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Submitted: July 16, 2016

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Submitted: July 16, 2016



Brian sits
numb and waits
for his wife

to come home
he'd seen her
in Dublin

with that girl
that Una
holding hands

he knows now
where she goes
when she's out

not with him
he'd followed
her out to

see where she
went for fun
spying game

kind of thing
then she met
the blonde girl

that Una
and they kissed
he feels sick

can't believe
what he saw
then they went

off together
to some place
some bedsit

and went in
he opens
up a beer

and sips it
she was here
that Una

a while back
staying here
what's happened

to my wife?
why'd she kiss
that woman

on the lips?
is she queer?
he recalls

him and her
having hot
sex last night

she willing
lying there
having it

he sips more
of his beer
what to do?

what to say?
how long for?
and then what?

he feels sick
sits and waits
sipping beer

slips his mind
down inside
to first gear.

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