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about u2 meeting me someday

Submitted: July 17, 2016

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Submitted: July 17, 2016



So one day Darren was a working at the local theatre in a town called Banff Alberta and was going about his business and doing all the required tasks that were required of him for his job, stuff like cleaning the floor so that it didn't look bad for other customers when they came. While Darren was doing this task he noticed that the was a poster for u2 that showed that they were going to play in Banff the next night. Darren wondered why he had never seen this before and it was because it had just been put up 5 minutes earlier. On break he called Ticketmaster for tickets and there were none, literally an hour after they put the poster up there were no tickets to the show

Darren was intrigued that there was a show in his town from one of the biggest bands in the word. The line for the Madagascar movie was getting bigger and bigger. He went to his posted area for his main job of ripping tickets and did this for the length of time he was needed, and while he was looking around while there was no one there a bunch of people came up the stairs, it was Bono edge larry and Adam. they were coming up the stairs to see a movie as they were out wandering the streets. The movie was "U2 3D" and they were ready to give the tickets to Darren and Darren said "hey,i would never have believed that this was possible, my fav band at my job." Bono shrugged and said " i guess that doesnt happen too often?" Darren mentioned that it never had happened to him ever and probably wont ever again. Darren exclaimed that he loved their music and told them about his music and how he wanted to see them but there was no tickets. Bono mentioned he had a few he was gonna give to his wife and kids but the kids denied they didnt seem to like they were into going so he offered it to Darren. Darren said,"wow thanks, but i really can't except this as maybe you're kids might think about changing their minds they might want to take it back" and then bono mentioned "i have a guy who i can get more tickets if need be, keep them" darren exclaimed thanks, ill use these for tomorrow's show

Bono in his mind got a thought brewing in his head...maybe he could come on stage at tomorrow night show...

The band says goodbye and then enters the theatre and watches the movie, seeing as the line has stopped and the shift is now over., he heads down the street and goes home. The next day hes at work doing what hes supposed to and he cant beieve its a bunch of hours till the show stars so he does somne more chores and later that aft he finishes shift and goes to the concert. U2 starts into Mysterios ways and darren already there to see the show but doesnt know whats about to happen. 

After a few songs from the Joshua Tree they take a moment to say " someone here at this show told us about their songwriting last night at the theater , and yes we did go see our own movie, is that person out there...Darren raises his hand and walks to the stage where he yells to Bono "that's me" , they instantly recognize him and bring him onstage.

Edge: "darren here's my Gibson Explorer" show us what you can do.

Darren starts playing his song, "Untitled #2" and the crowd cheers with him and really likes it and is really into it. Afterwards Bono tells him into the microphone "that's amazing, well done". 

After the show they invited him back to the room and he sat with them and talked to them about songs he liked and lyrics and stuff. They even invited him to play another song with the explorer. He continues to play more songs he has written and even starts a u2 song which everyone knows they all sing along to the song and right about there Darren starts to think to himself what has just happened, not only did he meet the biggest band in the world but got to play on the stage with them and also hang out with them in the back room. it was then Darren gave back the guitar to edge ever so nicely because edge really really likes the explorer and wouldn't want anything to scratch it...also at that time he said i should go and head back home, to which bono said "hey wait a sec, youve really got something going there good luck on your career and hope to hear your name again!!

Then Darren snuck out of the back room and outside where it was a mild 23 degrees so he decided to walk to the bridge and hang out and watch the river and feel great again

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