He truely did know.




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