July 9th

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Pandora is young lady that has a normal teenage life until July 9th her mothers birthday.

Submitted: July 16, 2016

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Submitted: July 16, 2016



July 9

My name is Pandora and here is my story.Well to start off my parents aren’t rich but we are the middle class I have a brother named legend. My parents decided to give us unique names I got made fun of for it and well frankly I didn’t care. My mom and I never got along we would always fight about the most random things. But she’s my mom I can’t really hate her. I always loved my dad more he was always generous and loving. My mom’s birthday was the day that changed my life. So my family and I got in our dads Red Toyota and drove off to go get some dinner, well since it was my mom’s 43rd birthday and all. The drive their seemed nice but it was the drive back that made my life and legends drastically change. It all happened in a heartbeat. All I remember is waking up the next day in a hospital bed with a raging headache and my left leg and arm being in a cast signed by my doctor and legend. I had no idea what had happened until my doctor came in, Dr. Waters. I had asked what had happened. He responded with there is no good way to say this. I remember thinking oh no what happened! He told my looking very sad, “You mother has died, and your father is in a coma.”My head spun as I passed out.  Woke up about 5 minutes later and saw my brother Legend in a wheel chair. Legend told me about a car crash that happened and how the police were investigating this hit and run. That is all in the past now.

2 months passed and I now live with my Aunt Joan and Uncle Ron. My aunt Joan was about 48 and she had long black hair with dark brown eyes. My Uncle Ron was very tall and about 50 dark skin with a moustache. Anyway since legend and I live with them in Holly Wood now we still have to attend school. I hated school in Texas high school was never fun but I am a junior it should be even worse. Legend was a senior now. Legend was always popular since he was very handsome with his black hair and blue eyes. I on the other hand was never popular I was always the girl in the corner always expected to do well. I have brown eyes brown hair; I got it from my dad. Today was the first day at a new school legend was ready before I got up (like usual). I already knew how this day was going to turn out… I go to class people talk about my name and how stupid it was. But I’m used to it. Well Its today is over. I made one friend name bertha and met a girl that I have bad vibes about her name is Isabella. Of course she has to ask my brother out! Of course she does and what does legend say he says yes because legend is an IDIOT. I told him that he locked me out of his room.

*3 months later*

Here is where some drama adds in to my life. Well for starters I dyed my hair from brown to pink, a very light pink. My aunt Joan didn’t approve but what did I care she’s not my mom. Legend was still dating Isabella. He brought her over about a week after I dyed my hair pink.  Why do I bring up the dyed hair you ask. Well it’s because little miss perfect used our bathroom and put red HAIR DYE IN MY SHAMPOO BOTTLE! I was pissed. That’s when I got in my first fight and was grounded for 1 month. And incase you were wondering I lost. Bt I got the worst news ever when I heard my dad passed. I cried for a solid day. Legend didn’t cry but by looking at him you could tell he was hurt. Legend moved out when he graduated. I was very happy to receive the news that he broke up with Isabella. He moved on FINALLY! It was summer I wasn’t grounded. It was my first summer without my parents. But on July 9th my uncle called me to say that the man that crashed in to us was found and he was going to prison for 1 and a half years. Well everything ended out well I still had my best friend Bertha. What do you know my brother came out of the closet! This full year was insane! But I got through it luckily. Hopefully never again…

To be Continued…

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