The girl I didn`t see

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What happens when you don`t see the girl with whom you`re meant to be...

Submitted: July 17, 2016

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Submitted: July 17, 2016



It was one of those really cold November mornings, one of the many I had after you left… I was watching the tiny snowflakes falling slowly and covering the streets. Fortunately, I was in our usual restaurant and not outside in the cold. As I was drinking my coffee with tons of sugar, I remembered how you scolded me every time for having coffee on an empty stomach, not to mention the large quantity of sugar that I added. I felt as if you were treating me like a child, but later I realized that you did that because you cared about me… And you were actually right, so this time I ate something before that coffee, still I couldn`t do anything about the sugar. I don`t like the taste of coffee and I know I do sound like a kid.

My dear Charlotte… My little Lotte… I feel so lonely right now, but I guess I deserve it. You must`ve felt just as lonely when I was going out with other girls. Yet, you were always there for me, giving me advice on relationships, telling me how those girls felt, catching me when I was falling. Damn it, you even made me improve things with my mom! She really likes you. She asked about you, but what good is it when you`re not mine anymore?

The past few months I`ve been reliving all the memories we shared… I thought about everything. I was such a fool. I never truly saw you, yet you were there all the time. You were my best friend and so much more, but I didn`t appreciate you. Therefore, I lost you…

My couch still wears your perfume. The orchid you gave me bloomed again. My wardrobe is a mess, but you`re not here to organize it like you used too. I still have the recipes you gave me and I cook them as often as possible, yet something is missing… I read all the books you like and I watched all the films you recommended. To be honest, even though you don`t admit it, you`re such a romantic, Lotte… Guess what? I am a romantic just like you… I suppose you don`t need that umbrella back. You did say you had plenty. But, Lotte, I`d love it if you came for it…

I saw you many times after that night…

One time you were in the park sitting in the sun. Your hair had a red tint because of the sun light. You were reading. I don`t think I know a book worm bigger than you, always having a book with you. As odd as it sounds, I stood under a tree and watched you until you got a call and left. Was it something important? Did something bad happen? I hope not. I only wish you good and it would make me sad to know that you`re sad. Yes, I care about you too…

Another time I saw you in a café. You were wearing your favorite shirt, the one with the high neck and lace. Please, excuse me, but forget the shirt. I couldn`t take my eyes off of your legs. I was blind not to see how beautiful you were, yet I was blind to many things. Probably you were exhausted because I know you only buy coffee if you have a long day ahead. I wished I could`ve helped you, but you were pretty clear when you told me you don`t want anything from me. Plus, you`re too stubborn to accept any kind of help from anyone. You should learn how to receive from others since you give so much.

I also saw you at the art supplies store. I must admit I choked a bit laughing when the guy tried to charm you so he could charge you more than he was supposed to, but you had already calculated in your mind how much you had to pay and told him straightforward to give you the change. He must`ve presumed that you`re an airheaded artist who sucked at math and thought that he could trick you. Eh, it made my day. Even without that happening, just seeing you made me happier. Still, that guy`s face was priceless.

A few weeks ago I saw you at the mall. It was a Sunday and you were on a hurry because there were too many people and you don`t like wasting time among them. It was funny to see that picture of you. It made me smile… You were always making me smile… I`m sorry I didn`t see you when I had the chance. When you were mine, even if I didn`t know…

Everything got ruined that night…


It was a terrible storm outside and Charlotte didn`t like it. She told that to Chase when he finally answered one of her many calls, yet he couldn`t have cared less. He was drunk. Sheila left him and he went out to get drunk. Charlotte knew that Sheila wasn`t a keeper and she warned Chase. Although, he felt that something was wrong, he kept on dating Sheila. Charlotte couldn`t always know everything, right? But that day, Sheila texted him that she didn`t want to be with him anymore. And she didn`t even explain why. Was he boring? Was he not handsome enough? Was he too caring? Why did Charlotte have to be right? He decided to go to a bar and just forget about it.

Charlotte waited for Chase until five in the morning when he came back barely crawling on his feet. He was looking horrible and it was easy to see he cried. Charlotte jumped off the couch quickly and helped him with his coat and shoes.


“It`s ok, Chase. Everything will be ok.”

“No, it won`t! And it`s only your fault!”

“My fault? How so?”

“You`re a jinx! You said things would go bad and they did!”

“I only stated a reasonable conclusion after everything you told me about your precious Sheila! Any person with some brain could`ve told you that!”

“Are you saying I have no brain?”

“What? No, of course not!”

“You don`t sound very convincing.”

“Well, to be honest, right now you`re making me believe the exact opposite.”

“I`m tired of you insulting me every time something doesn`t go according to the plan!”

Charlotte dropped his coat and looked at him. She couldn`t believe her ears.

“You don`t mean that…”

“Yes, I do! Every bloody word!”

Charlotte started crying and said with a low voice that Chase could barely understand her.

“I told you all those things because you are my best friend. I`m supposed to tell you the truth whether you like it or not. All I wanted was to help you. Because I love you…”

Her last words left Chase speechless. She loved him? Charlotte turned around and went to the door.

“Lotte, wait!”

“No! I was always there for you! Always! But you never saw me! And in the end, you don`t even appreciate what I did for you! I hoped that you would love me back one day… Bloody hell, you know what? I don`t want anything from you anymore!”

After she said that, she left. Chase went to bed, but when he woke up in the morning, he got the worst hangover he ever had. And besides that, Lotte`s words were running over and over in his head. He had the perfect woman and he let her go…


One month later…

“Chase, you shouldn`t go out on your motorcycle on this snow! You might have an accident!”

“Don`t worry about me, Johnny. I`ll be fine…”

Chase gave his friend a faded smile and left. It was the New Year`s Eve and he didn`t have anyone to celebrate with. Of course, Johnny invited him to his parents` house. They were throwing a huge party, but Chase didn`t really feel like attending it. He wondered what his Lotte was doing. Shoot, she wasn`t his Lotte anymore. She probably got herself a man to appreciate her and love her for real…

As he was thinking about that, Chase didn`t pay much attention to the road. A black cat was crossing the street, but got scared due to the fireworks and stopped in the middle of the road. It all lasted a few seconds. Chase tried to avoid the cat, lost control of his motorcycle and bumped into a tree…


Charlotte was watching a film on TV when her phone rang.


“Hello, Madam! This is Doctor Brooks. Are you a relative of Mr. Chase Rowen?”

“What happened to him?”

“He had an accident. We brought him to the Marie Curie Memorial Hospital.”

“I`ll get there right away!”

Fifteen minutes later Charlotte was already there. The doctor blinked a few times when she looked at her. It was pretty funny to see a young lady in pajamas, boots and coat wondering on through the hospital. The doctor refrained her giggle and kept her serious face.

“You must be Mr. Rowen`s family.”

“Um… yes. Is he alright?”

“Right now he`s in surgery. He crushed with his motorcycle into a tree.”

“Bloody hell, I told him so many times to be careful!”

“He was lucky to survive. Damn lucky! Fortunately, he only got a broken leg and some severe scratches, but he will be fine. He`s a young lad.”

“That`s good…”

“You will have to fill in some papers. You are his family, right?”

Charlotte widened her eyes looking at the doctor not knowing what to say. The doctor smiled.

“He was calling your name when the paramedics found him and when I looked into his phone you were the only person on speed dial, so I assumed you were his fiancée, therefore I called you.”

“Oh, yes! Yes! I am his fiancée!”

“Good. Please, follow the nurse to complete the papers. The surgery will take a while.”

Charlotte sighed in relief. That doctor was pretty quaint. Seriously, who the hell would`ve believed her when she admitted that she was his fiancée? She didn`t believe it herself. Eh, it was the New Year, so people didn`t want to bother too much with such things. The doctors probably hated Chase for making such trouble, but it was their duty to help him.

Charlotte waited a few good hours until they finished the surgery. She couldn`t close her eyes, not even for a minute. She was worried sick for someone who didn`t deserve it. When the nurses brought Chase in his room, he was still asleep and terribly pale. All her anger disappeared and was replaced with love.

“Oh, you silly cat, what have you done?”

She started caressing his forehead and then kissed his cheek. After some time, she fell asleep in her chair. Chase woke up in the afternoon and couldn`t believe his eyes when he saw his Lotte.

“You`re here…”

“Yes, I am. If you wanted to see me, you shouldn`t have taken down a tree and get into the hospital.”

They both smiled.

“I`m sorry for everything, Lotte. I hurt you and I am dreadfully sorry…”

“It`s fine. Don`t worry.”

“I mean it, Lotte. I am sorry… Can you, please, forgive me?”

“Consider it already done. How do you feel? Does your leg hurt? A nurse gave you some pain killers a few hours ago.”

“I feel good so far. But this doesn`t matter.”

“Of course it matters!”

Chase grabbed her hand and held it.

“Lotte… I`ve felt horrible since you left…”

Charlotte looked away.

“I didn`t feel any better…”

“And again, I`m sorry… Still…”


Now Charlotte was looking at him.

“Lotte… I know I`m asking a lot, but can you give me another chance? I promise I`ll be a better person!”


“Lotte, I love you! I don`t want to be without you anymore.”

“Chase, I don`t know what to say… I don`t think I am what you need…”

“Yes, you are! And much more! Please, Lotte!”

Charlotte started crying and so did Chase. They both looked at each other and bit by bit their tears turned into happiness.

“Be mine, Lotte…”

“You better not have another accident!”

“It was for the sake of a cat!”

“Well then, I forgive you this time.”

“Does this mean you accept my proposal?”

“Yes, I do.”

The two of them kissed as the doctor and the nurses were watching them with big smiles on their faces.

“Now this is how you really fix a heart…” The doctor said.

“I thought his leg had to be fixed.”

“Oh, shut up, Nancy! Can`t I have my moment of glory?”

“Yes, Doctor Brooks.”


It is said that couples that are together on the first snow of the year, they will be together forever. That day when Charlotte and Chase decided to walk together through life, it was snowing with big fluffy snowflakes. Winter was welcoming the New Year with its first snow…


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