" Bliss "

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A heart-touching story. My first short story in english

Submitted: July 18, 2016

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Submitted: July 18, 2016



Bliss "
" Tom! Wake up Tom "
But he didn't as he never did upon the first call, water being the last. It had been so since he got enrolled into school. It was not that he disliked school, it was the waking up that he did. He brushed his teeth,dressed himself up and got down the stairs. It was, when his father looked at him & not before that he wept. His mother shoved the scrambled eggs in his mouth and made him drink his glass of orange juice. And he was on his way.
" Look at me, and teacher was telling ' We can do everything if we will', the other day. Huh, what a joke. " He kicked an empty can. 
" Doba doba doba do " A hum came swinging with the air mingling with the sound of an old bicycle.Here he was, Tom saw him almost everyday as cheerful as today. His name was not known to him so he called him Raju by his indian looks. Time seemed to stop whenever he crosses. 
" What a joke, thought he, we walk the same path but look how different we are. He is as happy as ever and i have been never. "
The day passed as it always does. At night, in bed lay he awake, gazing upon the sky. Thoughts of Raju were taunting him more than ever. His everlasting smile seemed smile on him. Suddenly he saw it, he couldn't believe but he did. It appeared for a fraction of a second & then dissolved in the wind like a warm breath in cold breeze. 
" A falling star!!!" What you wish when you see it, comes true. So he did, " Make my life like that of him ( Raju ) so i be happy." Then he sunk into calmest of all the valleys, the valley of sleep.
He couldn't fathom what his eye-lids revealed in the morning. The four-winged fan that he was so proud of, couldn't be seen anywhere.Walls were deprived of even the plaster. Matter beneath his back was as hard as latter itself.
" Where is Mom??? " he thought, her words that were once the chords of an unfortunate violin now seemed the cheers of a bird. " Mom!!!!!! " cried he as loud as he could. She didn't come. Curiosity came over Fascination & he went on to discover what lied beyond.
" Jaldi nashta karle beta phir kam par bhi jana he. " Stood, before him, a stature of classic case of malnutrition. She was somone he didn't know and said something he couldn't know. Who was she and where was he?? she was gone before he could know. Then he saw it, on the floor was a glass of water. Beside it were two small rusks and if was there some more, he couldn't see.  No doubt was he in shock, but sometimes insticts are hard to control. He tried to eat them but stalness and lack of taste wouldn't let him. So he went outside, then he saw it. In the pool opf stagnant water reflected a figure that made him stoned. It was Raju but somehow he wasn't smiling. Then he observed himself, his hands were as dark as Raju's.   'The falling star!!!' ' The wish!!!' It all made sense now. He ran, he ran as a gazelle from the hand of a hunter. He ran all the way home & started banging the door. Tears flowed down his cheeks. His head throbbed furiously. At last the door opened, there she was, in her apron.
" Yes???" she didn't seem to know him. "Mom!!!! it's me mom " he cried, cried and cried but in vain. He fell and wept till she called " Tom, Tom, Tom Wake up Tom. " and he did.
" Come down at once or you'll be late. " His mom said.
For a moment or two he stayed motionless staring at his beloved fan. Then for the first time in his life he came down silently & ate the whole breakfast himself. 

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