What I Want

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Submitted: July 16, 2016

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Submitted: July 16, 2016



I obsess

over how best

to express

my desire

burnig brighter

than a fire

inside of me

can't you see

I want to be free

Iwant danger

and adventure

a valiant fighter

sword in my hand

reclaim my land

make a final stand

I want love and passion

like every dream I fasion

love forever lastin'

I want to feel pain

as I walk through slain

I wanna be the bane

fight death its-self

for a trophy on my shelf

leaving me in better health

war with demons inside

make them run and hide

by the sword I abide

flame and fury

my foes scurry

my actions earn me

universal fame

strengthening my claim

on the one dame

I sit awake at night

yearning for a fight

against a mighty knight

insead I'm a forgotten child

imagination running wild

number never dialed

by those I care about

making me scream and shout

forcing me into doubt

but still I dream

under every moon beam

I'm stronger than I seem

breaking me's impossible

my fury unstoppable

your end is probable

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