The Window

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A mysterious new boy intrigued Amy Vernon, a high school girl. Little did she know, they both have the same interest.

Submitted: July 17, 2016

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Submitted: July 17, 2016



The Window

Someone once said. “If you love someone, tell them. Hearts are often broken by words unspoken.” I’d never believed these words until it happened to me not too long ago. It was a shame that we couldn’t get our words right, not even till it is too late.

“Amy, this is a new start in your life. Make it worthy.” I told myself as I stepped my foot into the school compound. It was just last night when I decided to attend school today after moving nearly two weeks into my new neighbourhood. I was rather reluctant at first but knowing that I had nothing else better to do, I decided to take a peep at the folks out here. It was dad’s idea to move here. Apparently he found a better job than his last one and mom thought it’s better for us to move so we could save up some money for my college. I was pretty fine by it since I didn’t have many friends back in my old school. But blending into a newer environment is certainly not my thing. Imagine how long an introvert takes to fit in. Now take that all away and start it all over again. I sighed as I made my way past strangers into my classroom.

I had egg muffin and baked beans for lunch at the cafeteria when I bumped into him. My tray shook a little as his elbow brushed past me but he didn’t even pause to apologize before hurrying off to God-knows-where. I didn’t take much notice on him other than cursing silently at his rudeness at first. But that wasn’t until chemistry class when I saw him sitting next to the window a few seats in front of me. Well, I didn’t particularly remember his face but the ketchup stains on his elbow explained it all. Somehow I was interested in his mysterious nature that perhaps he too was an introvert like me.

I thought school would be anything but surprising. I was wronged. As days went by, I began to feel more intrigued with his personality. I would wake up every morning just to see him in class. For some reasons, I noticed that he had a habit of looking out of the window while the class was going on. He would stare out of the window as if something really interesting was going on all the while. “Perhaps it was the cheerleading team practicing by the field that caught his attention?” I took a wild guess.

I get to know his name when he was called up during literature class one day. “Ethan, would you please read page forty-three for us?” Miss Duncan requested. He was staring out of the window again; unaware of what was going on.

“Mr. Ethan!” She called out in a stern voice.

Startled, Ethan fumbled for his textbook before hastily turning to the page that could never seem to be found. Shaking her head, Miss Duncan requested once again, this time with a warning. “He is a funny guy.” I giggled at his antics silently.

One day while everyone was out for lunch, I decided to stay in the classroom to complete some homework for the next class. Somehow, he too was right there in his seat minding his own business. Occasionally I would look up to see him staring out of the window while on other times; he seemed to be writing something onto a piece of paper. Part of me wanted to speak to him while the other part of me made me glued to my chair. As soon as I made up my mind to speak to him, I looked up to an empty seat next to the partially opened window. A sudden shrill was sent down my spine and out of the blue someone spoke up next to me. “Hello there. Wanna grab some food?”

I yelped when I saw Ethan looking down on me from behind. Both of us were caught in an awkward moment before he broke the silence, “Sorry to startle you. Im Ethan.”

Blushing away, I wanted to reply “I already know that.”

But somehow the words that came out of my mouth were “Amy, Amy Vernon.”

Ethan smiled and pointed towards the doorway. Minutes later, I found myself sitting opposite him at the cafeteria eating mac n’cheese. I got to know that he’s from a small town in Oklahoma and was here because of the same reason. His dad found a better job here. We had a small, normal conversation but I couldn’t manage stop myself from asking rude questions like, “Why are you always looking out of the window?” He just smiled.

I thought I could get to know him better but since that very day we’d never said a word. I’d always wanted to gather my courage and walk over to his seat but I never dared to. Until one day he stopped coming to school. I thought he was sick on the first two days of his absence but on the third, I found a note in my drawer. I opened it up and it was a drawing of me trying really hard to study. Beneath the drawing was a small note that said, “I think you are a nice girl Amy. I’m really glad that I’ve met you on my short stay here in New York. I sure do hope that we will meet each other again in the future- Ethan.”

I was dumbfounded. I didn’t know how to react. It might be true that I’d developed some feelings for him but it all happened too fast for either of us to do a thing. I walked over to what used to be his seat while pondering on our last encounter. Maybe I should have walked over to his seat when he was still there. Maybe we would stand a chance to be something different. But does he feel the same way for me? What if he doesn’t? The morning breeze then blew past my shoulders as I looked out of the window right where he used to stare. And the question that I had always wondered was finally unfolded. The window was opened at an angle where part of the classroom was reflected on to it. On the reflection was a seat that didn’t took me long to recognize. Dark blue bag pack, orange water bottle, it was my seat.

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