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Twisted problems, twisted character and twisted writer. My first work so, any and all feedback is welcome with open arms!

Submitted: July 17, 2016

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Submitted: July 17, 2016



As I opened my eyes, the same image always greeted them : faded pink walls painted long ago. The rays of light from the window burnt itself into my still sleepy eyes and hastily I shielded them as if I were being attacked. After the rude awakening from Mother Nature, I got up as slow as the rising sun in the wee hours of the day.


'Last night's binge movie night hasn't done me any favours,' I grumbled to myself.


I made my way to the bathroom to wash the fatigue off my face while swiping away at my phone. As the ice cold tap water refreshed me, I told myself,


'Hopefully, today is the day that will be different.'


I stared intensely at the reflection facing me in the mirror and he stared back. He looked exactly like me yet he was different. Something was off from how I remembered myself. I recalled darker tanned skin with an aura of cheeriness but now he looked pale as snow, eyes filled with a darkness from deep within and a suffocating miasma emanated from him but these were trivial compared to the elephant in the room. The biggest difference was the way his lips were never stretched into a smile.


'Where did I go wrong?' I questioned myself.


I dragged myself downstairs to have a frozen breakfast quickly made. As I picked at the rejuvenated peas on my tray, I listened to the birds chirping in my overgrowth of a garden. Their sharp cheery songs soothed me but at the same time rekindled embers of envy nestled within me.


Why was I born in this cage with its key tossed away, never to be found? Why was I never given a shot for freedom or redemption? Why were my wings clipped before given a chance to soar the windy skies?


The answers to these questions elude me as another side of me was unsure of these claims. Is the world to blame for my mistakes? Have I dug myself into an endless pit where I am no longer capable of seeing the entrance?


I denied these questions a place in my mind from either side and rushed to the entrance of my abode. Hastily, I passed the narrow hallway towards the entrance. Pictures from years back stared at me with grins plastered on their faces. It took all my mental strength to walk up to the door shielding me from the world beyond these four walls. I proceeded to slowly unlock the old hunk of wood and pulled it slightly ajar.


Rays of light shone through the crack between the door and frame. The smell of grass filled my nostrils and the soft wind whistled as quietly as lullaby. I was prepared to step out and brave the world beyond but there was a wickedness hidden beneath the joys I could observe through the crack. Something that sent chills down my spine from past experiences yet I could never put my finger on it.


Whispers in my mind crept into my thoughts, 'It's not worth the trouble of going outside. It'll only cause you more pain and hardships as society shuns those who have fallen and never extends a hand to help them. You're better of wasting away here with all the time and money you have left.'


In the end, I closed the door and stepped back into the abyss. The rest of the day passed by in a flash and everything that took place was very vague. I went to sleep that night with an empty feeling in my chest. A hollow sensation like I was being eaten from the inside out. The faint whispers grew stronger and now were chuckling.


'Will this ever end?' I asked myself as I wept quietly.


When I awoke the next day, the pink walls greeted me once more.


Hopefully, today will be different.

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