Killing Innocence

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

In a world where innocence is beautiful. And beauty is dangerous.

''Do you think this suits her?"

''No, her skin's too pale''

''How about this?''

I watch as they argue among themselves, deciding what my death dress will be.

''This?" Asks the green one

''No,no,no, these are all wrong. I'll go ask Snow if we can borrow a dress, they have the same colouring anyway''

''Ok good idea Fauna''

Even after teaching me for sixteen years they still seemed to have no feelings for me, no care in the world that this would be the last time they would see me. It's not my fault that I'm me, sure, what I’d done had been a mistake but just because it HAD been a mistake doesn't mean it still is. I sigh, it's no hope rebelling inside my head. I swore an oath to Gretel that I'll take revenge for her. But of course I can't. She just told me that hoping that I would maybe find a way to rebel in the few weeks that I had till my execution, but we both know that there is no such word as hope,no fate, no maybe, no nothing,no something,no uncertainty,no imagining, no wishing, only definitely, only a written story that depicts our whole life in a book, only something unchangeable. But that's not enough for me, all the stories I hear about the billions of people in the world called Terra was the world that Mum had wanted me to be born into, she had never expected our world to change into a world so formidably mutated as this. I don't blame her, nobody expected the princesses to turn on their people like this. But now I’ve reached the right age and I’m about to have my ending, there were no doubts, no more 'buts', no more maybes at all.


While Fauna was gone Merrywether and Flora do my makeup and hair.

''She should keep her natural hair, the curls look nice''

''Shhh, a princess might hear, be quite!"

''Oh right sorry''

''I'll do her makeup blue and white, to contrast her hair''

I absent-mindedly touch my hair, it's black like my mother's, and I remember father saying one night that he would wonder if he had kissed the wrong woman, then he would plant a kiss on my cheek, then give mum a kiss. I think that was their last kiss. At night the guards came and took my mum away, they warned my father that I would be next. My father never told me that they would come for me next, I had eavesdropped on them that night. Now I regret just standing in the hallway while they took my mum away, I could have done something. I could have saved her.

“I think this looks ok, don’t you?” Merrywether asks

“Yeah it looks OK’’

Merrywether vigorously nods her head, “OK,OK”

They’ve gone crazy

I remember when I was just a child and it was my first day of school. The fairies acted so sincere and responsible then, but this year is an even year, which means it’s the fairies turn to have their students executed, lucky them,they’ve probably gone crazy because of their class being the biggest in ten years. They would of had been given the responsibility of making sure the girls were up to the princesses standards. Knowing the fairies style, they would most likely had a hard time.

“Look she’s back”

I turn my head towards Fauna who stands in the doorway with a icey blue dress in hand.

“Oh wow! That’s perfect!” Says Merrywether

For the first time I found myself agreeing with her, the dress was a pale blue almost white lace and there was a layer of dark blue gossamer silk under so that it looked like frost over a lake. It was truly beautiful, I couldn’t convince myself to hate it enough even though I knew this was the last dress I would wear. And I would be stripped of it as well as my head. A deal package.


It takes the fairies about three more hours to dress me up. They do my hair,nails,make-up and they slip me into the dress, pulling the corset so tight that I feel like I’m encased in a shell

“I think that’s ok”

“Yeah I do too”

“I agree”

I stop the impulse to gag, what was up with them? Why were they always taking the princesses’ empty threats to heart? They should know that this is all fake, but I guess they’re too gullible.

“Ok then ladies let’s go”

They don’t even glance at me as they leave the room opening the door for the royal guards to come in.

“Beau Malfaisant, please come this way” One of the guards comes and handcuffs me, pulling me behind him as he and the other guards walk to the stadium doors.

“Your mother” I don’t know if I heard him right but I look towards the guard that said that, he shows no sign of having said anything so I dismiss it for my nostalgia, I wish I was home right now, as a little girl cuddling with her mum. I wish the past was the present.

“Enter” A voice comes from inside, soft and sweet and coated with honey.

The guard holding me pushes me forward through the open door, inside I’m faced with millions of intense glares as princesses and their servants watch me from the bleachers, placed on a high stage are 8 chairs and a top them sit the princesses; Ariel,Cinderella, Aurora, Belle, Tiana, Snow White, Jasmine and Rapunzel. I walk into the center of the stadium and face the princesses as they take in my clothes and makeup, cringing as Aurora glares at me as if I was the one to make her lose her true love.

“Hmm, the fairies did an OK job with this one’’ I hate that Cinderella refers to me as a thing but I guess to them peasants like me are things. little scratches and imperfections in the painting they created.

“Make sure to make it harder for them next time’’ Even though I hated the fairies, I couldn’t help but feel sorry that they were treated this way after all they had done for the princesses.

“Can we please hurry up and get this done with, I have a date tonight’’ Tiana complains, probably A dead girl’s dad. The main reason they’re killing all the women and girls is so that there will be more men available, more prey for the predators. After their so called ‘True loves’ ditched them for other women, the princesses took an immediate hating to all women other than themselves. The perfect fairytale, a world full of men with only eight women.

“Sure but let the girl speak first, I bet people are watching this waiting for a show. Don’t want to disappoint the men do you Tiana?” Rapunzel asks

“Is that a question I need to answer?’’ Retorts Tiana

“Shut up you two, now girl you may speak” Cinderella looks at me with cold blue glassy eyes, telling me in silence that if I say something wrong- that my execution will be longer.

I clear my throat “All of you princesses have taught me something, that if you want something so much that you will do anything in order to get it. In your case it’s men. You have ruined a world that was perfectly capable of thriving and you have morphed it into something that our ancestors would never recognise. You have taught me that even if it is a world full of corruption where you have no choice but to comply with the rules that the superior make, but that there will always be someone that can change that. That person doesn’t have to solve the whole problem but they will give way for others to do it. And I want to be that person. So go ahead and kill me but the damage has been done. By you. I've only repaired a fraction of it.’’

I breath, I have absolutely no idea where all that came from and I hope to god that my father will not have to suffer the consequences. I’m so surprised at my outburst that I almost don’t realise that everyone else is silent. All of the audience is looking at me, their faces showing various degrees of surprise. However my attention is caught by the eight princesses, they look horrified. Not angry but horrified, like I have ruined something for them that they had been building up their whole lives. I hope that’s the case.


The guards enter clad in black armour and holding weapons of different appearances, they push me down into the ground ruining the beautiful dress but also shattering that small amount of pride I felt not long ago. I drop my head and wait for the dreaded drop of the axe, or the slide of a knife, or the prick of a needle. But none come, instead everyone stares upwards into a silent sky. It’s quiet. Deadly quiet.

Then out of nowhere a voice says “Release the girl” To my amazement the guards all bow down deep and let go of their hold on me.

“What!” Shrieks Rapunzel, “This is outrageous!, get up NOW and kill the girl!” The guards do nothing but look up into the sky. Unlike before the sky isn’t empty. There gliding on her wings and holding a sceptre is my mother.

“Mum?” I cry, it’s barely audible but my mum seems to have heard and she looks down at me,

“Yes my beautiful girl”

I cry, after all those years of thinking my mum was sleeping under a pile of dirt, the relief and surprise I felt was too overwhelming. I felt strong again, like when I was a girl. I had my mother here.

Aurora stands up and comes towards me, my instincts immediately tell me to run but I stop when I see a strange expression on her face.

“It’s ok don’t run” She says, then she kneels down next to me and holds me in an embrace. She smells like vanilla and maple.

Those were the last smells I ever smelt as I felt the knife dig deep into my ribs.




Submitted: July 20, 2016

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Oleg Roschin

Very well-written, fascinatingly tale that works on many levels - be it concept, imagery, atmosphere, or emotionally challenging content. I had to read this story twice just to make sure I haven't missed any details. Fantastic work!

Wed, July 20th, 2016 4:03am


thank u so much :)

Wed, July 20th, 2016 6:19pm


Great take on the traditional fairy-tale characters. I loved it!

Wed, July 20th, 2016 1:22pm


thank u :)

Wed, July 20th, 2016 6:19pm


At first, I thought that she was being prepared for her burial - like how they fashion and style a person before the funeral. Then you made it clear that she was being executed, when you said " And I will be stripped of it, as well as my head."
When you revealed the names of the princesses, I was shocked, thinking "why would they want such a thing to happen?"
When you explained, it gave the story so much depth. It explained why the narrator's mother was taken away, which puzzled me to begin with. This story was extremely well written and I hope that you do win in the contest!
(Btw, I didn't understand the ending. Did Aroura kill her? If so, why would the narrator's mother be okay with it?) Anyway, amazing story! Good luck!

Fri, July 22nd, 2016 9:13am

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