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Submitted: July 18, 2016

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Submitted: July 18, 2016




The time of day is realy perplexing as the stress levels reach fever pitch also sweat clings to the skin like glue.During the night the panic is overwhelming ,surrounding me like a dark heavy blanket of emotions,How can i cope with this nervous disease?.Things that make you scratch and sneeze.Wife you are eternally in my mind so loving and so kind doing for me with no questions asked.What is happening in the head to me,its all hidden i can't see.Whats in the mail thats coming today bills and rubbish they want you to pay.Scared like a rabbit caught in the headlights  of the oncoming vehicle,burning into the brain scarring the retna erupting.WRAG gives me hope to the future to be myself in this cosmos of bile.Squealching underfoot as you recycle the waste that know one can deal with,are we still human or another statistic to print to favourable government,if you dont work does that mean your an arshole,maybe thats what we all are we just never knew it.Talk down to us make us feel like the tribe hitler tried to eradicate,insaneassssylums are  in the past arent they?I hope so or im gettin a season ticket.



The struggle to stay alive when nobody wants you every day same time.

Giving you punishment to fit the crime,what crime,any crime.

How do you justify your actions,what actions,any actions.

You live you die,go on tell me its a lye.

Truth in spirit what spirit,the true spirt.

The day is here and you live within it.

Bad or good i'm not made of wood.

The need to survive to just stay alive.

Food shelter and warm,be prepared to hit the storm.

Its coming,its here,hold on to that fear.

Knocked off the feet ,fell back in the seat.

Tide down with bonds of steel,can we say how it should feel.

Its to late im dying mate,underground there is no sound.

Things will never be the same you know.

Out of me grass will grow.


During the day my mind is spent the rythm to me is heaven sent.

Warm or cold,no longer bold.

Same story is often told.

How is it possible to have faith,when you believe in the wraith.

Dark spirits of the dog,when you think of Gog Magog.

Watching the night while still in fright,you may have to run but not in the sun.


I saw a murder,and the murderer saw me.

What should i do report it or not,guilty conscience

 Repercusions,threatened family.

Look into your heart,paranoia on edge can't relax.

If you did not reprt it a grave miscarrage of justice took place.

How would you live with the knowledge that only your word is truth.

Do'nt forget the murderer saw you,if they have killed once they will again.

You would have to keep this secret,your attitudes towards people will change.

Would it make a difference if a large amount of money were involved.

You will look over your shoulder forever.


Shaky illusions of reality,what can i do to help myself.

Listen quietly to the person giving you advice who try to help you.

Looking to the future,embrace the change to be with it rather than agianst it.

Be responsible for your actions,try to be polite then same will return.

Keep a positive outlook,on all issues.

Write some thing everyday no matter what.

Patterns of truth come together to form the whole being not just part.

Clean and presentable try your best.

You have to keep trying or there's no point to anything.

I like to talk to people who are in the same boat as myself.

Communication is the key,live or dead its the same to me.



I hate this world,and the things that are in it,kill yourself or not,ive forgot.

The tempreture is steady dizzy as hell,my lips are startin to swell.

Allergic to life exept the wife,do'nt care no more right to the core.

Slip of the blade across the neck,only a minute what the heck.

People are strange no matter what range.


Rampage of the blood,i would if i could.

How dare you address me in that tone of smell,i will commit you to the fires of hell.

Burning and screaming blistering the skin.done with this now throw in the bin.


Rotting the corpse down to the bone,come back as a ghost to tease the host.









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