Altitude Sickness

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When you are flying too high and too low you end up totally altitude sick.

Submitted: July 17, 2016

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Submitted: July 17, 2016



Altitude Sickness.

Much of life is level
As you fly through the sky
Just little dips and rises
As life goes passing by.

Then suddenly it happens
And you go flying high,
Such an intense feeling
It hits you with a sigh.

But the air up there is rather thin
The higher that you get,
You'll soon find yourself reeling,
On that you'd safely bet.

The bubble bursts, you plummet down
To stop above the ground
Your dislocation so complete
You cannot make a sound.

You stay down there and bump along
On a collision course,
You're too weighed down to rise back up
By anguish and remorse.

But then a word or gesture
Or just a simple smile
Jettisons some weight off you
And you rise by a mile.

Soon you will be back on track
But equilibrium is gone,
Your flight path is no longer straight
But a rising and diving one.

Your altimeter's on the blink
You don't know where you are,
You're struggling with those controls
Before you go too far.

You try to keep your aim in view,
Squinting through fogs thickness
But there's little chance of a cure
From your altitude sickness.

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