your heart is mine

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Submitted: July 17, 2016

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Submitted: July 17, 2016



White walls are surrounding me. I cannot see any door or windows. It freaks me out being in this room, looking at this wall. I cannot breath and the walls just keep getting closer. Where the hell am I?

I can’t move at all. How did I even get here? Last thing I remember is sitting in the balcony with my husband. It was exactly the time that those people attacked me, tied my hands and kidnapped me. I do not recall anything else. Henry must be freaked out right now! Where is he by the way? That idiot! He deserves to be worried. At least now he would understand how he did me wrong. I bet he is looking for me right now. Or maybe…Maybe he is hanging out with his precious lover whom he chose over me. What if it was his plan in the first place? To get rid of me for good! Oh Lord I’m an idiot.

-Hey…let me out of here! Anybody??? Help. Somebody help me.

-Hello Dora. How are you today?

-Who the hell are you? Let me out of here. Why am I tied up?

-You don’t know?

-Am I looking like I have any idea?! Let me go. (Shout)

-Calm down Dora. You are safe. You are in the hospital. I’m Sam Erikson, detective Erikson.

-Detective? Why on earth I am in a hospital. Am I hurt?

-Not exactly you see…this is a special hospital for people with special problems.

-You mean like loony bin?

-Let’s keep calling it hospital. I want to untie you ok?  What do you remember about last night?

-Well, I guess I was spending time with my husband in my house until you people break in to my house.

- And what were you doing?

-We were talking of course, which is none of your concern.

- So you were just talking? You know your neighbors called. They heard pretty loud noises from your house.

-So we were fighting. Is it a crime? How would you react if you found out your wife is cheating on you with a hot brand new man? Would you cuddle her?

- So you were fighting. Good. Tell me more.

- There is nothing else to tell. He ditched me for his new lover. Why are you so interested?

- Look Dora, I only want to help you okay? You have been accused to murder, so cooperating with me can really help your case.

-Murder? Whose murder? I didn’t kill anyone.

-so prove it. Tell me exactly what happened that night.

- I came home early from work, I entered my house and I saw my husband and a woman in my bedroom on my very own house. Are you happy now?

-continue. I want every little detail.

- Since I got sick he was ignorant toward me. We used to be lovers you know, we got married, planned to have children, to reach everything together. But it all changed.

-what’s wrong with you?

- I have no idea, neither do doctors. One night I was found in the middle of street wondering in my pajamas without knowing how I got there in the first place. After that night these black outs continued, I did things that I couldn’t remember. I guess he got tired of looking after me once in a while.

- Back to the story please.

-We started to argue. That’s it. I do not remember anything else but being captured by you.

-Dora Henry is dead and we have a witness who says she saw you killing him with cold blood!

-But this isn’t…I mean this can’t be possible. How could I ever kill him, oh my God…

-Calm down. Stop crying. Listen Dora, do you know Mr. Rogers’?

-He is my doctor!

-Yes, and he thinks that maybe he can help you with your memory issue, ok? Like he did before. He wants to hypnotize you. Would you help us?

-Yes…yes…I’ll prove it wasn’t me.

Oh Lord! How is it possible…Henry…oh my poor Henry…how can it be possible. I was mad, sure, but I can’t….I couldn’t do so.

-Hi Dora.

-Hello doctor

-I want you to lie here and close your eyes. You might want to record this detective.

-I’m on it.

-Ok Dora, take a deep breath and relax. I’m going to count to ten; with each number you are going deeper and deeper in your memories of that night. And when I clap my hands you are going to slowly wake up. Ready? Ok…







Ten. Ok, now tell me? What are you doing?

-I’m arguing with Henry. Woman is leaving. Henry starts shouting at me. He goes into the kitchen and takes a beer out of the fridge. He says he is tired of me, that he wants to leave me. He says he thinks he is in love with his lover.

-Ok Dora, tell me what are you doing? How do you feel?

- I’m crying, I feel broke inside. I leave the room and go to the balcony. I light a cigarette. He comes after me. He is sorry for his earlier actions. He asks me to understand. I go near the vase on the table. I hit him in the head and he falls down. I drag him into the house tie him on the bed and take a knife, cut through his chest and take his heart out. I look at his heart in my hand; I laugh and tell him that i/m going to own his heart for ever. Door opens, his mistress comes and sees me with a heart in my hand. She screams and runs away. Then police forces come they take me into the car.

-Enough, listen Dora, now I want you to wake up on the one, two, three (clap)

I can’t believe it. I really killed him. I can’t bare it. What have I done??

I need to do something I have to see him. I can make it outside if I run fast enough. I need to see Henry. This cannot be true.

-I need to see him.

I shout and run to the door. I open the door but…bang… I feel a terrible pain in my chest. I fall on the ground and I hear detective:

-I’m so sorry…






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