Haves Vs Have-nots

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Editorial and Opinion  |  House: Booksie Classic

Haves Vs Have-nots


We live increasingly in a world of haves and have-nots, of gated communities next to ghettos, of extreme poverty and unbelievable riches. Some enjoy rights that are completely denied to others.  Relative inequalities are exploding, and the world's poorest, despite all the advances of globalization, may even be getting poorer.

Noreena Hertz


There are many conspiracy theories circulating on the Internet, but the most dangerous are ones which are partially true. As you might be aware that half-truth is worst of all lies.

If we are able to ascertain the motive in a case, then we can possibly identify the perpetrators, but not necessarily the string pullers though. Who the pawns or puppets are, is not really important, because even we can become a medium and exploited without our express consent or knowledge, and that most assuredly is generally the case.

The human psyche hasn’t really changed, because the time lapsed from the point of gaining consciousness to existing era, is too short for any major shift to have taken place in the way the Homo sapiens think, or form their opinions. Most of us see things through the spectacles provided to us by others, which basically denotes the quantum of influence of media, our icons and role models, our society and other such major and minor factors on our thought process.

Yet, a forced battle imposed on us is not among civilizations, nations, races, religions, or sects with their free consent, as it may appear, or more appropriately, as it is made to appear. The driver is 'Greed', the mother of all evils, and the objective is to gain and maintain perpetual control over the masses.

So, it is effectively 'Us Vs Them', or have-nots Vs haves. That was always the case, that is the case now, and that will always be the case, unless we, the have-nots gain consciousness.

The haves know it because they are few in number. They are well-knit, knowledgeable, focused and powerful. Their survival is in maintaining the Status quo, and keeping the boundaries of their fabricated world inviolable.

Only a few are allowed to jump out of the maze, which they have so meticulously crafted and created, but once those few manage to leave the rat race, they are instantly assimilated, and they become part of a different world altogether.

Which literally implies that if a person somehow manages to earn billions of dollars, or creates an impact via whatever route, technology or any novel idea, then their doors open for him/ her. It is however a personal choice not to enter or return from there later, but the new entrant is considered part of the fraternity from that point onward.

Not all members of the elite group are aware of the real agenda, but a few at the top are in the know. For them, the canvas becomes a bit larger with induction of new members, but it still remains within their sight and control. Loss of human lives, poverty, absence of social welfare, inequality, lack of basic necessities, deaths, wars and acts of terrorism etc. are not the effects of a directionless world, but are primarily their tools, which they effectively use as and when needed.

They control valves by gauging supply, thus effectively manage what we know as demand and supply, or free market per se, an illusion created for us to stay within the boundaries set by them, and to ensure that we do not ask questions, or think on our own, viewing the system as a constant which cannot be changed,  and accepting the consequences as a mere cause and effect phenomenon, and not a deliberate move.

They are mental giants; so, if physical size equals mental capabilities, then they are true giants, several feet taller than us.

If the assumptions are valid, then after the collapse of communism, a major alternate system conceived and presented back then, Islam is their next target. Christianity though hasn’t been directly focused or targeted, but on a subtle level the majority seems to not treat it as workable model to follow, and it is deliberate, well planned and well executed. Capitalism is showing clear signs of decay, and is already considered flawed by many.

If Islam is the cause of unrest and instability in the world as they portray, then why its followers are net losers? That negates the common sense and rational thinking. Someone else appears to be the beneficiary resulting from all the mayhem caused in the world, but who is (are) he (they) and why can’t we see them?

If the assumptions are valid, then I see the governments and systems collapsing globally or failing miserably one by one, except for a few. I see the UN emerging as a central governing body with immense control and power, though currently it is considered ineffective and weak.

Those very few at the top know it all. The other members of the elite group are like rest of the multitude, just a bit luckier to have earned some money, but they are severely restrained, under a mirage and false sense of freedom and fraternal bond. The ground is being prepared for the One to emerge in order to take reins in his hands. 

The battle is ancient, and is being fought and handled by one party alone, without the knowledge of majority of those who are part of the battle, the naive rivals, as they have virtually no idea about it at all. The Occupy Wall Street and Toronto movements were glimpses of that realization by some, but see how quickly and effectively the tide was subsided. 

It is way beyond the average intellect. There is a subtle difference between knowing something and realizing it, seeing it clearly in totality, the effects and the underlying causes.

The One who is to emerge to assume leadership may well just be a symbolic leader, or false messiah, with true leaders or string-pullers sitting and smiling elsewhere behind the heavily drawn curtains!

They may or may not entirely succeed in their plans eventually, but their achievements to-date are remarkable and mind-boggling, and they appear to be right on track. While confronted with so many uncontrollable variables, consistently meeting the timelines and achieving those mammoth milestones spanning over centuries is no ordinary feat!

Like the astray meteor that ended the reign of dinosaurs, there might be something cooking up to halt their unabated march and balance it out, like technology liberating people from their otherwise inescapable grip, but that is only a possibility, a mere wish of the weak. The facts speak otherwise!

They are our true, unseen global rulers!




Submitted: July 16, 2016

© Copyright 2022 Razi Akber. All rights reserved.

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En Raiter

Very leveled balance to your pen. One can easily spot a concerted effort to weigh both sides. I appreciate that. It seems though there's one variable that is omitted that bends the arc of the whole narrative. Our nature, or our propensity as a species to be exceptionally vulnerable to the scintillating temptation of power. Like bugs to a heat lamp, right now the UN is as you say weak and ineffective, but as it gains power it too will gain those people that seek power for selfish gain.

Sun, March 20th, 2022 6:52am


Thanks for your excellent comments! Yes, you are right!????

Sun, March 20th, 2022 5:33am

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