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Submitted: July 17, 2016

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Submitted: July 17, 2016



-The Story Begins






Aarush Sharma a boy of 15 year old lived in one of the most beautiful place in India, a valley called Dehradun.

Aarush was watching TV in his room and then a voice came," Aarush...... just close the TV and study....." , the voice was of Aarush's mother ' Mamta Sharma' , she was shouting because she was really concerned about his studies, like a typical Indian Mother. Then Aarush said, “Yeah Mummy going just two minutes."

Aarush was changing channels as if in two minutes he will watch everything that is going on the TV, but then suddenly he stopped on one of the channels. He couldn’t believe his eyes on what he saw, he was amazed and the view that stunned him was a girl, a beautiful girl dancing and singing. He said, “Who is that girl..... Man she is so....... oh! God she is so beautiful (he said in his thoughts). Then the mom shouted, “Aarush .... I said close the TV (angrily).

He closed the TV and to the study room, he opened his chemistry book, he was trying to concentrate but he couldn’t as his mind was in some other world and in that some other world he was thinking about that girl. For about more than one hour he kept thinking about her. And then after few minutes he couldn’t resist himself he went to the computer and started searching for that girl (At that time no one was at home except him). After couple minutes of futile searching he finally got her. The girl who Aarush saw for the first time and couldn’t stop thinking about her.

The girl name was Uttara Suryavanshi 16 year old, living in the city of dreams, Mumbai, a singer and a ballet dancer. For the next half an hour he took out every detail about her which was available on the internet about her like: - parents name, ambition, education etc.

At the dinner table he was sitting in front of his father Mr. Ajay Sharma. But Aarush was still not present in the real world, he was still thinking about. Then his father asked, "So how are your studies going."

Aarush said, “Huh! (Back to the present world) Oh! Yeah Papa..... Sorry.... Yeah studies.... they are going well."

Father nodded," Hmm....."

“So how is work?” Aarush asked his father.

“Yeah... same old work.” His father said and then yawned, probably tired.



After dinner when he went to bed, you can guess what should have happened that he couldn’t stop thinking about her and constantly speaking her name in his mind “Uttara, Uttara.” He decided that night that one day he is going to meet her. He started liking her but Aarush didn’t realize that how much he liked her.

Aarush was a boy raised in a middle class family and his dreams were big. He wanted to go to IIT-Mumbai for his B-Tech. as he wanted to become a Civil Engineer. Now, you must be thinking why IIT-Mumbai there are other best IIT's also. Two reasons:- 

  1. His dream was to study in IIT- Mumbai.
  2. Uttara the dream girl of Aarush was there somewhere he doesn’t know where but wanted to go there and meet her.

Aarush was studying very hard for his dream IIT-Mumbai as well as for Uttara.





So now, Aarush 3 years later got a so called “Skip a heart Beat “news that he couldn’t believe. And that news was, that he cleared the JEE- Advance Paper and was dying to go to his Dream Land Mumbai and IIT- Mumbai and the most important to Uttara Suryavanshi.

“Oh my god! Papa I cleared it. I cleared it.” Aarush said and was so happy.

Aarush was so happy and his parents too. He went to his parents and touched their feet.

“Khush raho beta.” His parents gave him blessings that always be happy and then hugged him.

Aarush called all his friends and close family members about his achievement. His parents were very happy for this great achievement that Aarush had brought. And as you all know in a middle class family if someone cracked the JEE Ad. Paper, for them it is like touching the moon.

 Aarush’s father went to Aarush’s room where he was sitting in front his computer. He was seeing that when the college is going to start.

“When the college is going to start Aarush?” his father asked.

“First week of July most probably.” Aarush said.

“Hmm... so is there a form that is to be filled.”

“Yeah, there is and I am filling that only.”

“Okay. So Aarush there is an event coming up and we have to go there.”

“Umm... Where?”

“We have to go to Bilaspur. You remember Makar mama, his 50th anniversary is coming and we have to attend.”

“Oh... Grand pa’s Brother in law. Wow 50th anniversary, that’s something. Okay when we have to leave, plus I really need a vacation, and I only have one month left before the college start so it will be fun.” Aarush said.

“We have to leave day after tomorrow.”

“Okay Papa.” Aarush said and smiled.

So Aarush was ready for a vacation. He started packing and his family did the same. Day after tomorrow the whole family was on the way to Bilaspur.




The whole function was great. Everyone had fun. Now it was time for Aarush to start his packing as he has to go to Mumbai.

A week later he was having only few days so he decided to go out and have fun with his friends who were doing graduation in Dehradun only.

Well now after few days of having fun it was time for Aarush to go now and the whole family decided to go to Mumbai.

“Aarush did you pack your brush and mobile phone charger.” Aarush’s mother said.

“Yes Mamma.” Aarush said.

“Shruti did you do it.”

“Yep I did.” Shruti said.

Shruti was Aarush’s younger sister.

“Okay everyone down in five minutes, the cab is waiting.” Aarush’s father said.

In five minutes everyone was in the cab. They reached the railway station and boarded their respective train and were on the way to Mumbai.

When Aarush reached Mumbai, before exiting the station he touched the ground, to say ‘Thank you for inviting me to this beautiful city.’

“Okay, so now what is the plan Pops?” Aarush asked.

“Ah... well first we will go to your aunt’s house and then we will rest there for a day then the next day we will go to your college and complete all the formalities then we will find you a house on rent and that house will be near your aunt’s apartment so that in case of emergency there should be someone who can take care of the problem and last we will find a convenience for you so that you can go to college.”Aarush’s father said.

“Wow! But why not Hostel Papa?”

“Because of the food. And I don’t want you to get sick.”

“Hahhh!! Okay as you wish.” Aarush sighed and said.


Aarush and his family went to his aunt’s house where they rested and then the next day Aarush and his father went to the college to complete all the formalities and after that the other formalities was completed. 

Well now it was time for the family to say goodbye to Aarush. Aarush and his aunt went to the station to see them off.

“Okay Mummy, take care and please don’t cry otherwise I will feel bad.” Aarush said and hugged his mother.

“I am not crying okay, and concentrate on your studies.” Aarush’s mother said and wiped her tears.

“Okay Mamma.” Aarush said and smiled.

“Okay beta work hard.”Aarush’s father said

“Okay Papa.” Aarush said and touched his feet.

“Hey faty lose some weight when I am gone.” Aarush said and laughed.

“I will kill you bro.” Shruti said and hugged him.

It was signal. The train was about to leave. The family boarded the train and then everyone said goodbye and then the Train left the station.

Aarush was in his room and was having mix feelings. He was sad as well as exited. Sad because this was the first time he is apart from his family and living alone and exited because a new journey is about to start.


The college started and he was having a lot of fun with his new friends. But besides having fun he was also thinking about how to find Uttara. So one day he decided to tell one of his friend about Uttara and want some help to find her.

“Uttara who?” Amar asked

“Uttara Suryavansham. I want your help Amar. I need to find that girl. Please help me.” Aarush said.

“Dude you are saying that you saw this girl on T.V. and you think that there is some kind of connection and you want to date her.” Amar said

“Yes.” Aarush said.

“Dude, are you mad. I mean this is not Dehradun, okay, this is Mumbai, this is ‘THE MUMBAI’.” Amar said.

“I know man. I know this is not Dehradun. But I am not saying to search the whole Mumbai. I have narrowed down to some places where I think she lives. Now please help.” Aarush requested.

“What?... I mean.... I.... ah.....  Oh god. I can’t believe I am going to do this.” Amar said.

“What? Seriously... Thanks man.” Aarush said and hugged Amar.

When he started the search he was very excited and hopeful but as the days went by his hope started fading. The areas which he narrowed down was of no use. He had no luck. Still he never lost full hope, he kept on searching and searching .

Two years later when he was tired of this entire searching thing, his hope was lost. But sometimes when he went out with his friends on an outing, he often felt that she was around him somewhere but his eyes couldn’t see her, still that was not enough for him. Then he decided to not look for her anymore and just concentrate on his studies. So, he started concentrating on his studies and for two years he didn’t searched for Uttara but still in that period of time he was still thinking and saying in his mind that, “Where are you Uttara…….?” 

After Two years when he graduated from the College he was in a search of a job. He was very interested in the field of Geo Structural Engineering and Ocean Engineering. So he wanted to work for a company who has these branch.

He found one company named Roster InfoTech Ltd. which has Structural Engineering branch. He applies for the interview in that company and then after few days he got a call from the company that he has got the job. Aarush was very happy. He told his parents about the job and they got so happy that they thrown a party for Aarush, getting a job. Then after one month when he got the first salary, like every child, he gave the salary to his parents as it is a way of saying thank you to them.

Aarush was now 24 years old but he still couldn’t stop thinking about Uttara. It was November and he was at the Queen’s Necklace or you can say Marine Drive. It was the time of dusk he was sitting alone at the beach enjoying the sunset. And then he suddenly saw a view which he could not believe he saw, his heartbeat rate increased as he saw a girl sitting alone just some distance away. He said in his thoughts, “Is that Uttara…?” He then got up and went to her and he could not believe his eyes. He was in an ‘AW ‘situation. He went to her from behind and by touching his shoulders said, “Uttara…..” (When he said that name the name was echoing in his entire body like this ‘Uttara…. ttara….. tara…..ara’).  And when she saw him, he was like ‘the tomb of Tutankamun’ still, stiff, white, could not react on this situation. He couldn’t believe that the girl of his dreams was in front of him.

Uttara said, ‘’Yes’’

Aarush said, ‘’Hi…  Ah…. My….. my name is Aarush.’’


‘’So I am your fan Uttara.’’

‘’ Ah… okay…. So, now you have seen me, happy now.’’

‘’Whoa…. What happened?  You are not in a good mood….. Are you?

‘’Listen young man. Please don’t irritate me, please. Just leave otherwise I will probably hit you hard on your face.’’

‘’Okay! Okay! I am going….’’ Aarush said.

He started leaving that place, but then

She said, ‘’ Wait, I am sorry... I m sorry that I yelled at you, it’s just that I am a little upset today.’’

‘’It’s okay, I understand, Well it’s been a really long time and I really want to talk to you but since you are not in a good mood…. Can you lend me five minutes? Just five minutes.’’

‘’Huh…. five minutes for what…..’’

‘’I have some questions to ask. I swear I will not take  more than five minutes. I can setup the stopwatch if you want.’’

‘’Haha. No it’s Okay…… let’s start.’’

‘’Okay!. We’ll enjoy the sunset and the interview.’’

After the interview was over. Uttara said,’’ Thank you.’’

Aarush said,’’ For what?’’

‘’Thank you because you made my mood again back to normal.’’

‘’You’re welcome.’’

When she was leaving, Aarush said,’’ Wait……….. if you don’t mind can I get your number please.’’

‘’Wow, you are fast. But I don’t know you so I really can’t give you my number.’’

‘’Hey please I am requesting you. It’s just that I have waited very long for this day.’’

‘’ What? Waited? Ah... okay. How long did you wait?’’

‘’Eight years…..’’

‘’Wow…. That’s pretty long…..’’

‘’So” waiting for the answer.


‘’ What!!!! You will give your number. Oh thank god…I promise that I will not call or message you unnecessarily. But I will call you on your Birthday…’’

‘’ Pakka na (Promise). I am trusting you.’’


‘’ Okay… here’s my number’’

When they were leaving  Aarush said, ‘’ Wait… a piece of advice – ‘Whenever you face any difficult try to find out a solution out of it or else you can share your problem with someone whom you really trust. Just sitting alone somewhere with a sad face won’t help you in any way. And yeah keep smiling, you look pretty when you smile.

Uttara said,’’ Thanks. I will remember that.’’

“You’re welcome. Bye…”



Aarush said that he will not call her or message her unnecessarily but as you know... boys are boys. He never stopped calling her and texting her. They started hanging out.

As the time rolled by they were seeing eachother more often. Aarush met Uttara’s parents and he was very happy to meet them as he always wanted to meet Uttara’s parents.

He made a very healthy relationship with her family and her also.

And then a day comes. Confession.

Aarush was standing on Uttara’s terrace and Uttara was standing beside him.

Aarush was thinking how to say. He hesitated for a moment and then he colleted all his power from his gut and he said that what he wanted to say.

‘’ I LIKE YOU………’’

Uttara said, ‘’Huh!! What I didn’t hear you?’’

‘’I said I really like you…. Uttara’’

‘’What? You like me…’’

‘’See Uttara I don’t know how you are going to react on this but yes I really like you. You know when I was sixteen year old since then I am waiting for this day to come when I will confess my feelings to you, and whether your answer is yes or no I will always like you Uttara, and yeah one more thing I promised myself one day that this ring which I am wearing in my thumb, I will give it you when I will confess my feelings to you, whether your answer is ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. And please don’t throw it keep it as a….’’ He was interrupted by Uttara. There was silence for more than a minute.

And then Uttara said,’’ I also like you…’’ Heads Down as she was very shy in all these stuffs.

Aarush couldn’t  believe what he was hearing his whole body was Numb . And when his conscious came back he hugged Uttara as she did the same. After that to celebrate Aarush and Uttara went to some club and had fun all night long.






Aarush and Uttara completed two years of their relationship so they went out that day to celebrate. Everything was going perfect but something unusual was coming. At that time Aarush was feeling uncomfortable not because he ate something unusual. It’s because he has something inside his mind which was bothering him. They both sat on a bench and Aarush started telling her the story

“Hey Uttara… uh… can I say something?” Aarush said

“Yeah say.” Uttara said

“There is something... I want to tell you. I don’t know what you will think after hearing this but please I want you to hear it till the end and after that you can say or do anything you want.”

“Okay… Mr.IIT lets hear what you have to say.”

“Okay. So, it was way back in my school days. There was this girl Priya Thapa and I really liked her I mean I was crazy about her. I said to her that how much I like but unfortunately I got rejected but I was not sad about it, yeah maybe a little sad and deep down I knew that she liked me too but never had the courage to say that. And at the night of farewell she came to me and said that she likes me and I was like “What…” I didn’t know what to say. As I was going to say something, she kissed me and it felt so good like strawberries and it was wonderful and then I kissed her back….” Aarush was interrupted by Uttara

“Whoa! Whoa! Wait…” Uttara said with a frown on her face.

“What? And hey I told you not to interrupt in between.” Aarush said

“What is wrong with you…” she said angrily. “I mean why you are telling me all this… with so much details like ‘she kissed me’ and ‘it felt like strawberries’ blah… blah… that is so ridiculous.”

“What is ridiculous about it, I mean I am just telling you about my past life which I cannot hide from you anymore.”

“Please Aarush don’t try to make it worse.” She said, still angry

“What? I am making it worse…”

He was interrupted.

“Yes, you are making it worse by telling each and everything in so much in detail. And why you have to be such a jerk. Have you ever thought about it that what kind of effect it will create on me?”

“Wait… I am telling you this so that in future our relationship should not get affected.”

“Oh wow! So you don’t want our relationship to get ruined in the future. You know what Aarush by Sharing this you have already ruined our relationship.”Uttara said with slight tears in her eyes.

“What do you mean?” Aarush said

“Means we are done Aarush. We are done…” Uttara said crying

There was silence all around even if the world was going on but for them the world had stopped. They both were heartbroken. Uttara was crying and then Aarush went to her to wipe her tears but she removed his hand and got up and started to leave.

“Good bye Aarush. Have a nice life.” Uttara said wiping her tears and then she started to walk.

Aarush didn’t stop her as he cannot figure out what happened at that time. And at that time in her mind a song was going on from the movie New York and that song was ‘Tune jo na kaha mai wo sunta raha khamakha bewajah khwab bunta raha’.

So now they broke up and the two years just gone like that. So friends one lesson that in a relationship, and I am talking about BF and GF, not a marriage relationship. So, in a relationship you don’t have to be honest every time and telling each and every thing in detail. Something’s are worth hiding so that it shouldn’t affect a relationship but once you are married there are no compromises.

One line I would like to share:- “You only live once, but if you do it right once is enough.”







-The days went by


One year passed after their horrible breakup. Aarush tried to contact her by calling her and by messaging but Uttara never replied.

The days went by like a rusted train who is trying to run on a track. One day Aarush got a letter; it was an international letter from New York, USA. It said that…


Mr. Aarush Sharma we are very well aware of the work that you are doing in India. Our company will be very happy if you Mr. Aarush would like to join our S.S Company* to guide our new interns in the field of Civil Engineering for two years.

For more details you can contact on this number: ********

Mr. Russell

CEO (S.S Company*)

(* Not a real company)

He took the offer and was packing the things to go to New York.He was on the airport and then texted one last time to Uttara.

“Hey! Uttara I hope you are fine. Just  wanted  to share  this  thing  that  I  am  leaving  for  U.S today. I  got  a  job  offer  there  for  two  years  isn’t  it  great. Ah… okay  Uttara its time for my  flight. Bye Take care J

The next day she replied and it said…

“Great! Aarush… congo. Hope that you will make a better  life  there.”

The reply was both good as well as bad.

Aarush was in the flight and was thinking of only one person UTTARA. He always recalled that night when they broke up and tried to figure out what must have went wrong. And then he went to sleep.

He reached his destination New York, USA. For him it was alike he entered a different planet. The people the roads, the environment, and everything was so much beautiful.

There was a man he was wearing a white suit and he was holding a sign and on that his name was written. He went there.

“Hello sir my name is Andrew and I am here to escort you to your Hotel.” He said

“But who sent you?” Aarush said

“The Company sir…”

“What? Really… uh… okay then take me.”

“Sure sir.”

He went to his hotel and it was a five star hotel. The suite was huge with a king size bed a 90 inch. LED T.V., a sofa two chairs, and a 7 by 5 balcony. It was his dream to go to New York.

The next day he went to the office and the CEO of the company was waiting for him. There was a brief introduction and then the CEO said to his assistant to explain what has to be done by Aarush.

Aarush was very busy with the work which he was doing. At times he thought of Uttara that what is she doing at this time… but then he snapped out of that thought and just focused on the work.

The days went by like minutes and years went by like hours. The internship contract was almost over, but before going back to India he wanted to explore New York. The last one week which was left, he explored New York with the friends he made in the company.

It was night and Aarush was packing, as the next day he has to leave New York. There was a knock on the door. It was a servant who works at the hotel.

“Mr. Aarush a delivery boy came and gave this letter to the receptionist and she said to give it to you.” the servant said

“Hmmm… Okay… Thank you.”Aarush said, puzzled

“Have a good night sir.” he said and left

Aarush was puzzled that who could sent him a letter.

He opened it and was at SHOCK!!. He couldn’t believed what he just saw. It said


I Himanshu Suryavanshi father of Uttara Suryavanshi gladly invite you to a grand engagement of my daughter and my going to be Son-In-Law Vishal D’mello.

It will be my pleasure if you will attend my daughter’s engagement which is going to be held on 04-08-20xx and the venue is Community Hall Juhu, Mumbai.


Himanshu Suryavanshi and Family

Tears came down like Victoria Falls from Aarush’s eyes. He was now completely broken. He couldn’t sleep that night. In the morning he checked out of the hotel and went to the airport. There was his friends to see him off, they hugged and Aarush gave them one last look and boarded the airplane.








-A sad reunion

Aarush was, well,… in India. After two years he was back where he belonged. First he called his parents.

It was his mom, Mamta Sharma who picked up the phone.

“Hello beta(son). How are you? My God!! I missed you so much.”

“I am fine mummy. The trip was good and I am very happy to be back in India. By the way how is Papa.”

“He is fine… you know the same old work… by the way when are you coming to Dehradun?”

“Soon mummy soon… I have some unfinished work to do. Actually I forgot to tell you the good news that I have bought a 5-BHK apartment here and I am transferring papa’s account”

“What? How come you have so much money? Oh my god! Are you dealing drugs or you must be Gambling or…. Oh my god! You are in the business of Prostitution… beta if you are doing such stuff, I am going to kill…” she was cut off by Aarush.

“Ma!!! Stop it!! I am not doing any of this stuff. It’s just that the company which I was working for they paid a lot of money. That’s it. God! Mummy…”

“Oh! Thank god… Well I am so happy for you… you really made me proud.”

“Thank you Ma. Well I got to go I have to check my new apartment for any loop hole inside it. So Bye Mummy talk to you later”

“Okay bye and be careful.”

“Yeah”Aarush said and hung up the phone.

He went to his new apartment and before going there he said to the contractor to put a bed, fridge, T.V., some food and some house hold groceries so that he can rest. He stayed at his new apartment to get some rest for the rest of the day and the next day he was planning to visit Uttara’s home.

The next day he went to her home. He was at the entrance of the house, it was after three years he was entering Uttara’s home. When he entered the main gate he saw many people going in with party type dresses and it looked like there was a function going on and someone grabbed Aarush’s shoulder. It was Uttara’s father. Aarush was delighted to see him and then he bent down and touched his feet. After he got up Uttara’s father hugged him and said.

“How are you beta?”

“I am fine Himanshu uncle. How are you?”

“I am fine too. So how did the internship go in New York?”

Aarush was puzzled to know that how did he knew about the internship.

“How did you know about uncle?”

“Well Pia told me about it.”

“Oh! Pia…. Well it went good and I bought a new apartment here in Bandra.”

“Oh! That’s very good. Come on inside, I want you to meet everyone.”

“Okay Uncle.”

Aarush went inside and to him it seemed that the Sangeet function (It’s an Indian ritual plus it’s a part of a wedding which happens before engagement.) was going on. The whole room was decorated with flowers and lights. There were so many guests and every lady was dancing and behind those ladies a girl was sitting with mehndi (Google it because I can’t explain it so please, sorry, for those who don’t know it) on her hand and it was the love of his life UTTARA. He was happy as well as sad, happy because after three years he saw her and sad because at that time he was not the one for her.

He got distracted by Himanshu uncle.

“There she is.” Himanshu uncle said.

They went to her and patted on her shoulder then she turned and it was Uttara’s mother. She was wearing a blue salwar and kurta and she was looking beautiful.

Aarush went down and touched her feet and then she hugged him.

“So good to see you” Tina aunty said.

“Same here aunty.”

Then came this girl who is naughty, irritating (in a lovable way), kind hearted and a good friend Pia Suryavanshi. Although Uttara and Aarush were apart but Pia was Aarush’s best friend, they both were in regular touch with each other even after the break up.

“What? Not happy to see me… huh… I mean no call, nothing that you are coming here.” Pia said with a smile on the face.

They both smiled at each other and the hugged.

“I missed you Pia.” Aarush said, delighted to see her.

“I missed you too.”

“Wow! Looking gorgeous today…”

“Thank you… by the way where is my chocolate, you promised to get one of those chocolate… remember.”

“Yes I have brought the chocolate.”

“Oooooo! So big… Thank you Aarush, and now the other presents.”

“Uh… they are at my new apartment.” Aarush said with a smile.

“You bought a new apartment!!!!”


“And you never told me. Oh! Aarush you are so gone right now, you just wait and watch that what I will do next.” Pia said.

“Okay, Okay…. Don’t start fighting here.” Himanshu Uncle said. “Pia take him to your room and give him something to eat and drink and make him feel comfortable.”

“Okay papa.” Pia said. “Come Aarush lets go plus I have to show you something.”

Aarush followed her to her room. Her room was well furnished with a bed and a LCD tv in front of the bed and beside the bed their were two chairs and a small circular table, there was a sofa in the right hand corner and a study table.

“Cool room” Aarush said.

“Thanks.”Pia said.

“So you were saying that you wanted to show me something.”

“I have nothing to show you.”

“What? Then why did you…….”

He was interrupted.

“Well, as a matter of fact I don’t want to show you something. I want to ask you something.”

“Ask me something?” he was puzzled “Okay then what is it?”

“You know today is 11th of July and on 4th of August she is getting engaged and today is her sangeet.”

“Yeah I am well aware of that.”

“Then why am I not happy.”

“Because she is getting married before you…” Aarush said and laughed

“Shut up Aarush, this is serious.” Pia said with a frown on her face.

 “Okay… tell me why you are not happy?”

“I don’t know… well….because you are not in her life.” Pia said with frustration

“What?”Aarush, shocked of what he just heard.

“Yes, I mean I know you guys have broken up but you know what when you two were in a relationship, I always said to my friends that ‘look guys THE PERFECT COUPLE is walking on the streets. I never said a single word to you or to Uttara, just because I never wanted to hurt you guys, I wanted to give you and Uttara their own space, but now I can’t resist it, so I am asking you Aarush why didn’t you tried again? Why didn’t you tried to win her heart back?” Pia said, angry and frustrated.

There was a silence. Then Pia said.

“Answer me Dam it!!!” Pia  said, pissed off right now.

“I…….. don’t…… know……… Pia…….. I mean………. What could I have done, and there was no point of winning her back. Why? Because I tried enough I mean I called her, I messaged her but she never replied and once I came home to see her remember you were the one who said that she is not at home. Plus I don’t want to ruin my reputation in front of Uttara anymore. That is why I am not trying.” Aarush said.

“I know she said at that time to not let you in. Plus I never thought that you tried so much. I am so sorry Aarush that I yelled at you.” Pia said with guilty  in her eyes.

“It’s okay Pia, I understand”


“Plus Pia sometimes things need to fall apart to make way for better things and maybe our breakup was for our good only.” Aarush said.

“Wow! Nice dialogue did you Google that.” Pia said, teasing him.

“Shut up!!”And they both laughed.


The Sangeet was over, everyone was gone and Aarush was leaving too.

“Ok uncle…aunty… it was really nice to meet you all after so many years. It felt nice to be here with all of you and the function was great.” Aarush said.

“Wait.” Pia said “Where are you going.”

“What do you mean? I am going home.”  Aarush said.

“You can’t go home. I mean this is your home too. You can stay here.”

“That’s so nice of you Pia but…” Aarush was interrupted.

“Yes beta you can stay here.”Himanshu uncle said and beside him Tina aunty was nodding in agreement.

“Uncle…Aunty…Pia it’s really nice of you to say but I am serious I really should be going, plus I have some pending work of office that is left, and don’t worry Pia i will be coming tomorrow to help you people.”

“But…”Pia said

“Let him go Pia he said that he will come tomorrow. So don’t bother him.”Tina aunty said.

“Okay Mamma. So I guess you have to go but if you will not come tomorrow I swear I am going to kill you.” Pia said and smiled.

Aarush smiled too and said. “Yeah sure… okay everyone bye and good night.”

Everyone said simultaneously “Bye.”

Aarush looked one last time for Uttara to be around but she wasn’t.


Well, you all must be thinking that why I named the chapter “A SAD REUNION” although it didn’t seem like a sad reunion like everyone was laughing and smiling dancing… so where is sad in this chapter. Well, the sadness was in Aarush’s heart when he met everyone and the old memories got flashed in his mind, that, the last time when he met Uttara’s parents it was something different as they were like his own parents and now he thought of himself as a fifth wheel in the family. I know it’s unlike of him to have such thought in mind but what to do he loved Uttara more than his life and when he was in the house he didn’t even talked to Uttara although he tried but she ignored him. So, yeah that was heartbreaking for him, so for Aarush it was a sad reunion although he never showed it to anyone.








-A new twist.

(Hello Guys there is a part which I missed. So that part is Pia Suryavanshi, she is Uttara’s sister.

This is what I wanted to tell you.)

Next morning Aarush went to Uttara’s home.


Tina aunty opened the door and then Aarush bend down and touched her feet and she blessed him.

She let him in. The hall was air tight. There was no space for even a chair. Uttara was walking here and there with a cup of coffee in her hand and then she saw Aarush and he saw her. There was a moment of awkwardness between them but then Aarush waved his hand and then she repeated the same, and then went to her room.

Pia came and said “Hi!”

“Hi…”Aarush said.

“Come on, we have a lot of work to do.” Pia said.

She grabbed his arm and dragged him to Uttara’s room where she was sitting on her bed with her laptop.

She was searching for a designer suit, which she will be wearing at her engagement.

She saw both of us and as soon as she saw Aarush there was background music, from out of nowhere, which got played inside Aarush’s head from the movie ‘Khamoshiyan’ (Khamosiyan…………… teri meri Khamoshiyan….!!!!). He snapped out of it.

“Pia…What are we doing here?” Aarush saying in a loud whisper “Don’t you see she is working so hard trying to find what she will wear at her engagement…” Aarush said, still whispering loud so that Uttara can hear.

What happened guys? Can’t figure out what is happening. In order to know lets back up a little…

Last night when Aarush was leaving the house Pia saw his tears. I know that’s weird but that’s the truth. When Aarush reached his home, he went to his room and started crying and it was obvious that for whom he was crying. Then his phone rang and it was Pia’s phone, he wiped his tears and picked it.

“Crying…..”Pia said, confidently.

Aarush was shocked.

“What? No… why will I cry?” Aarush said, still sobbing which made Pia more confident that Aarush was crying.

“Oh! Come on douche bag I know you are crying and I saw your tears when you were leaving the home.”

“Pia  I…….” Aarush don’t have words to say.

“Come on man accept it, you still love her” Pia said and after thirty seconds Aarush replied.

“So what do you want?” Aarush said, still sobbing. “Just grab her hand and run away.”

“No…. that’s not what I meant… I mean why don’t you try again.”Pia said.

“What? Are you insane? I would never do that. Pia she is getting engaged in three weeks and you are saying to try again.” Aarush said

“Yes” Pia said like it’s a piece of cake to win a girl back.

“Wha… Why?”

“Because she loves you too.” Pia said

“Oh! Really now you will use this trick to me. Try something else.”

“No Aarush I am not using any tricks. She does love you and if you want I can prove it you, but for that you have to do whatever I will say.”

“What? No, I am not going to do this. Plus there is no point of winning her back.”

“Aarush just trust me on this please Aarush I am begging you.”

“Why do you want to do this? I don’t see any point.”

“Because I cannot see my sister like this. You know I have seen her crying for you, looking up at the sky, talking to herself, seeing your pictures and thinking what went wrong between you two.” Pia said in a sad tone. “Please Aarush I know you want this and I can help you with that. Please.”

Aarush was blown away by what he was hearing. He still can’t believe that Uttara loved him. He went into a trans and then Pia spoke

“Hello….. Aarush are you their?”

He came back to his senses and said. “What’s the play Baby Doll?”

Now come back to the present world, in Uttara’s room where she was having difficulty finding the suit which she will be wearing at her engagement.

“So…. Let’s help her out” Pia said

“I think you are right” Aarush said

They went and sat side by side with Uttara in between And Aarush and Pia on left and right hand side.

“No… please… you guys don’t bother. I can select it on my own.” Uttara trying to be modest.

“Oh come on Uttara let me help you plus I know you better than anyone and I am here to help you, so I will help you.” Aarush said.

“Fine… make yourself comfortable.” Uttara said.

Aarush and Pia winked at each other behind her back.

They all were looking quietly at the dresses and then Aarush said something which blown away Uttara’s mind.

“My god! I Love her so much.” Aarush said.

That made Pia get shocked too.

Pia, making an ugly face. Uttara was stunned on what she just heard now.

“What did you say right now?” Uttara said, surprised. “You said you love me? Have you gone mad? I am getting engaged in three weeks. Aarush I will…

Uttara was interrupted in between.

“Wait! Wait! Wait! Wait! Wait! I was not saying that to you Uttara. I was saying it to the dress that I love this dress.” Aarush said.  “Wait, what did you think that I am saying this to you.”

“I…… I…… uh…..” Uttara finding difficult to say anything.

Pia made a sigh of relief as she also got scared.

Uttara started looking at the dress and she was embarrassed by what she did.

Pia and Aarush high-fived behind her back.

“The dress is really beautiful.” Uttara said looking at Aarush.

Aarush smiled and said “Well, I told you that I am here to help.”

“So shall we final the dress.” Pia said.

“Yes, why not?” Uttara said

All three of them smiled at each other.








Aarush was in Pia’s room.

“That was awesome! I mean even I was shocked when you said that. Oh! My….” Pia said.

“Yeah, I know and now you just wait and watch… she will be mine.” Aarush said.

“And….” Pia said and her face went blank like a white sheet of paper.

“What?” Aarush said, confused by looking at her face.

Pia patted on Aarush’s shoulder and Aarush turned and saw Uttara  standing at the door and  probably heard everything.

They both were in shock. Aarush and Pia staring at each other. Uttara then nodded her head in disappointment and started to leave.

“Wait.” Aarush said. “I can explain. Pia can you give us a minute?”

 Pia left. “Uttara I can…”

“What? What you can explain? That you can win me back by playing these cheap tricks. Huh!. You know what, I am done talking to you. I thought you have changed but…. Forget it.” Uttara said in anger and started to leave.

“Wait Uttara.” Aarush said. “I know that you are upset but let me explain.”

“Okay… you want to explain then explain.”

“See Uttara the last night when I went home after sangeet…”

Aarush told everything except the crying part because that would be embarrassing.

“Wow Aarush I never thought that you will jump down to that level.” Uttara said. “Tell me why you did it?”

Aarush didn’t answer.

“Tell me why you did it.” Uttara yelled.

“Because I LOVE YOU.” Aarush also yelled.

Pia came knocking the door out.

“Wha… Wha… What happened? Why are you guys yelling? See Uttara I know you are angry but please don’t throw things on him, I mean…” Pia was interrupted.

“Pia….. Leave.” Aarush said.

“O…Okay.” Pia said.

Uttara was still grasping what Aarush had said right now.

“I…………… don’t  know…… how to……” Uttara finding it difficult to speak.

“I love you Uttara and that’s the truth. You think you are the only one who suffered after our break up. I got affected too. Every day I thought about you that are you all right or not…” Aarush said with his back in front of Uttara and he, well, he was smiling and trying to control his laugh. So now you know that it’s a part of a plan.

Uttara has no words she was just too surprised.

“And I know that you love me too.” Aarush said and as soon as Aarush said Uttara was back in her senses.

“What?” Uttara said, surprised. “Wait, I know that you still love me. But I love you too that is not true…. God….. geez give me a break.”

“Lie” Aarush said.

“No, it’s true.”

“Lie and I can see it in your eyes that you love me.”

“Well, then you should see an eye specialist.”

“Ha ha…. Really!! Well first I should prove it to you that you are wrong” Aarush said and now going slowly towards her.

“Huh!” Uttara said it with attitude.

“I know that you love me and you know why?  Because when I come close to you, you blush and your heartbeat gets fast.”Aarush said, and then went close to her grabbing her hand. “You know why you love me? Because when I hold your hand, your heart beat gets even faster.”

Uttara was leaning on the wall with her back and was trying to resist Aarush and Aarush was just an inch away from her lips. “You know why you love me? Because when I try to kiss you, you don’t try to push me back.”

Suddenly Pia entered.

“You know you two…… WHOAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!” Pia said in surprise.

As soon as Aarush got distracted Uttara pushed him and ran out of the room. And Aarush smiled and blushed and then looked at Pia and said “I love her so much.”

After that incident Aarush and Pia they both were sitting and were drinking tea.

“Plan successful.” Pia said. “But don’t you think that she will confess her love for you like this. I mean you know how stubborn she is.”

“She will Pia, she will, and if she is stubborn then I am Aarush, Aarush Sharma. I will win her back because I have truth on my side. You just wait and watch.”

Aarush said something after taking a sip from his cup of tea. “Dulhan to dilwale hi lejayenge kyuki dulhan ka dil to hum pehle hi jeet chuke hai, bas dulhan ko abhi tak khabar nahi.”

“Okay Mr. Dialogue. Good Luck.” Pia said.

They both smiled and drank their tea.


-A Guest

It was a bright sunny day in Mumbai and in Uttara’s house everyone was busy with their work.

“Hello everyone… Good morning” Aarush said while entering the hall.

Himanshu uncle and Tina aunty said together “Good morning beta.”

He started looking for Uttara in the house and he saw her sitting at the dining table listening to music with her headphones on. Aarush went there and sat next to her. Uttara saw him and removed his headphones.

“What the hell are you doing here?” Uttara said.

Aarush didn’t answer he just kept staring at with a smile on his face. The Uttara got irritated.

“Stop doing that.” Uttara said irritated.

“What? I am just seeing your face.” Aarush said

“Stop it. Its irritating plus someone will see.” Uttara said.

“Oh! So if no one was here you should have let me see you like this.” Aarush said in a teasing manner.

“Ahhh!!!!!” Uttara said irrirtated and then she left.

Aarush laughed and then he heard a voice came from the front door.

“Hello uncle and aunty.”

Aarush saw that guy who was almost of his height wearing white shirt and black jeans. He went to uncle and aunty and touched their feet. Then Uttara went to him and hugged him. Pia came from behind eating an apple in a swag style.

“Hey…. What’s up?” Pia said

She was not aware of the scene which was going on.

“Do you know who the f… I mean do you know who the hell that guy is?” Aarush said with a frown on his face.

“Oh! That… That is Vishal D’mello” Pia said. “But I don’t know what he is doing here?”

“Vishal D’mello… eh!!!!” Aarush said.

 Pia and Aarush went to attend everyone.

“…and I am going to…” Vishal said and stopped in between and then looked at Aarush.

He was staring at him and was perplexed. Plus Uttara never told Vishal that who Aarush is.

“Ah! Aarush meet Vishal, Uttara’s going to be fiancé and Vishal meet Aarush he is… uh….” Himanshu uncle stopped and everyone was baffled that what to say about Aarush, but thank god that Pia saved everyone… for the time being.

“My boyfriend.” Pia said.

As she said that everyones’s mouth fell open.

“Really?” Aarush said and looked at Pia.

“What do you mean? Of course you are my boyfriend.” Pia said giving him a signal. “He is just kidding, he is always like this…” Pia said holding his hand.

“I am? Oh! Yes… yes… yes… I mean no… I mean I am his boyfriend… I was just kidding.” Aarush said trying to make a fake smile on his face.

“Oh. Very well, hi I am Vishal, Vishal D’mello.” Vishal said.

“Hi… Aarush Sharma.” Aarush said and shook hands with him.

Uttara, Aarush, Pia, Uncle and Aunty took a sigh of relief.

“So… you were saying…” Himanshu uncle said to Vishal.

“Oh that. Actually uncle I came here to ask for your permission.” Vishal said.

“Permisson? Of what?” Himanshu uncle said.

“I want to take Uttara out for dinner.” Vishal said.

“Ah…okay if Uttara doesn’t have any problem with it you can take her out.” Himanshu uncle said.

“Okay” Uttara said nodding her head and shrugging her shoulders.

“Ah… Excuse me.” Pia said. “Can we come too?”

“What are you doing?” Aarush muttered in her ears.

“Just let me handle it.” Pia also muttered to him.

“So can we go with you please.”Pia said. “Please…. Plus we stayed apart from each other for two years and when he got back we were so busy in the preparations that we couldn’t give each other time. So this is the only time which I think I will be getting with him and after that I don’t know when, so please let us also come.” Pia said.

“Uh… Okay.” Vishal said. “Uttara is it okay with you.”

“Yeah I am fine with it as long as you don’t have any problem.” Uttara said.

“Okay. It’s done tonight at 8:00 P.M. be ready, all of you.” Vishal said. “Okay uncle I should leave now I have some work to do.”

“Okay beta.” Himanshu uncle said

Vishal left and everyone went to their respective work.



Aarush and Pia they both were talking about the earlier incident which happened.

“I am fine with it as long as long as you don’t have any problem.” Aarush said mimicking Uttara’s voice.

“Stop it Aarush.” Pia said laughing

“And did you see how innocent her face was when she said that. I mean what the hell!” Aarush said.

“Uh… Aarush.” Pia said.

“Just one sec. and that freaking basket… so called Vishal D’mello!!!. I wish I would have killed him.” Aarush said.

“I think Aarush…” Pia said.

“One sec na. And Uttara right in front of me she tooooOOOOOOOO!!!!!!” Aarush said and stopped in shock as he turned he saw Uttara standing and probably listened to every single word.

Aarush turned to Pia, eyes wide open, mouth half open, and then to Uttara and after a moment.

“Can’t you knock the door?” Aarush said. “By the way Hi!.”

“Pia you left your mobile phone on the dining table.” Uttara said completely ignoring Aarush.

“Oh… thanks.” Pia said and took her phone.

“Ah…hello!!! I think I am not a ghost. Hey over here.”Aarush said.

Uttara turned and said angrily.

“You know what? Just piss off Aarush!!!” Uttara said angrily.

“I think she is angry. Is she angry Pia. Yes I think she is angry.” Aarush said and smiling at Uttara.

“Ughhh!!!....... Just….. Ughhh!!!!” Uttara said and left.

“Oh man she is lovely.” Aarush said with both hands on his heart.

Pia laughed when Uttara left the room.

“You are just awesome Aarush. I never thought you will handle her anger, I mean Uttara’s anger like this.” Pia said.

“One thing is for sure that she definitely loves me.” Aarush said, confidently.

“Yes, she does.” Pia said.

















-Let’s go to a Bar… Today


‘Honk! Honk!’

Vishal was waiting in his car for everyone outside Uttara’s house. Aarush was standing at the gate and was waiting for the girls to come out.

Aarush was wearing a white V-shape t-shirt, black jeans and a black blazer. Vishal was wearing a brown colored jacket, black shirt and dark blue jeans.

Meanwhile, the two girls came out. Uttara was wearing a blue V-shape t-shirt and black jeans and Pia was wearing a green dress.

“Comon let’s go.” Pia said.

They all went inside the car.

“So where are we going for dinner?” Pia asked. 

“You’ll see.” Vishal said and smiled back at Pia.



“A Bar!!” Pia exclaimed “But you said we are going to have dinner.”

“Pia… What do you think? If I have asked uncle to take Uttara out and have fun at a bar he would have allowed me? Comon Pia, be practical.” Vishal said.

“I knew it…I knew it he is up to something.” Aarush said to himself.

“Huh… you said something.” Pia said

“Huh… ah… nothing.” Aarush said.

“You alright?” Pia asked.

“Yeah I am fine.”Aarush said.

Everyone went inside the bar.


Uttara, Aarush, Pia, Vishal were sitting at the bar counter.

“So, Aarush, What do you do? I mean do you have any job or something like that?” Vishal asked.

“Yeah I am a civil engineer at the ONGC.” Aarush said.

 “Oh! Civil engineer. Great!” Vishal said.

“So, Aarush let me ask you something. How did you guys meet?” Vishal asked.

“Who?” Aarush said completely forgetting that he and Pia are now girlfriend-boyfriend.

“What do you mean who? I am asking about you and Pia.” Vishal asked with slight frown on his face.

Uttara looking at Aarush with an expressionless face.

“Oh!!” Aarush now realizing. “Me and Pia. Well, Ah… me and Pia. It’s a very interesting story… Actually do one thing I am not a very good story teller so why don’t you listen to our story from Pia and if I will tell then the story will be a matter of seconds. So, Pia why don’t you tell Vishal our story.” Aarush said.

Pia was not listening as she was busy drinking her cocktail.

“Pia…” Aarush said.

“Pia…” Aarush again said.

“Pia!!” Aarush said angrily.

“Hmmm… What? What happened?” Pia said

“Vishal wants to hear our relationship story that how we met etc. etc.” Aarush said.

“Our story?”Pia said puzzled then suddenly realizing. “Oh! Our story yes… yes… okay… um… Vishal come here I’ll tell you the story.”

Vishal and Aarush exchanged their seats.

Uttara at that time was just sitting and doing something on her mbile.

“Douche bag.” Aarush said under his breath.

Uttara didn’t listen or you can rather say ignored him.

“Uttara, do you want a drink?” Aarush asked.

“I don’t drink Aarush.” Uttara said without looking at him.

“Accha and when was that?”

“You very well know Aarush that I left drinking when I got to know that you don’t drink…” Uttar said and stopped.

Aarush at that moment didn’t say anything, he just smiled at her then asked the waiter to get a glass of water for Uttara.




The Jam session was on, everybody was dancing and having fun. Meanwhile, Pia told Vishal her and Aarush’s so called story.

“Hey lets go everyone and dance!” Pia said with excitement.

“Yeah why not…” Vishal said “It will be fun.”

“No, I don’t think so, I am sorry.” Uttara said “But you guys enjoy.”

“Um… Okay so what about you Aarush. You wanna join.”Vishal asked Aarus.

“Sorry bro but I don’t dance.” Aarush said.

“Don’t be silly Aarush come and dance with us.”Pia said

“No Pia.” Aarush said.

“Please…” Pia requested Aarush.

“A ‘No’ is a ‘No’.” Arush said.

“Hmff!!” Pia gave up. “Okay suit yourself but if you want to join us we will be there, Okay.”

“Yeah sure.” Aarush said and smiled.

Pia and Vishal left.

After a moment.

“Why didn’t you go?” Uttara asked.

“Ah… How many times I have to answer that I don’t dance.” Aarush said.

“Oh really!!! I thought you will be dying to dance with your new girlfriend.”

“OHhohohohoho…. My new girlfriend. Let me tell you one thing Uttara that this situation is your fault because you didn’t tell Vishal that I am your ex and how can you say that she is my girlfriend. You very well know that I love you and no matter what I will always love you. There will be no other girl who can take your place in my heart………. Even if it is your sister.”

Uttara didn’t say a word. She just sat there and listened.

“Look Uttara I am sorry. I know it was very hard for you when we broke up but the suffering…….” Aarush said and stoped. There was a lot of noise coming from the jam session so he requested Uttara to come with him outside the bar.


They went outside in the lawn and sat at the table.

“So I was telling that when we broke up you were not the only one who suffered. I was also suffered at that time. I was also affected. And every day I used to think that whether you have taken your breakfast or lunch or dinner. Every day I wanted to call you and say sorry but couldn’t do it. I had no courage of talking to you. It was just…” Aarush sand and a tear came rolling down on his face.

“Hey…Hey… Hey…Aarush.” Uttara said and wiped that tear out. “See Aarush I understand how difficult it was for you to deal with the situation but what to do Aarush, its not the end of the life. So I decided to move on and I did. I know that you love me but Aarush I am getting engaged in a month, please don’t make this difficult for me. Vishal is a nice guy and he will take care of me.” Uttara said.

“Yeah.” Aarush said and wiped his tears. He seems like a nice guy just one thing, does he know that you love Paani puri a lot. Aarush said and smiled.

“HA HA HA…” Uttara laughed. “Wow! You remember that. That was one hell of a night.”Uttara said and smiled.

For a minute they just sat there and then Aarush saw ice-cream corner just across the bar.

“You want Ice-cream.”Aarush asked.

“Ice-cream……Where?”Uttara said.

“There….. Comon lets eat.”Aarush said.

“If you will eat then, because I know that you don’t like ice-cream that much.” Uttara  said.

“Ah… okay I can make an exception for today.” Aarush said.


Aaush and Uttara went to the Ice-cream corner which was just across the bar. For the first time in years they smiled, they laughed they teased each other. It was like the same old thing was coming back. When they finished their ice-cream they went inside the bar and they saw Pia and Vishal waiting for them.

“Hey where were you guys?”Pia asked.

“Uh…We went across the bar to have ice-cream.”Uttara said.

“Okay uh… so… Vishal was thinking to have dinner.”Pia said.

“Yeah I am really hungry plus this place far too crowded today. So can we go and have dinner.” Vishal said.

“Okay then lets go to uh…”Uttara was thinking.

“Global Fusion” Aarush said.

“Oh… Chinese! Chinese! I love Chinese over there.” Pia said like a kid probably because of the drink she had.

“Okay then lets go to Global Fusion.” Vishal said.



It was 11:00 P.M. and they were sitting at Global Fusion to have dinner.

Vishal called the waiter.

“Yes sir.” said the waiter.

“Give us the menu book for uh...”Vishal said.

 “What would you like to have Aarush?” Vishal asked.

“Indian.” Aarush said.

“Okay…Utara you.” Vishal asked.

“Indian.”Uttara said.

“And you Pia.” Vishal asked.

“Chinese.” Pia said.

“Okay so two Indian cuisines, one Chinese and one Italian menu book.” Vishal said to the waiter.


They had dinner and after dinner everyone was going to their respective home. Vishal dropped Aarush at his apartment.

“Okay Aarush good night. It was nice meeting you.”Vishal said.

“Yeah same here bro and good night.” Aarush said.

“Good night Aarush.” Uttara said.

“Good night Uttara.” Aarush said.

Pia stepped out of the car and then he hugged Aarush.

“Good night.” Pia said.

“Good night Pia.” Aarush said.

Pia did that because she is now so called Aarush’s girlfriend so just to show Vishal their ‘Undenying and Unconditional fake love’ she did that.


Well, it was a long and very sweet night for Aarush and Uttara because everything which was there, the awkwardness, was gone and sorted out. Let’s hope that a new sunrise brings a new hope for them.







  •   -Memories


“‘Zindagi rahe ya na rahe dosti rahegi,

Paas rahe ya na rahe yaadein rahengi,

Apni zindagi me hamesha haste rehna,

Kyuki aapki hasi me ek muskaan meri bhi rahegi.’” Aarush said.

Aarush was sitting in Uttara’s room where they were looking at some old photos of themselves, when they were together and some family photos.


“Wow! That was an amazing shayari.” Uttara said.

“Well, thank you. You know I am like this only.” Aarush said and raised his collar, just to show off.

“Ha ha… very funny.” Uttara said “Hey look at this picture…do you remember.”

“Oh! Yes, we were…” Aarush was interrupted as Pia entered the room.

“Well hello you guys.” Pia said with a smile.

“Hi Pia.” Aarush said.

“Hello… Boyfriend.” Pia said and chuckled.

Aarush looked at Pia with his one eyebrow up and then grabbed her heck, playfully.

“Okay…Okay I am sorry.” Pia said “Oh I forgot that I am going out for shopping. So, you guys wanna come.”

“Shopping? For what?” Uttara said.

Pia and Aarush looked at Uttara and laughed.

“You know your so called engagement is coming.” Aarush said, still laughing.

“So, miss Uttara Suryavanshi. I am going out for shopping so that I can buy a dress which I can wear at your engagement.” Pia said.

“Yeah I know why you are going out for shopping and I asked you just like that. Okay… and no need to laugh on that.” Uttara said.

They both were still laughing.

“Oh! My laddoo. You look so cute when you do such silly mistakes.” Aarush said and pinched her cheeks softly.

“Okay. Now, I am getting late. If you have to do this, you have full night to get cozy and all.” Pia teased “I am asking you guys the last time. Are you guys coming?” Pia said.

Aarush and Uttara blushed.

“Yeah I am coming and Uttara is also coming.” Aarush said.

“What? I never said I am coming.” Uttara said.

“Oh comon. What will you do by just sitting at home? Plus it will be fun. I mean I can carry your bags.” Aarush said and smiled.

Uttara smiled and said “Okay.”

“So you guys just give me five minutes so that I can get ready.” Pia said and went to her room.

After five minutes Pia came and then they all went out for shopping.

They went to In orbit shopping mall. Both the divas were busy in shopping and Aarush got bored. He was tired so he went to a vacant bench and sat on that. He closed his eyes and after a moment he started having flashbacks of his an Uttara, when they were together. After few minutes he started smiling as he remembered the day when he played his first prank on her, then all the silly things which Uttara said. He smiled and smiled by just reliving the past and for him it was an awesome feeling. But then someone knocked on his head and it was Pia with handful of shopping bags.

Aarush looked at her and came back to the present world.

“Woah!”Aarush was surprised to see so many shopping bags “Tell me, you were here to do shopping for the engagement… right.”

Pia laughed and said.

“Yeah but there was a sale going on so I couldn’t resist myself.”

“Wow! I can’t believe it. So, these are yours or yours and Uttara both.”

“Both. Actually 90 percent is mine because Uttara just bought only one suit. So yeah both.”

“Okay… well where is Uttara?”

“She went to the washroom.”


“By the way  I am curious. I saw you smiling when I came here. Why were you smiling.” Pia asked.

“Oh! That.”

“Yeah that” Pia Said.

Aarush smiled and said.

“Well I was just thinking about the old memories which we created. I mean me and Uttara. So yeah that is why I was smiling.”

“Oh! Okay.” Pia said.

“Hey by the way I remembered something.” Aarush said.


“You remember when I went to US and we used to chat every night. I mean When there was night time in the US, and one night I was very angry that I scolded you like anything.” Aarush said.

“Yes I remember that and I felt really guilty when you said that.” Pia said.


It has been three days and she never bothered to text me (Aarush thought). Just wait Pia you have never tasted my anger. You just wait and watch.

Aarush picked up the phone and called her. After few rings she picked up the phone.

“Hi Aarush what’s up.” Pia said.

“Hi…. Just H-I. Only two words, which are said in less than one second and you can’t even do that.” Aarush said.


“What? ‘What’. You know it’s been three days……three days Pia and knowing everything, you still can’t just text a ‘HI’. You know how lonely I feel here, you know, my friends they are busy in their own world. One is busy in finding a job, the other is getting married and the few which are left doesn’t care. You know when I talk to you I feel like ‘Yes there is someone’. But now….” Aarush said it with anger but was interrupted.

“Aarush I am really sorry. I thought you are very busy in your office work that’s why I didn’t disturb you.” Pia said.

“Ohhohohohohho….. You see me online every day on XYZ and you can’t just text a ‘HI’. I mean am I the only one who has to text you first to start a conversation. I mean every time I started a conversation when we started talking. Tell me we are friends, right, so isn’t it your responsibility also to start a conversation.” Aarush said.

“I know and I am sorry.” Pia said.

“No it’s not about sorry. It’s about you realizing what you did and what you have to do now.” Aarush said.

“Okay… Okay… I Understand. I will also text you whenever I have to talk to you, and if you didn’t reply I swear I will come to America and hit you hard on your balls.” Pia said.

Aarush laughed and said “See you just made my anger go away by saying only one sentence.” 

“Obviously… what are friends for?” Pia said.


“My god I was very angry at you and maybe that was required. That’s why we are best friends today.” Aarush said.

“Yeah buddy we are.” Pia said.

They both looked at each other and smiled and then Uttara came.

“Okay let’s go.” Uttara said.

“Yeah… Oh wait.” Aarush said.

“What?” Uttara said.

“I was thinking that since Uncle and Aunty is not at home today. I mean they went to Pune for some arrangement purposes, right. So I was thinking that if you girls want we can have a drink session tonight. I mean if you want then only.” Aarush said.

“Yeah… Why not.” Pia said jumping up and down to show her excitement.

“But you don’t drink Aarush.” Uttara said.

“Well I can make an exception for one day.” Aarush said.

“Ah…. Okay as you wish.” Uttara said.

“Okay… so let’s go and buy some drinks.” Aarush said, excited.



It was night and Pia, Uttara and Aarush were sitting on the floor of the terrace. They brought one bottle of Vodka, one bottle of Whiskey and packets of chips. Everyone made their peg and raised their glass and said together ‘CHEERS!!’


They drank a lot. It was sometime a vodka shot, sometime a whiskey shot, sometime they mixed both vodka and whiskey and after having fifteen to twenty shots like that, they got crazy, started saying stupid things.

“You son of a bitch.” Pia said and laughed.

“No, you son of a bitch.” Uttara said and laughed.

Aarush kept on laughing by looking at them and then Pia and Uttara looked at Aarush and said.

“Fuck You.” They both said together and then all three laughed.


Well, after having so much off crazy fun they all got tired.


“Well I think I should head off to my room. I am feeling very sleepy. Uttara are you coming.” Pia said.

“Yeah…” Uttara started getting but Aarush grabbed her hand.

“Please don’t go…just sit for a while.” Arush said.

“Aarush I am really tired…” Uttara said.

“Please….for some time…please.” Aarush said and made a cute puppy face.

“Okay… I will sit here for some time.” Uttara said “Pia you also sit.”

“No, I seriously don’t have that much energy left. So, sorry I’ll head off. Bye. Good night.” Pia said.

“Okay. Good night.” Uttara said.

“Good night.” Aarush said.

“Yeah, good night.” Pia said and walked away.


There was silence for a minute and then Aarush lied down on the floor. Looking up at the sky.

“Hey…What are you doing?” Uttara asked.

“Just looking at the stars, up in the sky.” Aarush said “So beautiful. Come join me.”

“Okay… let’s see what the stars have to say.” Uttara said and lied down beside Aarush.

“Isn’t it amazing?”

“Yeah! Wow…It’s beautiful.”

“Do you remember that evening when you wanted to give me a surprise on my birthday. So you called me up and said that there is an emergency that Pia fell down from stairs and her head is bleeding. But unfortunately on that day your aunt and her kids showed up and you looked like a patient when I reached home.” Aarush said.


“Oh my god! Yes. How can I forget that day.” Uttara said.


“Hey Pia… What are you doing? He can get here any minute. Comon do it fast.” Uttara said.


Uttara was busy in making the arrangements of a surprise birthday party for Aarush.


“Oh my god! He is here. See I told you he can be here any minute. Just do it quickly okay. I’ll buy you some time.” Uttara said and went to the door.

She opened the door and it was not Aarush it was Uttara’s Aunt, Aunt Mary who lives besides her home.

“Hello Uttara. How are you?” Aunt Mary said.

Uttara gave her a fake smile and said. “I am fine but what are you doing here? I mean do you need anything.”

“Yes. I need a favor. Can you look after my kids for an hour or so.” Aunt said.

Before Uttara could say anything two kids came running towards Uttara and then entered the house.

Aunt Mary smiled and said. “Ah… okay I will be back in an hour. Bye.”

Aunt Mary left.

When Uttara went inside the house, she couldn’t believe what she saw. Both the kids were jumping on the sofa and running here and there.

“Julie and Zubin Stop it!.” Uttara yelled.

Both the kids looked at her and then continued their fun, and somehow the kids got a glimpse of the cake which was on the dining table.

“Wow! Cake.” Julie said.

“Oh! No… no… no…  no…” Pia stopped them “You cannot eat this cake.”

“Why?” Julie asked.

“Because…” Pia started to tell but Zubin came in between and licked the cake with his fingers.

“Zubin… No… you can’t do that.” Pia said and stopped him.

“Oh my god everything is getting ruined.” Uttara said and put her hands on her head.

Pia stopped Zubin but at the same time Julie started putting off the decorations. Uttara and Pia went to her to make her stop and then suddenly realizing that Zubin is still licking the cake. This went on for a while, sometime Julie was on the cake and Zubin was busy removing the decorations and vice versa. So, all in all everything was ruined so was the surprise.


“Stop it….” Pia said.

Pia went to the door and opened it and it was Aarush.

“Hey…. Pia you are alright. I thought you fell from the stairs.” Aarush said, panicking as well as surprised.

“Yes that was a lie. Uttara said that because she wanted to give you a surprise.” Pia said.

“What? Surprise…” Aarush and noticed that what is happening “And what is going on inside… what’s that noise… kids…”

“Yeah horrible kids of our neighbor Aunt Mary.” Pia said.

“Okay…  Where is Uttara?”

“She is inside. Comon see her yourself.” Pia said.

Aarush went inside the house and saw Uttara sitting on the sofa, looking horrible. Hair all messed up and the decorations all ruined, even the cake. But the kids didn’t stop they kept  running all over the house.

Uttara looked at Aarush with tears in her eyes and said. “I am sorry.”

Aarush smiled and nodded.


“That day was horrible. But then you made my mood back to normal and then you took me out on a dinner.” Uttara said.

“Yeah I know.” Aarush said.

“And you, I mean when you gave me surprise on my birthday. That was awesome. That birthday was my best birthday till date.”

“Yes, I know. I really worked hard for that day. But I can’t remember what lie I told you.” Aarush said.

“You told me that…”

“Uttara. There is a problem.” Aarush said, talking on the phone.

“What? Is everything alright.” Uttara said, anxious.

“No it’s not. Remember I told you that my Mom and Dad are coming to attend a function and I have to be there, anyhow. So what happened was, someone came to my Mom in the function and asked that we would like to meet your son and if he is interested in marriage.” Aarush said.

“Oh shit!” Uttara said.

“Yes. And now they want to meet you because when that aunty asked her. My mom said that before going any further I would like to discuss this with my son, and when my mom told me everything, I got scared and I told them about you and now they want to meet you.” Aarush said with panic.

“Holy crap.” Uttara said.

“Please I am begging you please come and meet them.” Aarush said.

“Okay… relax Aarush… relax. Tell me the address. I am coming.” Uttara said.

“Thank you Uttara… thank you very much. Okay the address is JW Marriott hotel Juhu.” Aarush said.

“Okay I will be there in an hour. You just relax.”


Uttara got ready, as soon as possible and rushed to the JW Marriott hotel like hell.

When Uttara reached the destination she called Aarush. Aarush picked up the phone.

“Hello.” Aarush said.

“Yeah I am here.” Uttara said.

“Okay. Now listen when you will enter the building then you have to go to the second floor and then you have to enter the third room from the left.” Aarush said.


Uttara went to the second floor and then entered the third room from the left. The room was completely dark.

“Hello…. Aarush.” Uttara said.

As she said that a spotlight was on and under that spot light Aarush was sitting in the chair with a guitar in his hand.


“ Jab jab tujhko sochu mehke saare yu ehsaas mere,

Dur bhi jab hote ho lagte mujhko paas mere,

Mere liye ban kar aayi ho… mere liye ban kar aayi ho,

Rab ka koi ishaara,

  Haara haara… Haara haara mai do naino se haara.” Aarush said “Happy Birthday Uttara and wait I am not done. There is one more thing.”

Aarush started singing a song named Valentine by Kina Grannis.

  • Love….. it’s a special day…. we should celebrate… and appreciate… that you… and me… found something pretty neat… and I know some say this day is arbitrary… but it’s a good excuse to put our love to use baby I know what to do, baby …I, I will love you.., I’ll love you…, I’ll love you.

 Love, I don’t need those things…, I don’t need no ring…, I don’t need anything…, but you with me… cause in your company… I feel happy oh so happy and complete… and it’s a good excuse to put our love to use… baby I know what to do… baby I… I will love you…I’ll love you… I’ll love you. So won’t you be my honey bee giving me kisses all the time… be my Valentine….. so won’t you be my honey bee giving me kisses all the time… be my be my valentine….. oh ho ho ho ho be my…. Valentine.

After Aarush finished playing the song he put the guitar beside him, stood up and went to Uttara and said.

“I don’t know what tomorrow will bring and I don’t want to think about it but whatever tomorrow will bring, it will be very beautiful. So, once again Uttara a very Happy Birthday.” Aarush said with a lovely smile on his face.

“I…. I……uh….. I …. Don’t know what to say….. Aarush….. I……” Uttara was so surprised and amazed that she was finding it difficult to say anything.

“Shhh……” Aarush shushed Uttara. “You don’t have to say anything.” Aarush said and kissed her forehead.

“Wait. There is something else also. Lights on please.” Aarush said.

As the lights were on Uttara’s mom and dad, her sister Pia and her close friends said out loud ‘Happy Birthday Uttara’. Uttara was surprised again.

“Oh my god!” Uttara said and looked at Aarush for a moment and then said “Thank you.”

“You’re  welcome, now comon cut the cake.” Aarush said.

Uttara hugged her mom, dad and sister and everyone present in that room and then cut the cake.

After cutting of the cake the jam session started. They danced all evening and all in all they had a lot of fun.




“Yessss……. Now I remember. But seriously, I really worked hard for that day.” Aarush said.

“Yeah I know and that is why that day is one of the best day of my life.” Uttara said “Wow! So many beautiful memories.”

“Yeah I know.” Aarush said.

“Hey do you remember that kiss and slap bet where if I would have won I would have given you a slap and if you would have won you had to kiss me. But I seriously can’t believe that today also, that you won the bet. I wonder how?” Uttara said.

Aarush laughed.

“Uttara was puzzled and asked “What? Why are you laughing?”

“Okay… I’ll tell you how I won that bet.” Aarush said.



“Bet!!!” Aarush said to Uttara.

“Okay. Bet. If you did it, I will do anything you want but, if I win. I will give you slap.” Uttara said.

“Okay Uttara, done. But if I win then I want a kiss.” Aarush said.

“What?” Uttara said and was surprised.

“What? ‘ What’ baby. You said you will do anything. Plus I didn’t say that if I win I want to have sex with you. I only asked you for a kiss. So baby if I win you have to give me a kiss. Okay baby.” Aarush said in a childish way.

“Okay... Okay fine I’ll do it. But I know you will not win so there is no chance of giving you a kiss.” Uttara said that with an attitude.


Uttara was not at home. She went shopping with her mother. Uttara’s father was sitting in the hall, reading newspaper. Aarush saw that and went to him.

“Hello uncle.” Aarush said.

“Hello beta. How are you?”

“I am fine uncle.” After a moment. “Uncle I need your help.”

“Okay...” After a pause “I am listening.”

 “Okay. Uncle I will the whole story and then please don’t say no. Its nothing big I promise you.”

“Uh... okay.”

Aarush told Uttara’s father everything about the bet but also lied to him about the bet’s winning prize.

“So, Uncle please help me this time. Please.”

“Okay Aarush. I truly understand the kind of situation you are in. Even I was also a part of a bet once when I was seeing Uttara’s mother. The bet was not exactly the same but similar to the bet you told me just now. So yeah I will absolutely help you.”

“Thank you uncle. Thank you so much.” Aarush said and hugged Uttara’s father. “By the way uncle did you win the bet?”

“Ah... No.”

“Oh.” Aarush smiled and went to Pia’s room.


Uttara came back one hour later, after the talk which Aarush had with Uttara’s father.

“Hey guys. I am back and I brought pasta for you guys.” Uttara said with a smile.

“That is so sweet of you ladoo. Come here.” Aarush took Uttara’s hand and made her sit beside him. “Comon we will eat together.”

“No Aarush please I am tired. I want to sleep.” Uttara said in an exhausting way.

“Please.... Please na.” Aarush said and made a puppy  face “Please, please, please...” he repeated the same gesture again.

Uttara smiled and pulled his cheek and said. “Okay you idiot.”

They both smiled at each other and started eating the pasta. All three were eating and discussing some general topic of their interest. One topic leads to another and then another. Suddenly Uttara remembered the bet topic and was so much excited about it because she thought she has already won the bet but she had no idea  about what had happened behind the scenes.

“Okay Aarush it’s now time to complete the task.” Uttara said while rubbing her palms. Confirming him that whatever you will do you will be getting a slap only.

“Ah... can we complete the bet later. Actually my stomach is full and I am feeling a little bit sleepy, plus I have some paperwork which I have to submit tomorrow.” Aarush said.

“Uh... ho...ho.... Now, no more excuses  Aarush. You promised me you will do it. Plus don’t worry I will not hit you very hard. You know my hands are so soft.”Uttara said by mocking him.

Uttara dragged him to the hall where Uttara’s parents were sitting together, sipping tea.

“Papa. Aarush has something to say to you.”

“Yes.” Uttara’s father said.

Although Aarush did talk to Uttara’s father about the bet but he still wasn’t prepared for it. He looked at him and saw Uttara’s father giving him a yes signal from his eyes that say whatever you have to say, I won’t feel bad.

“Okay...” Aarush took a pause and said.

“So, Mr. Suryavanshi mai jaanta hu aap kya soch rahe hai lekin Rishte me to hum tumhaare daamad lagte hai naam hai Aarush. Haain!” Aarush said mimicking Amitabh Bacchan’s voice.

There was silence for thirty seconds then Uttara’s father spoke up.

“I think we already know that don’t we.” Uttara’s father said and looked at his wife and smiled.

Uttara  couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Aarush looked at her and smiled as well as controlled his laugh. Pia too was stunned, seeing his father’s casual reaction. Uttara kept staring at his father which was busy talking to his wife. Then he noticed Uttara was staring at him.

“Uttara is there something you have to say?”

“I.... uh... ah.... I... Nothing. “

“Okay.” he said and went talking again to his wife “So I was saying...


Uttara, Aarush and Pia were sitting in the room. Aarush, obviously laughing at Uttara and Uttara watching Aarush laugh at her.

“So my ladoo. I won the bet. So according to me I think I am getting a kiss aren’t I.”

“Yes you are Mr. Aarush Sharma.” Pia said “As the only eyewitness of the bet I must say that you rightfully won the bet.”

Aarush and Pia high fived each other and laughed at Uttara.



“Hoooooooo..... you liar, you cheapster.” Uttara got up “How could you do this to me?”

Aarush also got up.

Uttara started beating Aarush, on his body.

“” Uttara saying and beating simultaneously.

“What? I wanted that kiss. Plus who wants a slap.” Aarush said still taking beating from Uttara.

“That’s cheating Aarush.” She said still beating.

“What? Wait...that was a long time ago.” Aarush said.

“So what? You liar.”

“Stop it Uttara! This hurts.”Aarush said but Uttara didn’t stop “Uttara stop it.... Uttara!!”

Aarush grabbed both of her hands and pulled her close to him. They both looking into each other’s eyes. Completely of trance.

“You know why I wanted that kiss. Because I wanted you to know that how much I love you and how much you love me. Don’t you remember that kiss Uttara.” Aarush said.

“I....I.....” Uttara stammered, finding it difficult to speak.

“Maybe now you’ll remember.”

Aarush said and in just a fraction of seconds he kissed her. He continues to kiss her and then stopped and looked at Uttara.

Uttara looking into Aarush’s eyes and without even thinking put her arms around his neck and kissed him.















“OH MY GOD!” Uttara said in surprise “Oh shit!...Oh shit.... Oh shit... shit...shit...shit...shit...shit...”

“Hey is your stomach upset. Do you need lomotil or glycopyrrolate. I might find some downstairs.” Aarush said, not at all serious at that moment.

“Shut up! Aarush.” Uttara said angrily.

“What? I am just trying to help.”

“Just shut up Aarush. Just shut up.” Uttara said “Do you have any idea what we did just a moment ago.”

“Well let me think. I guess a kiss, a very warm passionate kiss which lovers do when they love each other and... nothing else, plus if you want to share something you are welcome to share.” Aarush said, still not serious.

Uttara smiled with tears in her eyes.

“It’s so easy for you to say that ‘It was just a kiss’ right.” Uttara said “Do you even realise what effect it will cause in my life.”

“ Wait, hey... you also kissed me back. Okay, and you know why you did that.” Aarush said.


“Comon Uttara... just admit it that you love me too.”

“Yeah right as if that is the only thing left in my life.” Uttara said with tears in her eyes.

“Uttara...please don’t cry.”

Aarush went closer to her, to wipe her tears but she stopped him.

“No, stop. Please don’t. You have already done so much.” Uttara said



“I should probably leave. The night’s over.”

Uttara went and Aarush just stood there on the terrace with no clue in his mind about what just happened.



“Hey...Aarush...wake up...wake up Aarush.” Pia said, trying to wake him up.

Aarush was in Pia’s room. After the incident he went to Pia’s room and slept.

“Aarush wake up its 1’o’ clock in the afternoon.” Pia said.

“Huh!” Aarush sat up and said drowsily but again went to sleep.

Pia got irritated so she picked up her slippers and slapped him hard on his face.

 He instantly got up.

“Wha...what happened?”

“Hi Aarush. Good afternoon.”

“Did you just slap me with your slippers?”

“Oh yes! I did. There was a big mosquito on your face so I thought I should kill him or her or whatever gender that mosquito was carrying. And I am really sorry, did i hit your face too hard.” Pia said playfully.

“Shut up Pia.” Aarush said.

Pia laughed.

“Something horrible happened last night when you went.”

Pia’s laughed vanished. “What?”

It took few minutes to tell Pia the whole incident which happened between him and Uttara last night after she left the terrace.


“What?” Pia said it in surprise. “You kissed her. I mean she is my sister. How can you do that to my sister?”

“Pia this is not a joke. Plus she also kissed me back.” Aarush said.

Pia laughed and said “See I told you she still loves you.”

“I know she loves me. But she was angry and was crying after the kiss happened. I don’t know what to do now.”

“Okay so now I get it, why Uttara woke up early and went somewhere.”

“What? Where?” Aarush was surprised.

“Um... I don’t know actually.” Pia said.

Aarush got up in haste from the bed and started roaming around the room in restless manner.

“Aarush. Are you okay?” Pia asked.

“No, I am not.” Aarush said while roaming here and there.

“Just relax, okay. She must have gone to a friend of hers.” Pia said.

“How can I relax?” Aarush said “Now I think I did a terrible mistake. Oh god! I...I...I...need some fresh air.” Aarush said and left the room and in a matter of seconds he was out of the house.

Aarush went to his apartment got freshen up, changed his clothes and immediately went out to search for Uttara. He called Uttara’s phone number but unfortunately she left her phone at home only. He called every single friend of Uttara. But no luck, she wasn’t anywhere. He checked some of the favourite places of Uttara but she was nowhere. Aarush even called Vishal, to check whether she is with him or not.



“Hello Vishal. This is Aarush.”

“Yeah bro. What’s up?”

“Yeah I am fine. Okay listen, is Uttara with you?” Aarush said.

“No, she is not with me.” Vishal said “Is something wrong?”

“Uh…Nothing. Nothing is wrong. Actually she was not at home and Pia doesn’t know where she is. That is why.” Aarush said “Well, have a nice day. Bye.”

“Yeah bro bye.” Vishal said and hung up the phone.

Aarush was lost. He went to a nearby bench and sat there, under the shade of a tree. There was man who was selling Paav bhaji and Anda bhurji. Aarush was hungry so he ordered one plate of Anda bhurji for himself.

“Bhaiya ek plate Anda bhurji.” Aarush said.

Aarush started eating the Anda Bhurji. Sitting there he was just thinking about one thing, that where can Uttara be. He just sat there for two hours or so but still he didn’t know where to go.

It was evening and the sun was about to set when it finally clicked to Aarush that where can Uttara be right now.


“Looks like someone is admiring the nature.” Aarush said to Uttara.

Uttara was sitting at the beach. It’s the  same beach where they first met each other.

Uttara looked at him and smiled.

“Hi.” Uttara said in a very sweet tone.

She called Aarush to sit beside her. Aarush went and sat beside her.

“Do you remember this place?” Uttara said.

“Yes.” Aarush said “How can I forget this place? I mean this is place where we first met each other.”

“Yes.” Uttara said “And do you remember when you first said that you like me. I mean I still remember your face, you looked very cute and adorable when you said that.”

“Really! You found it cute and adorable. And I thought that if I didn’t say anything within ten seconds, you would have bro-zoned me any moment that time.”

They both chuckled.

“And hey, where were you the whole day?” Aarush said in a serious tone “You know how much worried I was and on top of that you left your phone at home. I mean I called every friend of yours and I even called Vishal. Well atleast you should have left a message to Pia.”

“I know and I am really sorry. But I had this feeling that you will be find me. So the whole day I was thinking about something.” Uttara said.

  “Thinking?” Aarush was puzzled.

“You remember the day when we broke up?”

Aarush nodded. His head was down when he nodded as he found it awkward to look into Uttara’s eyes.

“You know when you were telling me your past story about that girl Priya Thapa.” Uttara said “I had this feeling. I don’t know what was that feeling, I don’t know, maybe it was insecurity or something else, and the passion you had while you were telling me the story made that feeling even more stronger, deep and complex, and I feared, what if in future you got persuaded and then after sometime you left me.”

After a pause of few seconds.

“I wouldn’t have been able to handle it. So in those split seconds I made the stupidest decision of my life, leaving you.  You already know that, sometimes I do things without thinking and that what I did back then counts in ‘sometimes’.” Uttara said “You know when you were in the US Pia was in touch with you and she used to tell me everything about you, and it made me feel happy that you are alright and having fun but at the same time it made me feel sad that you weren’t talking to me and every day I regretted saying “It’s over” to you and I wanted to say I love you and it was a mistake but you know I am too stubborn to admit after a mistake that I made a mistake. So I decided to move on and in order to move I had only one option in my ‘marriage’ but now I think that I was just doing this to run away from the mistake which I had done and was not able to face it and more importantly I was running away from you because I realized I did make a mistake and just couldn’t face you, but now I don’t want to do that. I made a mistake and I accept it and I want to make that mistake right. So I have decided Aarush that I will not marry Vishal because he is not ‘The One’ for me. The only one who is capable of handling is you Aarush. Only you can understand me. You are the reason why I make mistakes, you are the reason why I am able to be myself and I am able to live my life the way I want to, you are the reason why I am smiling right now and you are the only reason why I should live the rest of my life.”

Aarush was sitting there, listening to each and every word. He got a little emotional and was not able to speak for the moment.

“Say something Aarush…” Uttara said.

 Aarush wiped a tear drop from the corner of his eye, cleared his throat and started saying something.

“I…uh…I don’t know what to say after hearing all this. I mean I never knew you were so good in picking up dialogues.”

Uttara laughed and said “Shut up! Aarush. I mean like seriously why do you have to make these situations funny.”

“Because I cannot live without that smile of yours. Because I cannot live without that laughter of yours and in order to make you laugh I can transform myself into a big laddoo also.”

“Aww” Uttara said and hugged him.

“See… I am also good with dialogues. Plus, please don’t take that laddoo dialogue seriously, I mean just look at me I am still young. Look at my face, perfect jaw line, girls love it and I don’t want to lose it right now.” Aarush said.

Uttara laughed.

“Idiot.” Uttara said and hugged him once again.


After they enjoyed the sunset they both got up to leave.

“Aarush…Will you marry me.”

Aarush looked at her and laughed.

“What happened?” Uttara was confused on the sudden reaction of Aarush.

Aarush kept on laughing.

“Aarush.” Uttara said it in a serious tone.

He stopped laughing and said “You call this a Proposal.”

She was about to say something when Aarush shushed her by putting a finger on her lips.

“I’ll show you how to propose a girl.”

Aarush said and bent down on his one knee. Looked down for few seconds and by holding Uttara’s hand looked up and said.

“Uttara. I don’t know what tomorrow will have and I don’t want to think about it but whatever tomorrow will be having for us, it is going to be very nice and very beautiful and I want you to be beside me to make it even more beautiful and no matter what, I want to walk on this path with you holding my hand.”

Aarush said and after few seconds got up. He put his arms around her waist and puller her gently towards himself. He locked his eyes with hers. Uttara started blushing a little and then Aarush kissed her with all his heart, giving Uttara a moment which symbolizes their true love for each other and giving each other a message that they are “ONE” forever.

After the kiss got over, Aarush looked at Uttara, still holding her close, and said “Uttara, will you marry me.”

Uttara opened her eyes and looked at him and said “Yes.”

Uttara started looking down after saying yes to him. Then Aarush lifted her chin up and said.

“And that’s how you propose someone.”

 Uttara wasn’t able to say anything as she was awestruck by the way Aarush proposed to Uttara.

“Now comon, let’s go home.” Aarush said and smiled at her

Uttara looked at him and repeated the gesture.

They both holded each other’s hand and started walking.


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