The Wedding Cake

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How a cake signifies an important promise.

Submitted: July 17, 2016

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Submitted: July 17, 2016



The Wedding Cake

I remember the very first time you tried my cake. It was raining heavily when we reached our block so I asked if you would like to come in for some cake and tea. Back then, we had just known each other for barely a week but it somehow feels like we knew each other for months. Well, it was a fruit cake. Not too fancy, just a sponge cake layered with whipped cream and topped with berries. You told me it was delicious, unlike any other typical fruit cakes. I was flattered. I cut you another slice but you didn’t manage to finish it up. Shortly after the rain ceased, I sent you home.

Well, I was just another college student stuck in between his busy schedule and his messed up mind. I had to deal with all sort of problems from managing my own money in the midst of building what they said, “A better future.” Although it was hectic, life was pretty easy back then. You’ve got your friend around you at all times, and if you are ever short of money, you can get a ‘small loan’ pretty easily. Ah…those were the days.

My feelings for you developed, and within weeks, I was already in love with you. You didn’t seem to notice at first, but after I made things obvious, you were rather shy at my presence. Weeks later I asked you out on a proper date and much to my surprise, you accepted. That was the happiest moment of my life knowing that I had finally found the one I was looking for all this while. We had a great moment together and a few days later, we took our relationship to a higher level with a chocolate mousse cake.

It was rather a happy ending at first, but months after months, I realized that our relationship is losing its sparks. I was rather busy with my schedule when you requested to meet up at your place. You dropped me a text message but I was too busy to even bother. Maybe I should have replied you. Maybe I should’ve taken a break to spend a little time with you. But I didn’t. You were furious at me for ignoring you and no matter what I said, you wouldn’t forgive me. Then I baked a cake. It was your favourite Tiramisu White Chocolate. I left my assignments behind to make you that surprise and I was glad to finally see you smile.

I remember one night; we were out in the park talking about our future when you told me that if we were to get married one day, I will have to make the wedding cake. I chuckled as we made the promise as my heart leaps with joy taking it as a marriage proposal. Somehow I snapped myself out of my thoughts and we had a long kiss that night. We are going to build a family soon, and you would make a perfect parent. I smiled again.

One day you came to me crying. You told me that you have to leave for another country by the next morning. It was your parent’s plan. I was astonished. How come you had never told me about their intention before? You told me they had been planning it for a few months but why didn’t you talk to me about it? Maybe we could’ve figured something out. I was mad, and at the same time I couldn’t make up any words. I should’ve comforted you that night instead of being such a prick at you. You left the next morning with a short note that says we should keep in touch no matter what. And I hadn’t given up since.

Years gone by, we are both grownups with our own career to fight for. I still did think of you every once in a while even though I had a few unsuccessful relationships after you left. Sometimes I even feel like abandoning the job that I have and leave this bullshit behind for you, but what do I have to make you mine again? I wouldn’t want to start off everything again for the risk itself is too big to handle. Guess I just have to stop trying, should I? Sometimes things just don’t always work out the way you want it to be.

Well, that was a brief history of our beautiful relationship. Anyhow I manage to stand here today with the wedding cake, just like how we promised. The ballroom is decorated with red drapes and the round tables shone with their newly laid cloth. Right next to me is the wine glass tower. You gave me a call last week sending your wedding invitation which you planned to do in your home land. My heart sank in a little when I learnt that you’re already engaged, although I was glad to know that you are happy. You told me that everything was set but you’re lacking just that one last thing for your wedding. It’s the Wedding Cake! I smiled. It was the cakes that brought us together in the first place. The cake that made us fall in love, the cake that made you forgive me, the cake that shows my sincerity and the cake that signifies our promise for each other. It all starts with a fruit cake and ends with a wedding cake. 

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